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A Comparison: FDA Response to Pet Illness and Death linked to Kibble and Raw Pet Food

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  1. Hope

    I’m of the opinion that Big Pet Feed, who are probably highly involved in FDA pet food/makers regulation, find that the growing raw pet food component of the pet food industry is a significant threat to their future crap food viability. Why? Because they’ve determined that premium quality raw pet foods are too high a cost to manufacture with low margins–bot to mention low quality raw pet foods aren’t viable– so it’s less costly to put the quality raw pet food manufacturers out of business via their FDA involvement. I’m an advocate of quality controls and regulation on all pet food companies BUT an advocate of making ALL pet food/feed manufacturers comply with those controls/regulations across the board.

  2. d

    Did they ever find out why Weruva’s canned food (I think it was BFF in Australia, but still…) killed multiple pets? I keep looking but have yet to find an answer on that one, either.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I am not aware if they did or did not. Sorry.

      1. d

        No worries, I just find it suspicious that they never published that, either. Sure, it’s not the FDA, but it’s a US company… we should be concerned about this issue too. 🙁

  3. Cannoliamo

    I would like to share a comparison about how the FDA and Pet Food Industry concern can sometimes outweigh the Veterinarian concern for the death of a pet. Yesterday, we heard about how there is a multi-million dollar lawsuit against Big Heart Brands dog food for having pentobarbital contamination. Fortunately (in some regards) I have 6 cats.

    Last year, one of my cats (10-year old “Tammy”) was having noisy breathing and I took her to the vet. The diagnosis was “asthma” (which I questioned since I had her from the time she was 6 weeks old and never had any prior indication of asthma). The vet took a 3-view radiograph and confirmed it was asthma and prescribed prednisolone. For the next 3 days I had to watch as Tammy slowly suffocated (the vet said to maintain the treatment) and after three days I couldn’t stand watching her suffer and I took her to the emergency clinic and was told she had to be put down since there was no response in the oxygen tent. They said their was a great deal of fluid in her lungs when she died.

    To shorten the story, after necropsy and expert radiology and pathology consultations at Cornell, the cause of death was ruled as pulmonary edema resulting from congestive heart failure and she should have been on Lasix (Furosemide) to relieve the congestion. The veterinary diagnosis of asthma was wrong … there was no sign of asthma.

    After speaking with numerous agencies and lawyers, I found out that, because pets are “personal property” and not “companion animals,” the maximum liability of the vet and the maximum I could possibly recover from a civil lawsuit was the replacement cost of my adopted cat. I could file a Veterinary Licensing Board complaint if I chose to.

    In my opinion, $50 is no where close to the pain and suffering of both Tammy and myself (including 5 months of grief and anger). I would say $50,000 is closer to the damages we both suffered. In some ways, pet food manufacturers are much more liable for the quality of their products than veterinarians are for the quality of their services. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

    1. Cheryl Bond

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your beloved fur-baby! 🙏

      This is MADDENING beyond belief! These classification law’s are such B.S.! & they MUST CHANGE! They NEVER should have been as they are, & they certainly are way outdated!

      I hope you will persue action with your state legislator’s & help get petitions to help them take notice & get the law changed. This needs to happen in EVERY state!

      I’d like to know, with all the money the Humane Society rakes in year after year, why isn’t this type of legislation hadn’t been proposed & urgently campaigned for? That’s what they “do”, legislation, so, what’s up with that?!

      It’s painful enough to lose a furry family member due to complete incompetence! Let alone then treated as an “it” in the court of law! It makes the heartbreak 10,000 X’s worse!

      I hope you dilegently expose this Incompetent Vet far & wide on social media! If they couldn’t diagnose this basic diaease your cat was suffering from, then they’re not worth ANYONES business!

      Lastly, had your cat had any recent vaccinations? I’m not sure how much you know about that topic, but the more & more I educate myself on it, the more really bad things I uncover. Don’t rely on ANY vet to know the truth, or even tell you the truth, because it’s most of their “Cash cow”& they’ll never go against their hierchy any way!
      Some, (like a couple vet’s I use) know the truth, & quiety will tell you the truth, but not most, because of liability.

      Again, I’m very sorry for your sad loss.

      1. Cannoliamo

        Thank you for sharing your compassion. We’re all doing well, but I teared-up when I was recalling this experience. I doubt I will ever be fully healed from this trauma, but thank you.

  4. soozyb2013

    The pet feed industry is like that of big pharma, almost exactly. Pets and people are dying or getting seriously ill from bad food/feed and medications that for the most part are only a band-aid. I could go on and on but it seems that money will be the ruler here and always be money. Both FDA and the AFFCO big wigs, and big pharma can only see dollars lost if things change. It sickens me that our pets continue to get sick from “food” we as consumers are buying thinking it is a good brand and won’t hurt our pets. We are trusting these so called caring companies to be honest with us and in turn we buy their products. Our pets get sick and some die and no body from the big companies care enough to be honest. It’s all about the big dollar. Same with big pharma, there are cures for some diseases out there, but the amount of money that would be lost makes them keep these behind closed doors and not willing to keep researching. Makes me sick. We have to be the scientists and research these products or even better than that, start making your own food. Real food. Rant over, things just seem to be getting worse not better.

  5. Eve

    CAN ANY ONE HERE advise me are the Beneful products here in Australia the exported same food from USA?? How would I find tbis out please. ☺

    1. Amy

      Why would you even risk feeding it?

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