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Deadly Chinese Jerky Treats…Again

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  1. Jane Democracy

    This is sickening… How is this still happening?

    1. Anthony Rose

      We have started awhile ago and have noticed a manor improvement in our 2 pets health Those who sell this poison should be held to account along with the FDA. Come on Donald start draining the FDA TRIBUTARY OF THE SWAMP.

  2. Collie Mommy

    Horrible. Walmart-it figures, Cheap is not always worth it.

  3. Barbara Archer

    It is so hard to educate people to stop buying pet food at grocery and discount stores… the cost can be way to heavy in the end. There are many stores to be found that sell good food for dogs and cats, as well as online stores. Wouldn’t it be great if an advertising company would come out with something that would hit the mark and get buyers thinking about how serious this is?!

  4. James P

    We made our own chicken jerky at home in a dehydrator for many years. We never had any problem with our 4 Minature Schnazuers.eating it in moderation. So, it must be the additives/antibiotics/heavy metals in the chicken in China that is being used to create this jerky. Make it yourself!

  5. Mitch

    The Federal Derelict Agency allows Petroleum, Antifreeze, and Rat droppings in our food and beverage, as well as doing nothing about the hundreds of thousands of deaths directly related to properly prescribed “medication”, so to me, it’s absolutely no surprise they couldn’t care less about animals.

    Thanks for everything you do, Susan, but the FDA doesn’t care. At All.

  6. Marin Marra

    What’s the moral of this story? If you see anything made in or is a product of china, leave it on the shelf!! 🐾🐾🐾🐾

    1. Donna Muse

      Even made in the USA can be problematic if other ingredients are sourced from China or other countries that do not care such as vegetable glycerin used in a chicken jerky.

  7. D Lanesky

    Damn China Again. They are a very toxic country.

  8. Kat

    Read the entire label of anything you give your pet. Its only common sense to interest yourself in what you are feeding your pet. And never, ever give them food made in China. They eat dogs in China! So why would you trust them with your pet’s food or treats?

  9. Mary

    Can a class action lawsuit against the FDA for negligence in doing their job worworkk?

  10. Annette holt-wilson

    Exactly,……if what we (United States) pamper/love our four-legged family members and China eat theirs, why should we not be surprised….the pet food industry should have the same standard for inspections as our meat processing companies….if you don’t feed your family food from dumpsters don’t risk your pet’s life to something similar….do your research and trust your better judgement……is not worth losing your pet over….when in doubt, throw it out and…..

  11. Pet Owner

    Stood in line this morning with a lady buying exactly those treats (as pictured). She was right in back of me, and I said, “those treats were just recalled.” Got the deer in the headlights response …like I was crazy. She said ….”oh but not these.” I said “yes, look at the package. It will say made in USA but the chicken comes from China. Made in USA, means “assembled” in USA, not ingredients sourced in USA. Since there was still no recognition on her face, I threw up my hands and said, fine, feed your dog something that will make him sick, I am just so over people questioning “lot numbers” …. “recipes” ….”is it dog or cat food” … “percentages” …. “can I swap the cans out” … .

    These are the kind of people we’re dealing with in public. Never a “thank you, glad you told me, how’d you find out, I’ll look for something else.”

    THIS is why the PFI is absolutely thriving.

    1. Donna Muse

      They just don’t want to go to the trouble of learning because it might mean more work for them-as a former educator and one who makes treats to sell I want to do the same or worse to these people. My own neighbors are leary of 100% chicken and london broil jerky I make in my kitchen. People make no sense to me and I hate it when they are in charge of the care of a creature who is completely dependent on and trusts them literally with their life.

    2. Eve

      I AGREE with you. Even here I read pet owners STILL continue to feed JUNK FOOD . It makes me angry. I’ve been in the vet industry for over 18 yrs and completing my animal holistic nutrition course WAKE up Pet Owners ALL processed pet food is JUNK FOOD. No matter what yes some are better than others but its STILL a risk. So many factors in processed pet foods would take me mass amount of pages to explain but I’m not going to waste my time. I thought on this website pet owners would listen and just feed natural foods OMG. I gave the personal training industry away years ago because I needed a break from vet care and what I learned is some people are just dam right LAZY and will FOOL themselves into believing anything because it;s convenient and some people love their pets on conditions…i’ve had many pet owners bark at me saying, ‘well I’m not feeding my pet raw meat, I don’t want to get my hands dirty, sorry but I love my dog/cat’. NO these people dont’ they like the idea of controlling a pet to suit their own likes and dislikes. I know exactly how you feel.

    3. Tim

      Yes! The vast majority of people don’t pay attention and don’t bother to perform the detailed and depressing research that’s required to understand what’s going into pet feed.

      They’re the enablers of the PFI.

      As long as those consumer dollars keep coming in, this will continue.

  12. Eve

    Unfortunately this will still continue WHY? because pet owners will still keep the habit of thinking its necessary to feed dogs and cats JUNK FOOD. WILD ANIMALS DO NOT EAT JERKY AND DON’T EAT JUNK FOOD. These dam cheap dollar stores sell thousands of these products because some people are ignorant. Make your own safe gluten free treats, its so easy there’s always time to make time. Feed raw chicken necks or mash them and oven bake them till dry overnight and use those as treats. Why are people rewarding their pets to do as they ask with poisonous foods? Can’t always blame the manufacturers YES they are to blame but they certainly DON’T force YOU to BUY THEM!!!!! all processed foods can NEVER REPLACE raw evolutionary diet your pets are no different to wild animals so we must stop treating them like they are.

  13. Peter

    Pet Owner, thanks (sadly) for accurately describing the situation.

  14. Marsha

    Quit buying made in China years ago. Wish everyone would quit buying. Maybe with tariff taxes go up Walmart will quit buying there too.

  15. Gus

    The only chicken served in my home is whole or parts purchased at my reputable butcher shop where I know they cut up the chickens onsite, You do know that chickens are sent to China for processing and returned to the U.S. It makes no sense. Read the labels on chicken parts and try to define “hatched, slaughtered and harvested in the USA.”

    Check the dates of any articles/blogs found online as the USDA agreed to this practice in late 2017.

    1. Pet Owner

      I’m not defending chicken in any way. (Watch the DVD “Food, Inc.”) It’s entirely over processed, and I’ve stood by that comment ever since McDonald’s (and all fast food) put a chicken demand on steroids!

      But define which kind of chicken goes to China, like Tysons, creating all those convenient frozen packages? Or do you think Costco’s organic breasts (which look pretty darn natural to me) also go? Otherwise a lot of people are going to be misled.

      1. Karen Anderson

        You are right, Pet Owner. We have farms here that raised chickens and beef and pork and they are butchered, packaged all locally. We know where they are raised and within 25 miles packaging. We buy chicken feet and chicken backs and give those to the dogs raw. They love the food.

      2. Patti

        Costo is Chinese owned

  16. Wolfie

    I have been feeding my dogs the golden rewards duck jerky and have had no issues. They get 1 a day.

  17. Valerie Ceretto

    My dog just died in 3 days……. he was playing, eating, etc perfectly well. 🙁
    Than in just 3 days there was blood in his bowel movement and he started vomiting, and than his back legs gave on the 3rd day…… vet said his gums were white showing extreme anemia and he was very dehydrated. (he was fine on the second day, drinking water and eating these treats, but not his food…… I had just started giving him these chicken jerky treats from Walmart. Tomorrow I am taking him to a lab to get an autopsy.
    Feel free to contact me if you would like to share some info to hold this company accountable. –Thanks, Valerie C.

    1. Pet Owner

      I am heartbroken for you. And you are so brave to be thinking of others at a time like this. To seek out the Truth About Pet Food. And warn people. I can’t imagine any product that ignorant pet owners are so stuck on (in spite of a warning) they’d need to feed, instead of something else. I wrote the comment above, about standing in line at Walmart Checkout within a week of reading Susan’s article. It was the exact same package as the image provided. And the woman ignored me. Didn’t even want to know more. Thank you for doing something. I wouldn’t want to know (sadly) the numbers of pet owners who join you, but I hope you blow the roof off of Walmart and a sick society of people who produce and promote this stuff. It’s got to stop.

    2. Carrie Shallow

      I too just lost my Chihuahua after feeding her the golden reward treats.what I had to see her go through and the vets couldn’t figure out why.I took just lost mine may 4th.I have found that there are some treats with phorate a pesticide toxin.She just turned 3 on my birthday.I can’t even function,she literally was my life.I don’t even know where to begin justice for her.These aren’t cheap treats either.I am so sad I gave her any. R.I.P Ryaa girl….

  18. Reader

    It’s okay to hate (you can fill in the blank) manufacturers of the so named country. They have no conscience. They never have. And the never will. After 11 years of the same old thing. You can call that statement anything you want. But it’s reality. Sorry.

  19. Sheena Folsom

    I didnt even think that these were deadly. I buy the chicken jerky wrapped around sweet potato. I bought some 5/24/2018 and my dogs love them but my Millie started having really bad diarrhea sat i mean bad and she was doing much better today so thought nothing of giving her a treat well it started again and thats when we made the connection. I just dumped out what we had, ill never buy them again.

  20. hopk228

    Thank you for the information. I have been feeding these treats for a while. My dog has had intermittent bouts of diarreah. I have tried changing her diet, changing her tick and flea treatment, etc… Thanks again for revealing the dangers of product.

  21. Theresa

    Prior to finding out the truth, we gave our Duke these treats, thinking “What a great treat-real meat”! But then we noticed right away Duke was having frequent, terrible, foul smelling gas. It was so obvious that the treats were causing this so we chucked them in the trash. We are so lucky he is still perfectly healthy and no more gas bombs. I’m so sorry for those who did lose their fur-babies.

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