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Possible Blue Buffalo Recall

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  1. Micki587

    With all of the advertising Blue Buffalo does, you’d think it would spend some of it’s money and monitor the pet food it manufactures. I have stopped feeding my cats Blue as I’ve lost faith in them to not use undesirable & undisclosed ingredients in it’s Wilderness cat food. It’s a shame for a pet food manufacturer to lie about the contents of the food that we purchase for our “family members.” When you spend more money thinking you are getting a superior food and find out that it contains the same ingredients that a discount store sells, you realize it’s all about earnings not pets!

    1. Sandra

      I have fed my cat Blue Wilderness canned cat food for the past several years. Last month I found a ‘foreign object’ in one of the cans. It looked like a piece of asphalt. In addition, each can that I have opened recently did not look the same; the mature formula food has not been consistent in appearance, texture, and taste (my cat would refuse some of the cans, but eat others of the same formula) I had switched to Wild Calling canned food, but then heard about some problems with the company that cans the food (Evangers) So my cat now eats Life’s Abundance Instinctive Choice, which he loves. It is manufactured and distributed by the company (no outsourcing) and is endorsed by several holistic vets. This food is made fresh and ships directly from the company to your door. It does not sit on pet food store shelves. My cat loves it and is thriving on it.

      1. Micki587

        Appreciate the comment. I’ll have to look them up on line. I’m currently giving my 7 rescued cats Acana dry and Wellness canned. I’d love to find a human quality dry and canned to give to them, so maybe I’ll give Life’s Abundance a try. Thanks for responding to my comment.

  2. orfan

    There is a voluntary recall. I’m standing in front of the sign in a pet store now. I’d post a photo if I could.

  3. orfan

    This item is subject to a voluntary recall. I’m standing in a pet store looking at the sign.

  4. Chad

    We got an email. The info in the original post is correct.

  5. Keira

    Purchased chicken and rice adult dogfood early Jan 2017 and found worms inside. Bag intact. Offered full refund and to pay any medical bills that might incur if my dog took ill. That was my first and last experience with blue buffalo.

  6. Polly

    I was told by a Vet that Blue Buffalo Wilderness was a good choice, Now I know better. I’m wondering just What Dog Food is SAFE??

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