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JM Smucker to Purchase Ainsworth Pet Nutrition

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  1. S. Roberts

    Must be nice to have so much damn money that you don’t know what to do with it and you just keeping buying up more and more companies or whatever while most people struggle daily and truly struggle to find a good dog food or treat that will not kill their pets !

  2. Pet Owner

    I thought JM Smucker (Big Heart) were the people who screwed up Gravy Train?

  3. radbola

    So SICK of the mega corp model. Nothing quality or good comes from it. Ever.

  4. Lorraine

    Are they looking for more brands of dog food to add the pentobarbital too? Or maybe this is something to calm down the talk about what was found in the brands of food they already own.

  5. Noreen Nugeness

    This is terrible! It’s at the point where we’re afraid to give our babies anything even a treat. I buy Organic Blue Buffalo Treats and want to know if they are safe. Why are we continuing to buy toys from China still when so many animals died from treats and toys that came from there? What is a Pet Parent supposed to do? We’re supposed to protect our “Family Members” but who’s protecting us from giving them food that could kill them? Doesn’t anybody care besides us. I agree with S. Roberts, it must be nice to have so much damn money that they can keep buying out companies while we struggle and most of all live in fear every time we prepare a meal for our best friends, our fur babies. Unfortunately, it’s all about the money!

  6. Chris

    Ainsworth has their own brands but also does Walmart’s Pure Balance pet food as well. That’s not disclosed so how many other labels made by Ainsworth are there?

  7. Reader

    Too bad RR decided to sell out too. (Yawn). She was actually in a position to do something great with PF if she had truly cared. Kind of like Dick Van Patten (Natural Balance) in the very, very beginning. When he cared about putting his name on a product. Sad, how celebrities see these PF options as just another “investment opportunity!”

  8. Denise

    I guess Rachael Ray doesn’t care about what happens to her pet food. I was told it’s not a good idea to buy pet foods that are advertised on TV anyway, so I don’t. I would rather do the research myself and then decide what is best for my pets, I pick from the list I purchased here and go from there.

  9. T Allen

    Rachel Ray has been garbage feed from the start. Per Dog Food Advisor, her first food got 2.5 stars. It’s taken years but she finally has a 4.5 star food which is still a plant based, pea chow, that is 47% carbohydrates (sugar). The use of whole dried potatoes that are a byproduct of potato processing is of concern in all dog foods because those rejected potatoes are likely high in solanine. I have never seen any research on long term feeding of solanine although short term acute effects are well documented in humans and livestock.

  10. Shannon

    So relieved that I don’t have to worry about this for our fur babies anymore. Raw fed, make all of their treats, so much more healthy for them!!

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