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Darwin’s Dog Food Recall

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  1. Pet Owner

    Very forthright of Dawins in their notification. I noticed it’s not one of the preferred PFs.

    I feed raw. Occasionally. In terms of a rotation diet. But I think the frequent recalls (including raw lately) is a cautionary tale. Meaning feeding raw shouldn’t be an “all or nothing” mantra or “this is the only answer to non-raw PF” approach. The reason recall incidents are lower, is because the volume sold is lower, and manufacturers are fewer. But nothing is perfect.

    When I feed raw, it’s human grade, inspected and approved. The frozen patties I lightly bake for ten minutes to serving and my dog really enjoys it that way!

    1. Unsan

      So you’re not feeding raw. Lol

  2. Vicky Crawford

    This was well handled by Darwin. I purchase the “kidney diet” for my dog with renal issues and got an email from the president of the company even though I did not purchase any of the recalled food. Darwin may have some issues (leaky packages etc) but their kidney diet is excellent and I really like their phage tech.

  3. Sharon Bilotta-Testa

    Love Darwins No deceptions awesome customer service and ALWAYS inform consumers who bought their product immediately NO one is perfect..BUT Darwin’s is pretty close to perfection!

  4. JR

    Too many recalls for Pet products….time to stop buying and make our own. We cook for ourselves just add some extra.

  5. Dan

    Susan, you have made statements like this many times “For reasons that are somewhat difficult to fathom, this is actually a stricter standard than the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) sets for human food.” Maybe this will help you to understand the regulations as you are comparing 2 different things. The regulation is not stricter than for human food. Raw meat for human consumption is not a ready to eat product (RTE). A kill step is required because raw meat does have pathogenic bacteria. Cooking is the kill step that makes it safe to consume humans. There are safe handling instructions on raw meat for human consumption. Raw pet food is a ready to eat product for pets. That is why there is zero tolerance for pathogenic bacteria. It needs to be pathogen free so that immuno-compromised pets and humans don’t get sick from the contaminated meat. And by the way, kibble pet foods also have zero tolerance for pathogenic bacteria. That is why they are safer that raw pet foods. DS

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I disagree that kibble is safer. Per tonnage of pet food recalled – which would relate to number of consumers exposed – kibble pet foods have dramatically higher tonnage recalled for bacteria than raw.

  6. Fran

    My dog died almost 2 years ago from their food. He had cancer, doing well until I feed him their food for liver cancer. Took him right out!!! They fought and deny it all! It finally caught up with them! Bad company, shouldn’t be in the raw food business and selling raw food for sick dogs. Heartbreaking! They were warn and didn’t care, greed! A lot of bad write ups with Darwin, they try to have it blocked on certain websites, people were trying to tell other people what happen to their dogs. So very sad and heartbreaking a lot of dogs suffered or died. They have more people doing damage control for them instead of being concerned & focusing on the raw dog/cat food they are selling! Stay very far away from this company!

  7. d

    Question related to this recall. “FoodSafetyNews” says there were 6 illnesses related to the recall. One of those illnesses was the death of a kitten. But the recalled product was DOG food…So is the kitten death related to the recall, and if so, then how?

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