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Report it! – Please!

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  1. Sally Bahner

    Hi again Susan,
    After I commented to you yesterday, I posted on Purina’s Facebook page (as did many others…). Here’s the reply I received back:
    “Sally – Experts agree that pet food is rarely the cause of a pet’s illness. The symptoms described in on-line postings can occur for a variety of reasons, and we strongly encourage you to contact your vet if your pet is ill. We take all concerns seriously and would also like to speak with any consumer and their vet regarding any health concerns. We can be reached at 800-877-7551.”

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I’d have to disagree with their response to you – “Experts agree that pet food is rarely the cause of a pet’s illness.” But I guess it depends on the agenda of the ‘experts’.

      With human illness linked to a food – the greatest majority goes unreported – and that is with physicians being trained to diagnose a food related illness. Unfortunately, veterinarians do not receive training on how to diagnose or even how to report a pet food related illness. You’d be surprised at how many veterinarians have asked me (over the years) on what they should do. Me personally – in every case where I have spoken with the pet owner – I believe the pet owner. I believe in rare instances something else can be the cause (other than a food or treat) or something else can be a contributing factor. Again – me personally – I believe the pet food/treat is the cause of many, many pet illnesses and deaths.

      Thanks for sharing their statement.

      1. Mimi

        Well I think I have a definite connection. My dog the night before we were leaving for a trip was acting “off”. She was being boarded at my vets and they had permission to run some test. They ran blood panel which came back normal but because she wasn’t herself they decided to feed her the Purina EN instead of what I sent her! Week later her liver was in liver failure…still in liver failure but I refused to feed her that crap and am feeding her raw. She’s acting normal and seems fine now. She’s due to go make for another blood work up. Coincidence? I don’t know but what I do know when I read the ingredients it made my stomach turn! A prescription diet and first ingredient (on canned) was meat by products! Most of us know that’s dead, diseased, dying, euthanized animals! The dry EN…first ingredient corn! and they gave that to my dog who was not feeling herself in the first place…at least her liver was normal before they fed her that crap…expensive crap at that! 🙁

  2. Andi Brown

    So many commercial pet foods cause long term problems for the animals. So, while the pets may not get sick from the first meal that they eat… over time, the poor quality ingredients just make them weaker and weaker. I can’t say enough great things about the power of home made food. I wish everyone understood that most of the pet food companies do not have the your pet’s best interest at heart. Sadly. But, here is a great recipe that you can make at home and never worry about what you’re feeding your pets again. Thanks Susan. You are an angel for doing what you do for the animals!

  3. Rhen

    My sweet toy fox terrier at 15.5 years died on 10/19/14.almost a month ago–she died of heart failure at home. She’d been ill for a long time. You speak of your dog and missing her and with how acutely I’ve missed my Penny I maybe can understand. I send you my sympathies and thank you for your fine work on behalf of other animals.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Here’s something – totally off topic – that has helped me over the years. I saved it from an Ann Landers column years ago (I’m dating myself). I hope it helps you in your grief too. And thank you for your kind words.

      “I am standing upon the seashore. A ship at my side spreads her white sails to the morning breeze and starts for the blue ocean. She is an object of beauty and strength and I stand and watch until at last she hangs like a speck of white cloud just where the sea and sky come down to mingle with each other. Then someone at my side says, ‘There she goes!’

      “Gone where? Gone from my sight…that is all. She is just as large in mast and hull and spar as she was when she left my side and just as able to bear her load of living freight to the place of destination. Her diminished size is in me, not in her. And just at the moment when someone at my side says, ‘There she goes!’ there are other eyes watching her coming and other voices ready to take up the glad shout, ‘There she comes!’”

      Henry Van Dyke, a famous American preacher, poet and philosopher.

      1. Dori

        Susan, this is so beautiful. All of us that have companion animals in our lives should read and remember these touching words. Thank you for sharing the words of Henry Van Dyke.

      2. Sherrie Ashenbremer

        That is beautiful, brings tears to my eyes

      3. Mike L

        “I’m dating myself” .. well sure you are. If i were you I would date you, too. Heck if I were me, I would date you, too.

        Errrrr ……

        That might have come out wrong but anyway it was a lovely story to share and thanks.


      4. Louise

        I thought that was Khalil Gibran. Beautiful either way.

  4. W. Patterson

    My understanding is that Consumer Affairs is a company mainly in the business of reputation management on the internet. Do you really have faith in postings on that site? When I check out their reputation in the internet I have my doubts.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No I don’t have 100% faith in that website – but at the same time, I would hate to doubt a pet food consumer. Which is why I asked FDA. We just need everyone to report to FDA and State Department of Ag.

      1. Marco

        Anyone can easily write negative stuff on that site. I have done it many times. I would take everything with a grain of salt. With the whole drama going on between Blue and Purina, it wouldn’t surprise me if people who like Blue wrote negative stuff about Purina.

        1. Olivia

          of course anyone can WRITE negative stuff – but what about all the pet owners – INCLUDING MYSELF who have watched pets suffer & die? we have lost 3 cats in a very short amount of time..i held a very sick & dying kitten until it took it’s last breath…IT’S HEARTBREAKING..all pet owners really want is to be able to trust in the food they give to their pets..WITHOUT WORRY…all 3 of our cats had same symptoms..all 3 cats died…HOW DO I TAKE THAT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT?!

  5. Amy Smith

    Susan, I started a FB page almost a year ago called Pet Food Advocates and wondered if you would mind if I shared some of your info on that page? I would provide citation for your info. I have provided samples and discounts also there, but I have considered stopping that as I would hate to feel responsible if a animal became ill from such an item. I also wanted to share this with you, I recently had my dog develop watery diarrhea that he had for about three days. Nothing else was wrong with him, he was eager to play Frisbee, ate and drank as usual. I took him off everything and only gave him canned pumpkin. He was fine the next day so I gave him only Racheal Ray Dog Food and Canine Carry outs which he has had both numerous times. In his eight years this and one other time has he had diarrhea and the other was a bacterial infection that he acquired when I first adopted him. I eliminated both one at a time and noticed when he had the Canine Carry outs, he got diarrhea again. Took the CCO away, he has been fine ever since. I called Racheal Ray and called Del Monte (Canine Carry Outs) today. Both asked first if these were new foods for my dog and they are not. I know new foods can cause issues, but my Teague has had both many times and I always titrate if I change foods. Also, on my FB page, I had a lady report that her dogs had developed diarrhea and vomiting after eating Canine Carry-outs. I encouraged her to call as well and I asked on the Canine Carry-outs FB page for anyone who has issues with the treats to please contact me. I will report this to the FDA as well. I learned a valuable lesson also to hold on to any pet food and treat packaging if you use a treat jar. Also wanted to say I have fed Teague Purina Beyond Tuna and Egg for two plus weeks and never had an issue. Do you think that some of the illness could be contributed to some pet parents changing their pet’s food with-out titrating? Just a thought as I know sadly, pet’s have died as well. I may be finding Teague a new food. I also don’t understand why we are seeing so many recalls due to mold mold in our pet’s foods, any ideas on this?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      One – yes certainly you can share anything on

      Mold on a food could be the food went into the packaging before it was properly cooled (after cooking) or it could be warehousing/storage.

      As far as the complaints that have been posted on Purina products – we just don’t know. It is why I went to FDA to ask how many complaints they had received (and by the way I do believe they were honest with me and gave me all the information they had). We need every incident reported – I honestly believe it can save lives.

      1. Amy Smith

        Thank you so much and I believe the same as you that all incidents should be reported to save lives. I feel you have some great info here and look forward to sharing it.

  6. Siobhan

    I had a terrible experience with the Purina Smartblend. Our English Bulldog almost died. We ended up paying over $1000 in medical bills and my emails to Purina remained ignored.
    I took it as a lesson learned and continue to warn friends and families of the dangers of these pet food companies policies and manufacturing procedures. The quality of these ingredients is far below acceptable. We kept the food hoping someone would want to persue my concerns but no one seemed interested. We finally threw it away after so much time had passed. It’s frustrating as a pet owner to trust that you are feeding them correctly and find out how many companies have had recalls, complaints, etc.

    1. Peter raschke

      I feed my cart purina pate salmon and 3 hrs later he died ? Hard broken how I get help ?.? .?

      1. Pat P.

        I need to find a HEALTHY treat for one of my cats, in particular. He has CKD, heart disease and non-generative anemia, requiring me to give subq fluids and shots. He, also, has appetite issues, that even with appetite stimulants, often doesn’t like foods. Many of the better foods, without the strong flavor of awful animal digest, are bland tasting to him, especially, with a bad test in his mouth from CKD.

        I give him treats when I put him through the procedures, and mix some to encourage eating certain blander but safer food. Of course, he will eat the unhealthy, but flavorful Temptations, but I want something that won’t harm him. It is difficult to find non-toxic treats.

        Any suggestions?

        I have been amazed in talking with other cat parents or reading comments from some on other sites, how many of them are not very concerned about cats vomiting (other than the inconvenient mess), believing it is almost expected or results just from eating too much, too fast (occasionally true). Oh, they may think it is not right, but they aren’t really as worried, as they should be. As with frequent hairballs, many even laugh it off, since so many cats have this problem. Many people don’t seem to get the connection to horrific food or don’t care and continue to feed the same garbage. (I have discussed all my research about lousy noxious pet food with one woman that I know–yet, she still persists in feeding the cheapest store brand dry food available. She claims to love her cat, but will make no changes in his diet, at all.) These facts are truly troublesome!

        1. DJ Morgan-Heredia

          I have had a lot of luck with Earthborn treats, specifically the oven baked treats. Low calorie, good and accessible protein. Or I cook foods and use small bits as treats

  7. Terri

    I’m so glad I read read Buyer Beware, Dinner Pawsible and several other books about the food we feed our pets.
    Since then I’ve been feeding home cooked food for my “kids”. Allergies have disappeared, fat dogs have lost some weight and they are well and healthy. I do have a dog with an immune disorder who hasn’t had symptoms since I started this new diet several months ago. Thank you for all you do to protect our well loved pets.

  8. Martina

    Is prescription diet UR included in this as well? I had to take my cat Dandi to vet today. She was on this prescription diet for over a month because of the stones in her bladder. She started vomiting 4 days ago, very lethargic too. Took her to vet today, they did all sorts of tests $250 and send us home with different Royal Canine prescription diet! I was so sure she is allergic to the food or some ingredient in it since she was on Orijen food before, but now I wonder if it’s the food by itself ?! She is ok now, but I still worry! It’s very upsetting for all of us who love our furry friends!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      It is very important that there is no recall going on – we don’t know if there is a problem with these pet foods. But if any pet is sick – and the owner believes it is related to a food – it is of vital importance to report it to FDA and to State officials.

  9. Debra

    Within the last week, Facebook was ablaze with a story about a poor woman who lost her cat within hours after he ate Purina One Indoor Cat Formula. She did not know at first, that, as you say, FDA does not take action unless they themselves receive a complaint from a consumer whose pet was harmed by a pet food. With that story, and your always helpful advice, people are being made aware of the situation. I will be sharing this article. Thanks, Susan. Wish these things didn’t have to happen for people to stand up and take notice…

  10. Pet Owner

    I don’t think this PF Consumer reported to the FDA, but did to the Distributor. She’s a breeder and won some of the brand at a Dog Show. She fed it to all her dogs and they all got serious diarrhea. Nothing else was out of the ordinary except for feeding this new brand of food. I had used the brand too before I knew better from this website, and the kibble is well known for easy digestion and excellent stools, so this symptom was quite unusual. She also noticed it didn’t have a very fresh smell. But unfortunately had transferred it into a container and forgot to save the bag. Sure enough the Distributor didn’t know much about the problem (duhh, how surprising!) thinking maybe the bag had been punctured, but couldn’t do anything at all because the information from the bag was gone. Once she stopped feeding the food the dogs all returned to normal. In fact she said she’d keep on using the brand, and figured this was a fluke.

    Please everyone, save your bag even if you transfer it into a container. Or at least take a picture of the details (UPC, Lot/Batch No., Bag size, Date and of course Brand-Formula).

  11. Ellie

    I really think that most consumers are pretty much clueless about how to report an illness that their pet has experienced when they suspect it was food related. For the most part the vet is not going to direct them to the FDA so how would the pet owner know what to do unless they have some other experience with the FDA? If they call the pet food company they will get a huge run around.

    People place so much trust in their veterinarians but if the vets are not interested in helping to find the root of the pet’s illness or dealing with the problem’s source it leaves the pet owner powerless to do anything. Human physicians are trained to report a food related illness but it seems our veterinarians are trained not to report food related illnesses. Is this because they honestly do not recognize a food induced illness or is there a more sinister reason for their not at least directing their client to report the problem to the FDA?

    According to this article people are going to consumer related websites to report problems rather than contacting the FDA. The pet food companies are not concerned about some website reporting a few problems. They have millions of people watching their cute advertizements on TV and seeing adorable animals on their pet food labels so a few complaints on an obscure website means nothing to them.

    1. Pacific Sun

      Very much in agreement with your comment. I wish we could figure out a solution!!

      We’ve talked about this before. Hill’s and Science support Veterinary Colleges, so there’s not going to be much objective nutritional education there! That leaves Vets on their own to do the kind of research we consumers do. Except that medical personnel are trained to be scientific minded. So for them, reading won’t be enough anyway. They will want to see the controlled studies and data showing how bad commercial PF is.

      So how can Vets “translate” pet owners’ explanations of anecdotal symptoms and treat the issue accurately? Not all pets are healthy to begin with. Many owners feed questionable treats. Some get the wrong kind of human food. Pick up things outdoors. Drink stagnant water. Pick up stuff from Dog Parks. Cats are even more finicky and obscure in their habits.

      I’m not defending Vets. Just trying to figure out how they can deliver what we expect. Given how much exposure WE have (and have had over the years) to TAPF. How many of them haven’t even come across this website? Again, pets are our responsibility to feed well, just as we would our own human family. Doctors treat illness (yes, mostly caused by bad food and habits) but we don’t (can’t) expect them to prescribe precise diets for our daily living. Instead they refer us to resources like for Diabetes, Heart Disease, etc..

      I would say to people that NO FOOD should be making your pet sick. They shouldn’t throw up, have bad stools, itchy skin, and the lot. Whatever symptoms they are presenting the owner had better change the food, period. And they need to keep changing it until there’s a solution. If home cooking (which is really controlled the exact ingredients your pet is eating) is the answer, then people can’t complain. PF (because of its content and the process) and the PFI is never going to be a Pet Owner’s “solution”, they are ONLY a convenient alternative and backup.

      Some Vets out there are great listeners. I have one that never “up-sells” me anything. I’d been home cooking for my dogs for years and wanted to make sure my older dog (15 yrs) was balanced. Was prepared to do the blood panel and urinary analysis. He examined the dog, checked his vitals, asked me his habits, if anything unusual was going on, etc.. (there wasn’t). My worry about his weight was mitigated by looking at his annual record which confirmed his steady weight for the last several years. The Vet said, save your money until there is something specific to “test” for. He’s an “old” dog, as long as he’s happy (comfortable, content) mobile, engaged, still himself (etc., etc.) then there can’t be too much going wrong food wise. He even had in his record that I home cook and what ingredients I used! That’s a Vet Practice that really listens and is open minded. I don’t even see any commercial PF products in his Lobby anymore! (They have another room for prescriptions).

      Maybe the best message we can share with new Readers is that using your own ingredients is best. For dogs you can hardly go wrong. And for a couple of middle sized or smaller dogs the expense does not exceed that for commercial food. I know people with several larger dogs who feed raw, and that seems economical for them. Please STOP using all those unknown, superfluous ingredients in commercial PF!!

  12. Pat P.

    Like many of us, I have fed lousy food, in ignorance, to my sweet pets, and hate to think of any damage I may have caused them. Both of my cats are ill now, one with kidney disease and the other with an eating problem of unknown origin. I often think it is because of what I have fed them and may still be doing. Due to my chronic ill heath, I am not in a position to feed them homemade diets. I am bed ridden, frequently, and have no help. I have enough difficulty with my own eating disorders. For a cat with kidney disease (like me) I don’t know what to feed. I give him the only raw food, Radcat, that is suitable for cats with CKD, but can’t do it continuously, because it is too expensive and is too high in phosphorus. My vet recommends Royal Canin, which I hate. She claims to know a lot about nutrition but does not, at all. I haven’t been able to find a good cat food for him, let alone a vet that knows anything about nutrition or even a great deal about cats (she’s more into dogs), which I have been searching for, a long time. The other cat will only eat one lousy brand of cat food, of one variety, no matter what I try to feed her. At least, it is not Purina (which I stopped using some time ago), but Fancy Feast, probably, isn’t any better. She throws up a lot. I don’t know if it is the food or something else. My vet is no help. I tested for pancreatitis which was a negative result. The vet wants to test for allergies (known to be inaccurate for cats), yet she has no allergic symptoms. She just won’t eat without an appetite stimulant and only that one food. I wish I knew what to feed either one of them.

    Sorry, I went off on a tangent but am so frustrated–the pet food industry really sucks, with some exceptions. I am not happy with the veterinary field, either.

    As for Purina, Lot/Batch numbers are so important, of course, since not all may be problematic, at least, enough to be recalled.

  13. Alicia Burleson

    My daughter’s 4 year old indoor cat has always been healthy until what we believe was poisoned by Purina’s Indoor Cat Chow. Her cat came down with diarrhea and suddenly stopped eating. He seemed to become very tired, drank excessive amounts of water, and quickly started losing weight. She took him to the vet and a battery of tests were performed with all tests coming back negative. Her cat was given fluids intravenously and force fed during his week stay at the hospital. Even after all of this and a $1400 vet bill, her cat, Roo, passed away today. Researching on our own on the Internet, we found that other cats and dogs have had the same symptoms after eating Purina products. Many have become deathly sick and died.
    My daughter’s cat was like a child to her. He was her best friend and more than just a pet. Many tears have been shed over his sickness and death. He didn’t deserve this!!
    It is now my mission to tell everyone I know what has happened and to warn others before their pet dies and they become as heartbroken as we lol. Thank you for this site and information. I will definitely follow through with this information and will report this.
    Grieving in Baltimore…Nov 19th 2014.

    1. Sally Bahner

      As Susan said earlier, it’s vital that you report this information to the FDA and state officials, as well as Purina, which seems to have its head in the sand. There are too many of these incidents to be coincidental. And write down the lot information from the package!

    2. Alicia Burleson

      As a followup, I have contacted the Department of Agriculture in Maryland where they stated they do not deal with pet food issues. However, I contacted the FDA 1-240-276-9300 and left a message. They also have a website: There you will find recalls of pet foods as well as a way to report what has been done to our pets. However, Purina Cat Indoor Cat Chow and Fancy Feast is not listed. Please check your food that you are feeding your pets. It just isn’t the Purina cat food. It is the dog food too! Please notify me if there is a class action suit because I definitely want to be included. I am in the process of contacting Purina now. I will not let them get away with this!!!
      Still grieving and MAD in Baltimore ;(

  14. Mark

    I smell BS. I can write anything I want on Consumer Affair website. It almost seems as if that friends and family of Blue Buffalo may be going after Purina and writing bad reviews on this specific site? That is my hunch feeling.

  15. Ellen Schumm

    How can I tell if a food or treat made my dog sick or it was something else? I’m wracking my brain trying to figure out what made my greyhound, Suzie, sick last week. I had been feeding her a few foods for a few months that have been just fine for her. She’s had the chicken and beef Nature’s Logic, the Salmon Tunalini from Fromm’s, and the Honest Kitchen base mix with either egg, turkey, chicken, or salmon added to it. No problems with any of those! Not too long ago, I got her some treats. Some Honest Kitchen Buffalo and blueberry (made with barley flour, buffalo, molasses, water, eggs, organic coconut oil, and blueberries.) Also, these American Natural Premium Sardine and Kelp biscuits. “Sardines, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, chick peas, tapioca, salmon oil, porcine cartilage, kelp meal, pumpkin, cranberries, sweet potato, cinnamon, chicken liver digest, rosemary and cloves.” (Why they list both garbanzo beans and chick peas separately is weird since they’re the same things.) Anyway, I had given Suzie just one biscuit at night and maybe 3 or 4 little bits of the Honest Kitchen treats. I did that for about 10 days, when suddenly last Tuesday morning, she got an upset stomach and wanted to eat grass. She was OK after that. Then on Thursday morning, she started to throw up….about 3 or 4 times, once an hour. My husband took her to our vet and she got a shot of Cerenia and a prescription for liquid Ranitidine and tablets of Metronidazole. Thankfully, the bloody, watery stool subsided and she just has pudding butt now. She IS improving, but I’m wondering what the heck did this to her?! I’m wondering if it was the American Natural Premium treats since her vomiting and stomach aches happened after eating those. I had also rotated in some freeze dried beef dog food from Fresh Is Best (given as a treat since they’re in little chunks). She never got sick after eating just those, though.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I wish I could give you a better answer – but the truth is, often it is difficult to know if the food or the treat caused an illness or death. This is the job of authorities – this is what our tax dollars paid on every purchase should be doing for us. Unfortunately – authorities don’t always investigate. But – and this is a big but – they do track reports of sick pets and if they see a trend, they often do investigate. This is why we need to always report incidents. Hope that helps –

      1. Ellen Schumm

        Thanks for your reply, Susan. Our vet seemed pretty sure that this was a case of a food allergy of some kind, which doesn’t make things any easier to figure out. In the meantime, I will stick with the higher quality food and treats that I know she does well on.

  16. Cathy

    Currently have a 1 year old cat hospitalized for kidney failurre (scheduled to pick him up on 1/10/15–if he’s ok). . The values tested are ao high that they don’t even register. The only food he has eaten is the Purina Indoor dry cat food. Symptoms started the day we opened a new bag purchased at Target on 1/4/15. His symptoms were lethargy, lack of appetite, vomiting a dark brown coffee ground like substance containing blood. Two days at the vet, several tests, and $750 later and I still don’t know if my kitty is going to live through this.

    1. John Holder

      Hi Cathy,

      I’ve had a similar experience, and have begun gathering names for a class action suit against them. Same exact problem: Vomit, dark, sick. Same food.

      I started feeding my cat meowmix and he seems to be recovering.

        1. Alicia

          My daughter’s 4 year old strictly indoor cat passed away about 2 months ago after what we believe was either a bad batch of Purina dry and wet food or just eating the same Purina food since he was a kitten. He suddenly stopped eating but drank water profusely. He was taken to the vet and $1400 later, we found that he had liver cancer and died in my daughter’s arms. She is still very broken up over this. The FDA was called as well as a letter written to the president of Purina. Purina’s office called for samples which my daughter sent in for testing. Till this day, we have heard nothing back with any results. All I can say is that her cat did not deserve this and neither did my daughter who loved this cat as if it were her own child.

  17. John Holder

    Greetings all,

    I have an issue where I purchased some of the dry cat food from purina and it has made my cat sick. I am considering taking class action proceedings and was wondering who would be interested in joining a suit against Purina. Thank you

    1. Jane Doe

      I have two cats that are both vomiting…they are otherwise healthy…so I started thinking maybe it’s the food…I just don’t know at this point. However, while looking to see if other people were reporting their animals being sick from Purina’s food I came across an article about a lawsuit involving dogs possibly becoming ill from their food, and now others here and elsewhere saying their cats are ill too. I’m terrified that I may have made my babies sick by feeding them this food…terrified! I can’t say for certain IF it is the food at this point ,but I’m just not sure what else it could be since they are both otherwise healthy cats……I understand your concern about other pet food companies wanting to besmirch the Purina brand an I do wonder if some of it is that as well……I’m praying I did not make my babies sick by feeding them this food. I plan to go to the store later to pick up another food to feed them and see if they get better after a few days of the new food….again I don’t know what to think but I am scared!! So please have empathy for the true pet owners like myself who don’t know what to think at this point…..we see all of these comments and our otherwise healthy animals are suddenly sick and just so happen to be eating Purina products. My cats eat both canned and dry Purina Pro Plan and have been for quite sometime now… used to be they would both vomit occassionaly and I figured hairballs…but now the vomtting is too frequent to be hair balls and no hair is coming up. I give them hairball medications too.

  18. Laura

    How can we go about having samples of food tested by a lab ourselves?

    All three of our dogs are sick and I’m not going to depend on someone else being convinced that it has to be from the food before testing it. I want it tested, and if it’s ruled out, great.

    Otherwise, one of my dogs is slowly staving to death despite being fed over four cups a day of $60/bag food. That’s 1500 calories for a medium breed dog, plus treats and all the stuff she steals out of the kitchen because she’s STARVING TO DEATH. And the vet can’t really find anything wrong with her, either. Certainly nothing to explain her losing 3 pounds in 10 days, *after* starting treatment.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      You can have a food tested at most veterinary school labs – but the challenge is what to test for. I would suggest consulting with your veterinarian for suggestions directly linked to your pet’s symptoms (what toxins could cause him/her to lose weight so rapidly). One of the biggest challenges with testing pet food is what to test for.

    2. Luvdogsmore

      Yes, the cost to test without having some idea of what you are looking for would be astronomical as well. It could still be quite expensive even with the suggestions from your veterinarian.

    3. Pet Owner

      If you have 3 dogs sick and losing weight that’s a red flag. But testing PF might not be the only solution. Can these questions be answered? What’s the Vet treating, can they be kept out of the garbage, can human and dog treats be stopped, are 4 cups a normal ratio or to compensate for weight loss, are they vomiting with diarrhea, what’s the consistency of stools, has the Vet ruled out all chronic illnesses?

      Here’s some experience: All dogs react differently to the many brands of PF out there. I tried using a very expensive, nearly pure protein, highly popular elite brand. It ran through both my dogs (young and old, unrelated) like PUD_DING. Nobody could tell me why. But I finally figured it out despite the company’s stone-walling. I tried using a totally different kind of product too, one that had worked successfully for me for many years! Then it was reformulated! Both dogs started poop’ing all dam day long! They lost weight. The leading carb ingredient was too much bulk. It’s a very good, human grade, whole food, nutritious and stable ingredient. But just doesn’t work for my particular dogs. I called the company and tried working with them regarding the symptoms. No luck. Finally I reduced the recommended portion by 2/3’s per serving and miixed it with two other lower-residue carbs. Poop’ing returned to once/twice daily. They’re retaining more nutrients. I switched back to raw too which is a solid digest-able organ meat protein. For what it delivers it is very economical.

      So you have to become your own detective using trial and error which can be maddening and expensive. Vets don’t know how to treat issues with food. A Vet told me to try a Prescription K/D (pork liver, corn, chicken fat??) for my older dog who was losing weight even though he reacts to fat and is extremely sensitive to chicken!

      Eliminate all your variables until the dogs are eating but one thing – the new food you choose. If money’s an issue, use a laterally priced product. The first 5 ingredients should be discernable with identified meat protein or meal. Then 1) feed individually to monitor portion control. Use the same amount, same time daily. Too much food can make a dog sick because an overworked intestine can get irritated and will not absorb nutrients effectively. 2) Don’t free-feed because PF can get stale, spoiled or contaminated around the house. It will be harder to track the frequency and consistency of stools. 3) Try a grain-free diet which doesn’t mean no carbs. Some dogs may need a fiber (rice, potato). 4) Focus on a single protein, one at a time (ex. lamb vs. beef). 5) AVOID chicken in all forms. Too many dogs can no longer handle chicken. 6) Try raw, it really will solve a lot of problems. 7) But if you can’t try Fromm’s Beef kibble, I know a lot of dogs (formerly having problems) that are now doing well. 8) Canned commercial PF never agreed with my dogs (sloppy stools) except Mulligan Stew (and no I don’t sell anything). Before raw I was using cooked whole meat. 9) Consult with a holistic Vet experienced in nutrition.

  19. Amy

    I felt I had to leave a comment, because I believe that Purina Cat Chow in the blue bag made my cat very sick. I had picked up a bag of Purina at the store because they didn’t have my cat’s normal brand–it was bad weather, and he had eaten Purina before without problem. I bought the bag right at the end of January, and opened it right about Valentine’s Day. Within 2 weeks of my cat eating the Purina, he ended up in cat ICU on IV with a very difficult to treat GI infection–it took 3 different antibiotics while he was on his IV, and another one I had to take home and have been giving him for the past couple of days. His symptoms started about day 12 with a slightly goopy eye and nose (not abnormal considering I am in the Midwest and the dry air from the heat tends to make my little guy a bit snotty), but on about day 13, I noticed he slept the whole day, and didn’t eat anything. I immediately took him to my vet, and they did a CBC, which came back with completely normal levels and he had no fever. Within 24 hours, I had to rush him to the emergency vet, and he had a high fever and they took his CBC again, and it showed a white blood cell count over 20,000. He is a 6.5 yr old neutered DLH with no history of urinary tract or gastro-intestinal infections…EVER. My vet was worried because the first 2 antibiotics they tried failed, and the white blood cell count wouldn’t come down. When I told her he had eaten Purina, she said she couldn’t prove that was what made him sick, but she insisted I call Purina to find out if anything had changed in the food recently. I was told by Purina that there hadn’t been. I started to do research when my cat was in the vet, and came across a whole slew of recent complaints, and I really feel that they aren’t isolated. I didn’t think my cat was going to live, but I am lucky to have been able to bring him home the other day and I have changed his cat food completely. After the “coincidental” experience with Purina Cat Chow, I have vowed never to buy another Purina product again. Unfortunately, I was stupid enough to throw out all of the food, so I didn’t keep a sample for future testing and may not be able to prove the cat food was bad, but I honestly believe that there is something wrong with the newer bags of food (distributed over the past 90 days). I empathize with anyone else going through this, but I urge you to learn from my mistake–do not throw out all of the food! Call your USDA extension office, call your veterinary college, call the FDA…just don’t throw out the food until someone agrees to take it and test it.

  20. Patti zentz

    Purina Kit and kaboodle made all my cats and kittens sick…between the vomiting and the diarrhea.. My son found this article and because of it we immediately stopped the food and they are steadily improving.. If I don’t know what I would have done if they would have killed my babies…. I will never purchase any more of their food….and I will let everyone know what happened…PLEASE spread the word… you saved my cats…

    1. Alicia

      I am so glad that you were able to save your cats and kittens and your son was quick in finding the article about how the food is making our pet families sick and even causing deaths. You will not have to bear the deep feelings of regret, guilt and sadness that our family has endured because our 4 year old cat didn’t make it. He passed away due to eating the tainted food. He was so full of life and brought so much happiness to our family. We will never be able to replace him and still miss him terribly.

      1. Patti

        I am sooooo sorry for your loss pet food company’s need to be held responsible for their irresponsibility if you kill a person is murder to me they killed your family memeber its the same as murder…Purina should be held responsible for your loss… Your family is in my heart and in my prayers….

  21. jennifer

    A few days ago I purchased a new bag of Purina ONE Sensitive Systems and since yesterday my 4 cats have been vomiting sporadically! I leave a bowl outside for 2 feral cats I always feed and they refused to even eat it. The food seemed to be lighter in color than previous bags but I didn’t note the fact until my poor kitties became ill. After a switch to a new brand they seem a lot better but I am furious that Purina is still in business after so many tragedies! I am calling the FDA first thing tomorrow to register my complaint.

  22. Nova

    I have a bag of Purina Beyond Chicken and Oat cat food. The kibbles are much paler than is usual, and it smells horrific – like rotting glue. (upc = 17800 16379, batch code = 43651083 0127L05, best buy = June 2016) I contacted Purina about it, and they’re sending me a coupon to replace the bag and they want me to send them some of the food “for analysis”. I think it’s time to ditch Purina and find something else. Not sure what, but there’s no way I’m letting my cat eat this stuff…

    1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

      This is so horrible, Purina should be a dog and/or cat food we trust. But it isn’t good, it’s killing our pets

  23. Sybil

    My three dogs got sick from Purina Pro Plan Savor – Lamb / Rice bad diareha. And one now has liver failure. Anything about Pro Plan being bad?

  24. Carrie

    Fed Purina cat chow on 3-19-15, by 3-23-15 all of them dropped dead. I have fed this food for 30 years and always trusted them, didnt listen at all to what I read, well I learned the hard way, I assure you i KNOW it was the food.

  25. Ann

    Here’s what I think. Every person who’s had a pet die from a Purina product should have that food tested and their dog analyzed. It’s heart wrenching I know. Most people want to put such things behind them. But some good has to come of these tragedies. These manufacturers will never be held accountable until the evidence accumulates. Eventually there will be a common thread that emerges. Please be part of that effort.

    1. Patti

      When you give Purina the code numbers and they wish to give you almost $40 in free food and other coupons for %’s off without any doctors information I don’t THINK I need a vet to tell me any thing…

      Watching my pet vomit up blood with in 1 sitting of eating food and stopping within 12 hours doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out…People STOP feeding your animals this food…if you need validation then keep feeding them and keep committing murder of your pets… Thats the fact…I worked for a vet… we will tell you the same thing STOP FEED YOUR PET THE FOOD….

  26. debbie

    My cat passed away today July 6th 2015.. he has been throwing g up for a couple days now.. he was fine ate and then I found him on the living room floor dead.. I am convinced it’s the cat food kit and kaboodle.. that’s the only thing I have been feeding him and my other cats.. I put the food away and bought different food for my other cats. I want to make sure they stay healthy.. I lost my cat soul mate, my best buddy, he was like my child.. RIP.. Buddy, I love and miss you already…

    1. Pacific Sun

      Debbie, I am very sorry sorry for your loss. The people who post comments on this site are very caring and understanding. I hope they send you their sympathetic thoughts as well. During your time of grief it was generous of you to take the time to share your PF observation in order to help other pet owners. Thank you.

  27. Hugh d Boyle

    My cat got really sick feeding her “Purina Cat Chow Gentle” she starting not eating, not pooping or peeing and throwing up the whole 9-yards, after taking her off the food immediately, she starting becoming normal again after a few days, i just thought i would share that but i definitely know it was the cat food

  28. Stephanie Bass

    I will have to put my dog down on Friday after a week and a half in intensive care. It is all because I gave her Royal Canin SO dog food. She was otherwise very healthy and energetic before. After one week she developed severe pancreatitis. This food is the direct result of her illness that is killing her. She has been in terrible pain and has suffered so much. The intensive care doctors ask that I give it till Friday but no improvement as of yet. So far it has cost my family $6000 and a lot of heartache. I have reported it to consumer affairs and have called Royal Canin. All they would do is read label facts and talk to me about their food meeting regulations. It was like I was talking to a robot. They did not care. I know that my dog was healthy and I am always careful about what I feed her and research it. One week after being on this food (no treats either) she is dying. There is a direct correlation and RC is denying it. People need to be warned so that this doesn’t happen again.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Stephanie – I am so sorry you are having to deal with such a horrible situation. When your heart can handle it, please report your dog’s illness to FDA.

    2. Cathy bodhaine

      I just read your post. I lost my dog a week ago. She had been on Royal Canin hypoallergenic dry and canned food for 3 yrs..she was perfectly healthy and energetic until about mid Dec. 2015. She started panting a lot. Within a few weeks she was totally blind. She had extremely high hypertension. We did all we could for her. We feel 100% sure the Royal Canin dog food had a problem.
      I have been in touch with the FDA and plan on having the food I still have tested.
      Give me a call if you have any remaining food and would like it to be tested.
      Nothing can bring our dogs back but Royal Canin needs to improve their quality control or quit hiding behind the veterinarians who sell it be “prescription only”.

      1. Stephanie Bass

        Thank you so much for reporting yours. At the time that I lost mine I was so very angry and upset that I threw out the dog food so that no animal would be able to eat it. I called and emailed Royal Canin and they did call me back promptly. Their response was very scripted and insistent that the food was not the cause of my dogs long painful death. I know it was and their food was the only change and only food my dog was being given at the time. I am so upset and sorry that these dogs (and owners) are suffering due to these dog food manufacturers ignorance and neglect. I guess they only care about making a dollar. I am so sorry you and your pet have also suffered. I do hope in the end they are made to pay for the harm their dog food is causing. I also wish veterinarians would get educated on the matter. So many are so ignorant and brainwash. It’s just a horrible situation all the way around.

  29. kellie Brown

    The red dyes in this will make your cat get bad gas. My cat got a new bag over a week ago. I thought the colors looked brighter than before. I buy this a few times a year normally its Nine Lives a Tan colored. My cat who I had for 16 years ate this Kit and Kaboodle once in a blue. Well my cat could not get to his litter box had 2 accident on a runner and was doing the third on the hall carpet. Now I have three places that is bright pick from the dyes in this food.. Even when I fling the mess off a piece of mess flipped on the runner and within a min it turned pink……….My runner is ruined and what if a cat threw up?? Oxy clean, tide, vinegar would not work. It was like a woman dying her hair with red and it went pink that fast..

    1. Pet Owner

      This kind of sounds like the PF dye is more inconvenient than the effect it’s having on the cat. No animal feed requires a dye, period. And the cat was likely responding to something more than just the color. Often pets after having been eating a brand for many years, react. It can be anything from a bad production batch using inferior/spoiled ingredients to a pallet of the bags being exposed to toxic chemicals to subtle formula change. I know cats are difficult to feed. But I’d stop using the brand entirely. Could be a factory issue. The visible symptoms (vomit, diarreah) we see are sometimes only the tip of the problem.

  30. Anthony Hepton

    Now that FDA has released a list of customer complaints it has received, there are more than 440 complaints just on Purina’s Beneful, they have not been acting truthfully even when they were releasing data under the Freedom of Information Act. In reviewing the list they released, I do not believe it was complete as I could not find the complaint I had sent to FDA, so the actual list may be much, much larger.

    1. Reader

      When a report is submitted to the FDA, is a confirmation number issued? If so, is there any way to challenge the record keeping?

      I’ve always believed there should be a non-profit companion reporting system for problem PF and pet illnesses. And the keepers of the check and balance system should be the Veterinarian profession! [And yes, I already understand their inherent self-interests! ]. But I just think it SHOULD be an ethical requirement to log a proper diagnosis (including test results) that can be appropriately cross-referenced to a problem PF. Certainly when a pattern develops concerning particular PF creating identical symptoms among a broad section of the pep population! Imagine the impact. That way it could become a great research tool, save some pets, share treatment methods, and keep PF manufacturing in check. Such a system could’ve helped prevent as much damage as the Melamine fiasco caused, if Veterinarians were communicating among themselves more quickly!!

      It they would take up this cause, it certainly could make Veterinarians heroes in the eyes of Pet Owners.

  31. […] – Report it! The internet is overflowing with people saying they’ve had problems/illnesses associated with all sorts of pet foods and medications, but when you ask the companies they often have had no reports, or even when you look up FDA reports of illness there is very little reported. Message boards and comment section complaints are not a good way to make sure problems are addressed. Here’s a new effort to encourage reporting of pet food problems: Please read it and share this link widely! […]

  32. Jamie sanders

    Ok people I have always feed my dogs and puppies purina dry puppy chow in the blue bag the solid brown color.even my grown dogs . That is up until the first 2 weeks of June 2017. I had 2 female bloodhounds to have 19 puppies between them.Me and my wife live on a very low income, with 5 adopted children.I am DISABLED from an accidental gunshot I lost my right hand in 2012.Before that we were foster parents , plus I worked with The state of Alabama transportation crew.And My wife was a secretary for a lawyer.we had adopted our chidren.And over night our lives changed forever.I am thankful for my wife and our kids.But our money situation ain’t great. Well when my bloodhounds had their puppies we were happy,we was looking forward to selling them to get out of a huge financial hole.But It was not to be
    When our puppies turned 4 weeks old I started weening them with the puppychow. I would add warm water and let it soak.The puppys were eating it like crazy.well the 2 litters was 8 days apart so I also was letting the other litter eat it too. I KEPT NOTICEING A FEW DAYS EAILER before I starting feeding the puppies the mama dogs was covering their food with dirt. I DIDN’T THINK MUCH OF IT AT THAT POINT. BUT after 3or 4 days of feeding the puppies .I went out to feed them and they always was running around playing. BUT THE 4TH DAY I WENT TO FEED THEM AND 3 HAD DIED OVERNIGHT. WELL STILL NOT THINKINK IT WAS THE FOOD . I took one of the dead puppys to the vet and had it tested thinking maybe parvo.But no parvo or toxida. It showed they were invested with worms.I explained to the vet I had wormed them at 2 and 4 weeks old with nemex2. The vet said i needed a stronger worm medicine so she sold me a bottle of strongid.she said it was a good wormed that some people use it on horses.she said to give them a cc for the next 2 days.and I did .But my puppies continued to die .long story short I lost all 19 puppies in a weeks time. When I got to the middle of the puppychow Now I know why the puppy chow is a solid cover of molded puppychow.pure white chunks of clumps of white mold. I STILL HAVE THE BAG OF FOOD.THE PUPPIES HAD A RUNNY DIRRIEA THIER BELLYS LOOK LIKE THEY WAS HONNA POP AND YOU COULD COUNT EVERY BONNE IN THIER BODY. I BURIED THEM HERE ON MY PROPERTY
    . Only to have my neighbor call and complain I was burying dead puppys in the city limits.Needless to say I had to dig up all the puppies and take them to my property in the county and rebry them. That was horrific the smell,the maggots and worst of all my kids saw me digging them I had to take my two mama dogs down to my uncles and have to pay him to feed them.Since this has happened I have spoken with purina and made them aware of my situation. And they sent me put a bag to put some of the food in were they can test it.Then they told me to throw the rest away. But if they dont reiburst me what I SELL my puppies for I was gonna file a lawsuit.they said a company called sedegewick handles their claims.we will see .I sell my bloodhounds for 500.00 each. So counting all my problem,S I told them I would settle out of court for 12000.00 dollars.I have vet records the sack of molded food my kids emotions plus having to dig up 19 dead puppies and have to pay my uncle to feed the moms.and gonna try to get channel 6 on your side a Alabama news stations that investigates business complaints.

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