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What ‘They’ are saying about Us

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  1. CK

    Thanks to you, Susan, I learned “The Truth about Pet Food,” found Honest Kitchen and switched from Science Diet (which isn’t the worst but certainly not the best) and never looked back. My pets are shiny and healthy. I think even my lab who has severe dysplasia is doing better than he would have if I had not switched. I appreciate you so much!

    1. Keller

      I agree with CK completely. It was you who educated me more than any other person or website. It was your list that introduced me to Honest Kitchen and made me switch from Fromm and I’ve never looked back. When people come to me for info on dog food, I give them as much reading info as I can and then rave about how wonderful Honest Kitchen is and how great it is for a dog’s health and well being, as well as encouraging them to learn more from your website.

      We lost our three long-time companions and have had our daughter’s sato dog from Puerto Rico for a year. She LOVES Honest Kitchen Preference, where we add the meat or poultry or fish ourselves. It’s expensive and includes a bit of work, but to see this girl thrive is worth it. I, too, appreciate you so much and am so glad that I stumbled onto your website.

  2. soozyb2013

    Its a game alright, one that none of our pets actually win. I think it’s shameful that the big companies have to hide behind closed doors, proof right there that they are hiding stuff!!! Duh, what do they think we are, stupid?!?! Thanks Susan for all you do, keep up the great work.

  3. joan johnston


  4. Darcy Flynn

    Of course Susan is the best advocate for our pets and their food. No doubt. I was just made aware of Planet Paws and Rodney Habib. There is a simple, very easy recipe for dog food we can make at home, no big deal, no great expense, and hits all the daily requirements. I wish the average person realized how easy it is to make your own good food since the disreputable dog food companies refuse to change. I’ve tried different vet’s recipes that are out there in print and they offer lots of choices, but lots of supplements as well and not easy for a working mom to manage. Susan, if you have a minute I’d love your input???? Rodney seems to have done his homework.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Rodney is WONDERFUL. I just wrote about his website (he used to be solely on Facebook).

  5. Debi

    I love the last paragraph in this article, I so hope that we all make our dog’s foods or find a food that is not CRAP, I stand with Susan. Right PFI, try to “figure us out”, and good luck with all of your CRAP that is, no doubt, killing or harming dogs and cats daily, please eat it yourselves.

    1. Keller

      “Please eat it yourself…” I love it! What’s bad for the dog is good for the robber baron!

  6. Anthony Hepton.

    To just who do they think they are selling their products? If they do not want their customers to be in on their discussions, they will create doubt on every level. An honest manufacturer usually looks for input from their customers so they can increase sales by meeting customers expectation, but not the pet food industry, their strategy is finding out how to deceive their customers with slick advertising and inferior ingredients. If the ingredients include ANY products of rendering, walk way from the product, it is adulterated and being sold in violation of FDA’s own regulations.

  7. Sharon

    It’s going on 25 years thst we’ve not fed anything out of a bag or a can to my dogs! I will continue to send people to the Truth About Pet Food to become educated on what they are feeding… and many thanks to you Susan for being the champion in the for all of us.

  8. Terri Christenson Janson

    Susan you have also taught me the truth about pet food. I’ve belonged to your site for several years now and I also love Rodney Habib as well. I have homecooked for around 5 years now. Love that “they” are watching us!! 🙂

  9. Kevin Murphy

    Can you post some recipes

  10. Kevin Murphy

    I have a site on messenger called PET LOVERS we are not very big but we love our pets! We would love to talk with all of you. We need to know what you know

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