The State of Illinois found 16 pet foods to “fail” random testing in 2013; the pet foods did not test to match the claimed “Guaranteed Analysis” as stated on labels. No product was recalled even though each of these pet foods were mislabeled. So much for a guarantee.

Guarantee: “provide a formal assurance or promise, especially that certain conditions shall be fulfilled relating to a product, service or transaction.”

In 2013 the Illinois Department of Agriculture randomly tested pet foods and animal feeds. The report of this testing, titled “Feed Book” “Illinois Commercial Feed Laboratory Analysis 2013” was a compilation of all the testing performed during 2013.

The Feed Book report for pet foods…

Against the Grain Pulled Chicken w/Gravy Dinner Dogs
Crude Protein Guarantee 10.0 – Found 8.9

(Explanation: Pet food labels contain a section titled Guaranteed Analysis. This information is provided by each manufacturer as a requirement of law. Protein and Fat is stated in the Guaranteed Analysis as a minimum. Using the above pet food as example, the label stated Protein as a minimum of 10%. But Illinois Department of Agriculture found the pet food tested at only 8.9% Protein.)

Black Gold Pet Food Premium Dog Food 26.18 Performance Blend
Crude Fat Guarantee 18.0 – Found 14.7

Canidae Chicken Lamb and Fish in Chicken Broth Can
Crude Protein Guarantee 9.0 – Found 7.6

Cargill River Run Hi-NRG 24-20 Dog Food
Crude Fat Guarantee 20.00 – Found 17.12

Diamond Original Adult Dog
Crude Fat Guarantee 12.0 – Found 9.76

Evangers Low Grain Super Premium Dog Food Whitefish & Sweet Potato
Calcium Guarantee 1.5 – Found 1.94

Joy Pet Foods Professional High Energy Dog Food 24/20
Crude Fat Guarantee 20.0 – Found 17.4

K-Mart Corp / Simmons Pet Foods Inc
Champion Breed Chicken & Beef Dinner for Puppies
Calcium Guarantee 0.28 – Found 0.24

Nature’s Recipe Del Monte/Big Heart
Nature’s Recipe Venison & Rice Homestyle Healthy Skin
Copper Guarantee .000200 – Found .000050

Loyall Active Adult Formula 26.19 Dog Food
Crude Fat Guarantee 19.0 – Found 16.04

Loyall Cat & Kitten Formula 30/15
Magnesium Guarantee .08 – Found .05

River Run Professional Formula 30-20 Dog Food
Crude Fat Guarantee 20.0 – Found 16.94

Precise Holistic Complete Flaked Pork Formula for Cats
Crude Fat Guarantee 4.5 – Found 3.0

Solid Gold High Protein Chicken Recipe Dog Food
Crude Protein Guarantee 10.0 – Found 8.38

Target / Simmons Pet Food
Boots & Barkley Dog Food w/Beef Cuts in Gravy Dog Food
Crude Protein 8.0 – Found 6.09

Variety Pet Food Homestyle Recipes Savannah Crockpot
Crude Fat Guarantee 7.0 – Found 5.5
Crude Protein Guarantee 8.0 – Found 6.2

In my opinion, every single one of these pet foods should have been recalled. At the very least each of these products should have been pulled from store shelves and notification of product pull should have been released to pet food consumers in a press release.

But instead…

  • the products were mislabeled;
  • claims/guarantees made on the pet food label did not match the test results of products;
  • consumers were lied to; and
  • each manufacturer and the Illinois Department of Agriculture did nothing to protect the consumers who purchased these foods.

How can consumers ever trust manufacturers and regulatory authorities if ‘guarantees’ hold no meaning?


Wishing you and your pet(s) the best,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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