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Columbia River Natural Pet Foods Inc. Recalls Cow Pie Fresh Frozen Meats for Dogs and Cats

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  1. Jake

    Cow Pie?? Really, that’s the name of the product? And, people actually buy it? That’s just embarrassing…would you like to buy some cow dung in a 2 lb chub? lol!

    1. Opie Catt

      My thoughts too…. yucky name! Bet there are few buyers in Texas.

  2. Maria

    Please correct me if I. Wrong BUT a processed date of August 2017 would be over a year ago and they are telling us NOW. If it is truly fresh that product shouldn’t be around for our pets to eat.
    Sounds odd to me…

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Sounds like FDA’s bad attitude to me. 🙂

    2. Opie Catt


  3. Pacific Sun

    It took a YEAR and a HALF to catch up with this!!!!

    This is what gives raw pet food a bad name. Stupid.

  4. paponypal

    I think big dog FEED companies are doing anything and everything, to put real dog FOOD companies out of business. For all we know, they could have kept that food for a year improperly causing bacterial growth. I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist but I don’t trust any company or government who put money above all else.

    1. Pet Owner

      That’s exactly the problem with the present times. Instead of having a conversation based on facts, when we don’t accept things as they are, conspiracy theory (and suspicion) serves personal agendas. It’s a divisive process and counter-productive to correcting problems.

      First question, if the food was held improperly for a year, what’s the point. To push one obscure raw food company out of business at a time? Not very practical for the cost of running a governmental agency. Or maybe they hold these jobs for the kickbacks received by favoring one company over another. Not exactly a sure means of security, since relationships do change.

      Next question, Is there no value to surfacing a problem (even well after the fact) permitting an owner or vet to understand why a pet, eating a consistent brand, got very sick for an unexplained reason. Sorry, but no company is perfect. However based on quick-sand rationale, agencies only exist to allow manufacturing to do as they wish.

      So how deep into the rabbit hole do we need to go. We can discount everything because it’s just easier. Or balance reality with measured skepticism. Taking today’s news in general (just as an example) would suggest taking the beginning steps of looking at both sides of the equation. For a change.

      1. Pet owner who cares

        Our pets lives are at stake so that is the MOST Important part of the equation!
        The devastation of losing a pet to Corporations greed & FDA apathy is Unacceptable!

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I second your comment. Greed and FDA’s inability to enforce federal law is sickening – and unacceptable.

      2. Pet Owner

        To clarify (because I don’t like being misunderstood) I am not defending the FDA. But talking about their bias, being self-serving or not trusting them, just wastes our time and interferes with the need for answers to these questions:

        • What is a safe shelf life for frozen PF
        • Did the company test the recalled batches
        • How do the test results compare
        • How useful is testing a product 18 months later
        • Was testing random or targeted
        • Was it related to the supplier of the protein

        Listeria is a serious contamination, including how it can spread. However flawed is the FDA, doesn’t negate the need for continuous safety and accountability. Spot, random, arbitrary testing of any product at any time could be the only leverage “oversight” has on a company. (True) testing should apply to all forms of products. And while I use it, when contaminated, raw food is a quicker path to illness.

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