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Pet Feed Ingredient Supplier Pleads Guilty

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  1. Jane Democracy

    This is huge!!!!!!! Wilbur Ellis and Diversified are big players in the pet food industry. My thought is, if they did it to one company they did it to them all.

  2. Woofielover

    Maybe they thought they were shipping to Royal Canin who intends to use feathers/feather meal instead of meats as their proteins in their foods?! McAtee is guilty but it’s a bit of a stretch to think someone at Blue Buffalo didn’t know. If it were so easy for Purina to find out and expose Blue Buffalo, why wasn’t Blue Buffalo monitoring their supply chains themselves? Every manufacturer is ultimately responsible for the ingredients in their foods, no exceptions.

  3. Fiona

    Nothing surprises me anymore. It’s big business and that’s it…the bottom dollar

  4. Laurie Raymond

    These ingredient suppliers, and the renderers and processors who produce these ingredients from whole food sources, are deliberately concealed by the pet food industry. It is not possible to trace these ingredients back to their original sources without skipping these “middle-men.” This is a huge industry in itself and it has proven to be the villain in many adulteration cases, revealed only when the pet food manufacturer sues its supplier. When will we realize most of our efforts to force the pet food industry to uphold a meaningful standard of transparency will fail unless we demand that pet food companies reveal the sources of each ingredient in each batch? In this industry, as in all industries, companies vary in their reputation for quality and honesty. Violations are on record. But instead of competing for pet food company business, the worst can rely on the invisibility guaranteed them by pet food companies’ refusal to identify them – until someone catches them out and they are forced to sue to save their own reputations. THIS IS WHERE WE SHOULD BE FOCUSING OUR EFFORTS!

  5. Cannoliamo

    I’m not sure I know the full story here, but why did it take a Purina lawsuit to get this into Federal Court and then only on misdemeanor charges. The probation judgement looks like more of a hand-slap than a real punishment for fraud and product tampering. Where was FDA, USDA, PFI, California Department of Food and Agriculture ??? Can any agency be relied on for any regulatory monitoring and punitive actions for pet food products? Are there any ingredient standards that they will enforce without a law suit? Why has it taken 5 years to get a judgement? Maybe this is why Smuckers and many other manufacturers see pet food sales as such a safe and unregulated market.

    1. Laurie Raymond

      Why? you ask! Have you heard or read nothing about the revolving door between government and industry? Missed the discussion of the current state of our capitalist economy with its absolute primacy of short-term shareholder value? Ever heard a basic economist discuss the role of “externalities” – the costs to production that are never paid by the producers but sloughed off to the public or consumers or the environment or all the above? Like pollution? Like using toxic waste products from other industries and disguising them with appealing images and verbiage? This is the current state of our economy and its relationship to government and to us, as citizens, consumers and dupes. It is only as citizens that we can do anything about it. Why don’t we?

  6. Pamela Miller

    PERSONALLY, I would like to be repaid for all the CRAP dog food I’ve been feeding my poor dog all these years !! From Purina to Ol’ Roy, to Blue Buffalo….. I’ve probably spent $30 a month for over 8 years !!!!!!!!!!! Rotten, greedy people !!

  7. CB

    Why aren’t pet food companies testing the ingredients they receive? Maybe I want to pretend I don’t know the answer to that 🙁

    1. Johanna

      Except to now what is actually in 99.9% of pet food would actually horrify you. There are no regulations on pet food like human food. We feed our pets food that we would NEVER eat ourselves. In fact most of the food that goes into pet food is forbidden by the FDA to use in human food. Call your pet food company and ask if they use human grade food and listen to the run around you will get. They cannot legally say “no”, if they don’t. Or make your own food which is truly best. The vet bills you have been paying all of those years is what I would charge them for because more than likely your animals got sick on their food, such as cancer IBS, renal failure and the like. We need to change the laws!

  8. Hannie

    After the huge fiasco in 07, I personally think Wilbur-Ellis needs to be put out of business. Let them peddle their garbage elsewhere. I absolutely do not trust commercial pet food, haven’t since the research I did after that huge recall…….human food may not be a whole lot better but at least it’s not made up of feathers, beaks & feet. OMG, that grosses me out.

  9. Mirsades

    This is so infuriating. The date(s) mentioned are when my cat started getting sick from eating Blue Buffalo food and is still not well to this day. I have spent over $7000 already seeing specialists and different vets and will have to continue with medications the rest of his life. He was diagnosed at around 1 1/2 years old and he is only 7 years old now. I would like to know how to sue Blue Buffalo, and others, for all these vet bills, their lousy food and all the pain and suffering I continue to go through taking care of my precious cat. If anyone knows where to start, please point me in the right direction.

  10. ian

    I find it hard to believe that this only happened over 2 years and to only one pet food company. This is just the tip of the iceberg. As I understand it this lawsuit is only between the pet food companies, and consumers are not involved. I hope some greedy (oops, did I say that? I meant altruistic) lawyers will now get involved and file a class action lawsuit on behalf of the pet owners that bought that food.

  11. Judy

    Where does the 5.5 million dollars go that they are fined? I want to know why this company isn’t responsible for paying us the consumer back who bought all this crap dog food. I guess a class action suit is going to need to be filed. But how is anybody going to prove they bought these dog foods. Who keeps grocery receipts from seven years ago. Sounds like another profit deal for someone.

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