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The VERY Private and VERY Different Ingredients of Pet Food

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  1. Laurie Raymond

    Is the “human grade” label applicable to the food as a whole, including all ingredients – or can it mean that only a certain percentage of ingredients are “human grade?” What are the applicable rules on that? Can anyone publish a list of pet foods that are all “human grade”? I know advocates are leery about law suits and other actions if they name names. But OCA and EWG and other groups do publish lists that you can print and take shopping with you – saves time blocking aisles and ruining your eyesight reading the tiny print on labels.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Human grade means 100% is human grade; ingredients, supplements, and manufactured in a certified human food facility. It’s all or nothing.

  2. Pacific Sun

    This is another great and very succinct article to help Followers explain to others why PF is not what people assume!

    For an example, watching Rachel Ray’s advertisement for “Nutrish” is so maddening. Those ingredients laid out in her kitchen imply they’re going straight into the PF. But there’s no distinction about quality of ingredients.

    THIS article explains why PF is sold so cheaply. When you put 2 + 2 together it really is a no brainer. How can pristine chicken breasts sell for $5.99 a POUND when you pay $30 dollars for a 30 pound bag of kibble. What in the world do people expect to be inside that bag of crap.

    The truth is people stay in denial about this rationale because:

    1) They are cheap and because
    2) They want convenience.

    The ONLY way to insure your dog is eating healthy, safe, whole food, is to feed him that way …. yourself. And not out of a “bag.”

    1. Eve

      I agree!! i am disappointed in ‘some’ pet food buyers who ‘really turn a blind eye-they know their pets shouldn’t really be consuming it- buy it because it’s cheap and convenient. I have realised past few years that these pet owners protest to love their animals BUT really and truly what they mean is they love their pets CONDITIONALLY and treat them as such like commodities. But what really upsets me is that pet owners think they’re buying for CONVENIENCE… can this be so? CONVENIENCE is popping a few kilo bags of fresh meaty bones and meats in the freezer and thawing out in fridge for next days meals. DOGS and CATS are NOT COWS nor should they have their BOWLS TOPPED UP CONTINUOUSLY WITH KIBBLE – they will NOT starve in fact dogs are apt to fasting now and then and cats will catch rodents, insects. Obviously if going away get friends or family to help out but through the day whilst at work leaving bowls topped with dry feed is silly and harmful.

  3. Yvonne McGehee

    Great article, clear explanation; thanks!

  4. Eve

    Hi Susan,

    Thank you. PLEASE can you tell me which book this is I want to buy it as it will help me with my Holistic Pet NUTRITION Course. I searched under Official Publication of American Feed Control Officials, they have it but it’s currently unavailable. It’s $26.05. Just a bit confused as to what you mean by $100 a year but isn’t buying this book telling me everything? Also why doesn’t the book have Pet Food on it? Is this book just for human foods?
    Thank you – Eve:-)

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