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Mars Petcare Dog Food linked to deadly illness in Australia

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  1. Dr. Oscar Chavez

    That TED talk is gripping. Reminds me of our daily mission! Thank you Susan for sharing and making sure the connection is made. Thank you for all that you do on this site. “Integrity in the face of resistance.” Excellent summary of your efforts. 🙂

  2. Pet Owner

    The lovely folks over there at Mars Petcare.

    We should hold a contest to determine which PF company actually cares the least about pets. We could’ve called it “March (we’re truly) Mad-ness!”

  3. Paula

    Have you looked at the stated ingredients: rice, maize (corn), maize gluten, chicken fat, tuna…. Premium? Not sure what species’ urine is in this crap. Owners have to be careful what they buy. No telling what else is in the food, but who in their right mind would find their dog a food whose primary ingredients are rice, corn, corn gluten? Hasn’t there been enough press over the last 10 years?

    Mars and other pet food owners/managers should be hung by their [fill in the the blank] or perhaps fed an exclusive diet of the crap they sell.

    I still feed top quality kibble plus freeze dried/dehydrated after extensive research. Thought of making my own but not so sure about the safety of human food – the difference being we eat a variety of foods and many poor animals get the same thing meal after meal – mine get a half dozen brands of kibble, the same of dehydrated/freeze dried, plus multiple varieties of each and all is rotated – 4 kibbles and 4 freeze dried/dehydrated over two days.

    1. Dianne & Pets

      I actually found that that method worked best for my very allergic dog. He is no longer on medications, except for the occasional Benadryl and ointment for small flare-ups.

    2. Kay

      For me the difference is very simple: if I feed a lamb heart, a cooked whole chicken or a salmon head I can see that it‘s a lamb heart, a chicken or a salmon head. Kibble, I don‘t have a chance of seeing what went in it.

      Horribly sad, again, about dogs being made so sickeningly ill. I hope this time that their status as police dogs will help to bring about change.

      1. Eve

        agreed, maybe because working animals such as police dogs, dogs for the blind etc and tracking dogs and any animal who is employed as a career cats, horses, birds etc JUST MAYBE there is something here to find. These animal employers or sub-contractual work such as therapy animals can sue under the company where “all durty of care” for the animal was denied and falsely claimed on some processed pet foods. I think we’re on to something here. Still I wish pet owners would stop insisting on feeding pets processed foods.

  4. Martha Glew

    Does anyone know how Urea is measured in dog food?
    How do scientists know that urea has been added to the other protein content?
    Thank you.

  5. Norene Procter

    Do NOT buy anything packaged for your pets & in particular dog food or dog treats. That is how you keep them healthy. I feed mine organic meat and all HUMAN grade. They are never sick. I feed quinoa, egg shells ground up, lightly steamed vegies, cooked chicken in broth, raw burger from great farmers and much more Again NO PACKAGED dog food of any brand! buy HUMAN GRADE foods for your dog. THey wont get sick!

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