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Day 1 AAFCO Meeting January 2015

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  1. Dianne

    It must be so disheartening to see this stuff first hand. Thank you for taking this on.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I assure you – these meetings are not easy. But…we have to be here. I won’t let them run us off.

  2. Greg

    When the FDA representative asked about the possibility of industry providing financial support for expedited approvals, what may have been meant is instituting a system of user fees for AAFCO industry applicants, similar to what is now standard practice in the pharmaceutical industry. If managed correctly, this is an administrative fee, not a bribe:
    It would be interesting to know if this is what the FDA rep was trying to say.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      It wasn’t FDA asking for financial support – it was an offer of financial support from AAFCO and industry to FDA (again, to obtain faster approvals for ingredients). The FDA said no.

      1. Greg

        My bad, I misinterpreted that sentence. That’s a problem with pronouns.

  3. Suzanne

    Thank you, Susan, for attending & reporting. Your work is valuable, and it means a lot to me the consumer, trying to keep many animals healthy and safe.

  4. Connie

    I know it is wrong of me but I wish they had thrown things at you so it would make the news and you could talk about this on a bigger stage

    1. Dianne

      Sadly, I am pretty sure that it would not make the news.

    2. Gabrielle

      What WOULD have made news was if Sue threw something back. The media would have had a field day tearing that “animal rights fanatic” to shreds.

      Anyway, thank you, Sue. You’re a tough cookie.

      1. Christine

        he’s right. Thanks so much Susan, for always being professional in the face of all of that. It would be so much easier for them to criticize you if you were emotional/inflammatory, etc. We’re lucky to have you there.

  5. Hope Williams

    Bravo to you Susan for stomaching the greed of our industry. Your work and your heart is greatly appreciated!

  6. BeanieJ

    Thank you for all that you are doing for us & furry besties! I wish everyone knew the reality of what’s going on out there. Thank you for spreading the message & fighting the fight!

  7. Shotzi21

    Thank you for your hard work and diligence. My furry pals and I, commend you.

  8. Angela

    Susan, thank you for doing this work. I am inspired by your spirit and determination and will remember it when I am overwhelmed by rescue work. Angela

  9. Alicia

    Thank you Susan for speaking out and sitting in these meetings for the animals who are our family!

  10. Erica

    Susan, it sounds like we are making some progress. Even if it seems small. The cracks in the PFI are becoming bigger and more transparent with every fight. Thank you for pioneering this war in the Truth about Pet Food with the AAFCO, FDA, PFI and every entity in between. Since following your News letter , hmmm must be at least two years now, maybe Three I have learned so incredibly much from you I don’t even know where to begin.

    Take a deep breath, feel the pride and sense of accomplishment of how much you have accomplished thus far since the test results have been released. Embrace the peaceful feeling of Knowing this is among one of the many more good things to come for us pet food consumers and our pets, and finally but not least have a BIG glass of wine to celebrate !


  11. Cheryl

    Thank you Susan for all your hard work! Your dedication to improving pet food, and educating consumers IS making a difference. You are proof that one person can make a difference.

  12. linda


  13. Tracey

    Don’t feel bad about not speaking up in these meetings! They aren’t going to “hear” what you are trying to say and giving the bullies in the group the opportunity to attack you just provides proof to others who might agree with you that they face the same consequences if they speak up. Talking one on one with the top dogs is much more efficient and productive.

    Thank you Susan for all you have done and continue to do!

  14. Debi Cohen

    This whole industry is just so appallingly sad, how will/can we ever stop greed?

  15. Sandy Holt

    Thank you for all of your time & diligence on this.

  16. Peg

    Thank you so very much Susan for representing all of us and our pets.
    I find it minblowing that pet food and biofuel leftovers are being discussed in the same meeting.

    Why is it that all govt and corporate entities think that “we the People” are just a bunch of stupid, do nothing, know nothings?

  17. Jane

    Susan, thanks for all you do on behalf of our pets. I didn’t get a chance to send any questions earlier because I just saw that email. Is it possible for you to ask a question about the whole dehydrating/freeze drying thing a lot of companies are doing? I have tons of questions, but am wondering if safe handling practices should be posted on packages of this stuff when they claim it’s “raw” — haven’t seen anything like that. And, I’m wondering how something dehydrated can be considered to be raw when it has been cooked during the process. I’ve tried to reconstitute dehydrated chicken and it doesn’t work. Is AAFCO and/or FDA looking at these two processes, and will there be new regulations coming out on them?

    Anyway, thanks for all you do and for representing all of us there.

  18. foodguy

    Where do you see your role at these meetings progressing towards Susan? I would hate for this to be another example of an insider industry placating an industry outsider. We have seen that time and time again. What can you do to better influence the decision making process towards achieving real change? (your opinion)

  19. TNReedy

    Thanks Susan.Not many of us would trade places with you in these ‘lion den’ meetings. We do support you, however, in our respective ways. Stay strong!

  20. Karyn


    You are amazing! Way to go! Thanks for supporting our pets!


  21. cherie

    Thank you soooooo much Susan for what you are doing for our beloved animals.

  22. pam

    Thank you for everything you do!

  23. Ellie

    Hard to understand how they can make a simple thing like food so complex. If they just decided to feed real, natural food instead of chemical additives and multiple processing methods. It all comes down to the fact that the pet food industry wants to get rich using waste products that no human would knowingly ingest.

  24. Marsha

    Thank you for sitting there and listening for us. Greed may be spelled as a 5 letter word, but as far as I am
    concerned it is a 4 letter word. They have no idea how much money they could make if the big companies produced a really good human grade dog and cat food.

  25. Sandra

    Thank you, Susan, for attending these meetings and representing consumers in that hostile group. I’m happy, too, that the FDA stood up against yet another garbage – literally- ingredient to pet food. It’s clear that for some in the “industry,” making use of other industries’ garbage is their top priority. I’m all for recycling but not when it’s killing and harming my animals. A secondary concern is expense. I spend hundreds of dollars a month to feed six animals and I’d like to someday be able to know that what I’m buying is healthy, high-quality food/feed. I am curious about the comments that you gave to the FDA. I’m vain enough to hope one of mine was included, although I don’t comment enough for that to be likely. If possible, however, I’d still like to see what others said and what the FDA is now, hopefully, reading. Thanks again for your wonderful work.

  26. Jeanette Owen

    thank you…

  27. Michael Jones

    Greed and profit are the ultimate goals, but the actual tactic is “starve the beast”. The important point was made by the FDA in pointing out they did not have the necessary funding to reply in 180 days thus bringing the proposed help by AAFCO. The tactic here is try and manipulate the FDA for approval by providing funding and if the approval dates are missed the industry can complain to their congressman pointing out they are providing help, but the agency still can’t respond in the agreed upon time. Eventually some congressman will slip in an amendment to the funding for FDA exempting the industry from the time limit if not killing the requirement altogether. Just ask the Post Office. I can imagine how hard it is listen to this garbage unfold and applaud your continuing efforts.

  28. Laura U

    I sent my input on the FDA food safety for animals site and hope it adds to a growing number of other concerned comments. Perhaps I should have also sent some here; I just didn’t think of doing so. If you wish, I could send an e-mail to you outlining the points I addressed.

    Thanks to the FDA for standing its ground re: safety for pets. We CANNOT rely on many pet food manufacturers to care. Money is always more important so there need to be controls. There are a few manufacturers with good practices and those using healthy ingredients but it isn’t the norm.

    Now there are companies (pet food industry) saying they are trying to make “sustainable” foods. Sorry. By products (like organs) from a healthy, grass fed, animal not contaminated by chemicals is one thing….the 4D and other “waste” garbage by products are another. I do hope no one is “buying” the sustainable argument because intentions are not to save earth and all of us. They are to make more money by using garbage in pet foods.

    Thank you. Susan, so much for being on the front lines AND for continuing to make this information more public and available. My health doesn’t really allow me to do so much these days and I deeply appreciate those of you who are there to make a stand on such an important issue to pet owners. Very little is more important than a healthy diet. I have been involved in similar situations and I know how complex, heated and shocking it can be. (One of my “missions” in our city was to allow Rabies vaccines to be given every three years instead of every year. Should have been simple given the science behind it….it was not of course.) People have to ban together in a unified group to demand accountability, transparency and safety in our pet foods. Nothing else will work. Without consumers the companies won’t make money. So…if foods are not wholesome, people need to “vote with their feet”….walk away.

    Thanks again
    Laura Uran

  29. Jane Eagle

    Susan this awful, tedious work you are doing has already saved thousands of pets.
    Sometimes we forget what a life-and death issue this is; then a friend sends me a link to a site about animals dying from foods not even recalled.

    Your work is saving more pets than any rescue I know of.

    I cannot thank you enough.

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