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Another Jerky Update, No Answers

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  1. Carol Lobmeier

    I just don’t understand WHY anyone would buy these treats to begin with? After all that’s been published about this problem, who in their right mind would continue to buy or start buying them again? It just makes no sense to me. These manufactures can be trusted? Not in my book.

    1. Regina

      Carol, some people actually do not follow what’s going on. When their jerky treats were pulled off the shelves, they noticed they were gone, but they didn’t rush to the internet to see if there was anything going on. Some people seem to live in their own little world and don’t follow what’s going on out there that they think doesn’t affect them. Of course, not paying attention to much means you do miss quite a bit that does affect you!

      I had a conversation with someone in a store who was looking for a particular jerky that he “hadn’t been able to find” for a while. I told him that there were a number of jerky treats that were pulled from the shelves that were made in China that were found to be sickening pets. I told him the safest thing would be to stick with jerky made in the USA. Damned if I didn’t see him take home jerky from China. I wonder if he didn’t just assume that all jerky from China was removed, never to return, or he just didn’t absorb what I told him.
      I pity so many pets out there who are being fed crap by people who never look at the back of the package.

  2. Peter

    It’s amazing that the FDA can continue to assert that it is devoting adequate resources (or competence, frankly) to this issue, when, as you note, they have notified US companies, hey, the products you are importing are/may be “adulterated,” yet, they are not stopping the sale of those products in the US. And while they are not doing what they can… they ask pet parents, hey, if your dog or cat dies… please send us the body so we can try and figure out why. It’s truly horrific, that the public continues to invest trust in the FDA with respect to pet food manufacture.

  3. Gitta

    I don’t blame just the FDA. What about the AVMA? They can warn us not to feed table scraps and raw food. Why can’t they warn of these treats? What about individual vets who warn us that home cooked diets are dangerous. Why can’t they warn us? Where are the clinic posters and flyers to give to clients?

    Yes, it is hard to understand that after 7 years enough people keep buying these treats in order for companies to keep them on store shelves.

    I think this is a very complex problem. Health illiteracy is a big issue. People not understanding basic instructions their doctors give them. Students failing to read at grade level, students dropping out of school in large numbers. People believing that if it is on a store shelf, it is safe (also applies to human vitamins and supplements. I don’t think you can have a declining school system without reaping the consequences in large numbers at some point. I think we are at this point.

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