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Got a Question about Walmart’s Ol Roy or Special Kitty Pet Food? Good Luck

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  1. claudette Lauzon

    I purchased special kitty can food from Walmart ,I have 15 rescues who were seen by a vet and very well taken care of and indoors always,the day I gave my cats your food they ALL have bloody diaria,I called Walmart they said call you

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Claudette – I’m sending you a separate email too. But Walmart told you to contact me? Please let me know – Susan

    2. CJ Sarinana

      I purchased a 44 lb. Bag of Special Kitty Outdoor. For 2 adult and 5 kittens they all had the same reaction “BLOODY DIARIA” when i change food they’re all fine withen a day when i try them on Special Kitty again the same thing again the bloody diaria comes back the same day now I’m stuck with. 44 lbs. Of cat food.

  2. Rickie McDonald

    Almost all of my grandma’s cats died eating special kitty they lost alot of weight and got really sick I had no clue she was feeding her cats that but when I found out I made her switch to a better brand and the ones who didn’t die are healthy and happy now and ol Roy is horrible we used to buy it for our dogs they also were dropping dead left and right we used to breed German shepherds we manager to say two out of twelve puppies I don’t think they should be allowed to sell these brands any more

  3. Corey smith

    Did ole Roy Dog Food change color from dark brown to light brown

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