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Blue Ridge Beef Voluntarily Recalls BRB Complete Raw Pet Food

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  1. chuck linker

    thank you again Susan.

    Too bad those that greedy people that can prevent these never ending recalls do not care about anything other that lining thier pockets with own gross revenues,

    6 months ago I began making batches of human grade food for my 2 rescued boxers,Great recipe from Connie Dinatele DVM- the only holistic DVM here in Orlando. Ii has worked wonders, espeecially for my female after cancer surgery. Removal of thyroid & spleen.
    The human grade diet is NOT RAW All ingredients boiled- Many choices for protein, grain, veggies, etc.

    Encourage your readers to get special Nationwide credit card for vet services only. Never an interest charge with any balance due.


    BOXERADVERTISING@AOL.COM (not a company)
    Altamonte 32714

  2. Dianne & Pets

    Boy, the FDA really is working hard to suppress the raw pet food industry. Are they even testing kibble at all anymore? They are just pushing me closer and closer to turning my back on the whole industry and cooking my own.

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