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FDA Closes Warning Letter to Evangers Pet Food

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  1. Woofielover

    Sean Prichard – EXACTLY my thought! Buyer beware!

  2. Pacific Sun

    It is noteworthy that as promised, TAPF posted the results of the FDA close out investigation.
    Certainly a very strong disclaimer being made by Evanger’s. So now, if it truly is everything they say Evanger’s should be about, and IS … #1 they shouldn’t have any problem returning the Pledge to Quality and Origin. Correct?? Have they been reminded lately that their response is still outstanding? Number #2 have they cleaned up their physical plant yard, as witnesses reported was so (alledgedly) in disrepair? Those would be two details going along way towards repairing their reputation.

  3. Ellie

    I don’t know about the electricity but it would not be the first tine a government agency has made unfounded charges and ruined a business or even private individuals lives.

  4. Lesliek

    While I certainly believe there are instances of unfounded charges defaming a company, I have personal reasons to doubt the integrity of this 1 ! Maybe the charge of not finding the right protein source was false, but how many other charges against them were not ? I have a dead dog and spent over $15,000 on his medical care after IMO eating their food made him sick. When I asked for testing of the food and a refund , I got slandered all over the internet, no answers and unordered food shipped to me. I did eventually almost 2 years later receive a refund which I donated to charity. Use this companies food at your own risk, it was too expensive for me !

  5. Mollie Morrissette

    Talk about tacky timing. Have they no shame? Joel Sher just got busted (as in County jail) for offering $5,000 to a witness in exchange for changing testimony in a case from 2010 where he (and his wife, Holly) are accused of ordering their employees to divert nearly $2 million worth gas and power lines to their Evanger’s plant? Don’t you think if you were facing a Class 1 felony, subornation of perjury, bribery and communicating with a witness, in addition to the original charge of felony theft and money laundering – that you would try to keep a low profile? Tacky, very tacky.

  6. Marie

    Just found out from UC DAVIS today the Evanger’s Grain Free Rabbit contains Chicken Liver. My dog is allergic to Chicken! Thanks Evangers!!

    1. Pacific Sun

      Chicken is NOT listed as an ingredient in either the wet or dry version according to the website.
      How did UC Davis test for it? Through DNA sampling? Because, if I’m not mistaken, Evangers got in trouble once before for mislabeling a dog food formula. It was either an omission or a substitution mistake. This is one of the few things a PF company can actually be charged with! So have you pursued it with the FDA? Don’t stop with the company, they’ll just give you the run around and pretend it didn’t happen.
      When an ingredient is included in a food as undeclared, it can lead to a life threatening condition. At one point, one of my dogs couldn’t eat chicken. The condition is more than simply an “allergy” meaning that some dogs lack an enzyme for metabolizing chicken in any form. The symptoms manifest in extreme runny stools, creating the danger of dehydrating an animal, as well as vomiting. My dog would, within 20 minutes of eating chicken.
      Please pursue this and do NOT let Evangers get away with yet another VIOLATION. This can be serious for other pet owners who don’t have this information!

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