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FDA reclassifies J.M. Smucker Co. Pet Food Withdrawal as a Recall

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  1. Pet Owner

    I would be the last person to defend the FDA. But the statement above is dated 3-2-18 (a Friday). Maybe there wasn’t time before a weekend to create the FDA Recall notice, meaning the one we’re usually emailed. Granted, am sure “big business” is being given a break. But this adulteration is so important, am sure an FDA notice is going to have to be generated.

    The most important sources to be notified are chain, discount & local grocery stores, to get the stuff off their shelves. So how is that information being conveyed to them?

  2. Sharon Bilotta-Testa

    Y’all should think before buying ANY Smuker’s product if even that cheap crap the use as pet food,pretty sure their other line for human consumption is crap also

    1. Debi

      so right, so very right you are !!!!

  3. Mary Lynch

    How is tallow used in dog food?


    Tallow is the rendered fat when dead animals are cooked to high temperatures, and scraped off the top for flavorings in pet food, candles, etc. It is not a healthy by-product.
    I would question the use of rendered horse meat in any rendered animal product that goes in to low quality dog/cat food.

    1. Reader

      Who in the world would want to feed their pet the same version of an ingredient put into cheap bar soap? Good gracious people, buy a can of Hash or canned Chicken Breast meant for human consumption and feed it with a recommended PF on Susan’s list!

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