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FDA Warns of Illness and Death in Pets exposed to Topical Pain Meds

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  1. Ellie

    My first guess would be that the owner did not wash their hands after applying the medication and then put their hands on their cats. Another possibility would be if some of the topical got on the furniture or even onto dishes when the owner washed them.
    I have used an over the counter product called Blue Emu on my inflamed knee and have had no issues with my pets although it is not an official non steroidal anti-inflammatory product and I do wash my hands after application. It does, however, help relieve pain much better than I had originally hoped.
    Cats do wash their fur with their tongues so owners do need to take into consideration what they could get on their coats from coming in contact with things around the house.

  2. Jennifer

    Another possibility is that the cat licked off the lotion. Sounds strange but whenever I apply any kind of mint- menthol rub on my sore muscles it’s like my cat can’t resist it and he gets absolutely nuts. He sniffs and tries to lick it. My dog of course does the same thing with any type of lotion so I had to change what I used.

  3. Wil Rutar

    FYI: I have been informed that flurbiprofen is NOT available in Canada.

  4. Beth

    I use Voltaren gel for my arthritic knees and am very aware of the potential dangers to our cats of exposure to topical NSAIDs. I always wash my hands thoroughly after applying the gel and put clothing on to keep the area covered. Thanks for this excellent reminder.

    1. dar

      FYI: Sesame Seeds Superior to Conventional Knee Arthritis Drug Treatments

      by Elizabeth Renter
      … A recent study published in the International Journal of Rheumatic Diseases indicates that something in your kitchen could be superior than even the medicine cabinet if you suffer from knee arthritis. Specifically, you need to reach for the sesame seeds.
      Researchers with Tabriz University of Medical Sciences sought to compare the effectiveness of sesame seeds to the effectiveness of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), a common solution for knee osteoarthritis. They found the seeds to offer benefits without side effects. The same couldn’t be said for the NSAID treatment, though…

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  5. Lisa P

    I use topical estriol/estradiol cream for my bioidentical hormones and am extremely cautious to always wash my hands immediately after applying and to keep the part of my body I applied it to away from my cats. This can even be a bit challenging because I apply it to my thighs and arms and kitties like to sit in my lap. So I always make sure there is a blanket between me and kitty.

  6. Angelis

    The vet has given my dog Meloxicam and Tramadol for early onset Arthritis. (Lily is only 5 yrs old)
    Although the blood work after just the first month was okay, I worry that with only an x-ray to her front legs it may have been a hasty diagnosis.

    1. Ellie

      I know that Meloxicam in humans can cause harm to the stomach because it is quite caustic to the stomach lining. They advise to only give with a full meal for that reason. It is the same with most NAIDs. They are harmful to the stomach lining. I would think the same issue could effect a dog’s stomach. Giving the medication with a good amount of food would probably be wise.

  7. Ginny

    My cat has been taking flurbiprofen eye drops prescribed by the veterinarian for several years for an eye condition. I get it filled at the local pharmacy. It is made by Bausch & Lomb and I instill one drop in each eye once a day. It has been very beneficial, so flurbiprofen in the form of eye drops must be ok. I can see where licking a topical pain cream meant for joint pain could be harmful, but evidently if the flurbiprofen is administered in the proper form and manner, it can also be helpful.

  8. QH

    I’m careful, wash my hands, hurry to cover leg once dry, but my dogs…3 little dogs love the taste. I push them away, but one of my dogs will even lick the sheets where my knee lays after sleeping. I wish some taste deterrent could be added!
    It works so well for pain on my arthritic areas and bones with metal in them!
    Bring careful…..

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