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Report of Nails in Merrick Dog Food

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  1. Diane Rise

    I had two similar experiences with Merrick dog food a few years ago. Their food had just been introduced into the Seattle area. They were still a small mom and pop company. The first incident involved finding a piece of wire in a can of one the poultry varieties. It was about the size of a paper clip that had been partly straightened. I took pictures and emailed them to the company. I received a response from Tyler Merrick, the son part of the father/son company. He apologized, said they were working on their quality control and were expanding and putting in new equipment. They sent me a case of canned food. Not long after that I noticed that the cans often contained a majority of large chunks of chicken fat, a lot of gravy and little actual pieces of meat. I took pictures and sent them in…don’t remember a response, but after that I would shake the cans before purchasing them. If they sounded “sloppy” I wouldn’t buy them. The final straw was finding a metal clip with a lot of writing on it. Took pictures, sent them to the company and received another response from Tyler, this time asking to speak with me by phone. So I called him and he explained that they had gotten chickens that had clips on each one showing they were kosher, and they were not removed before processing. We spoke again about quality control. When he offered to send another case of food, I told him I didn’t want the food, I just wanted the QC problem taken care of and to donate the food to a shelter. He assured me that they were already supporting a local shelter. So, I’m concerned that there are still problems with their food. I’ll be interested to hear any further developments, but it’s obvious these are not isolated experiences. How many more incidents have gone unreported? I also suggest any further incidents be sent directly to Tyler Merrick and bypass customer service….at least he can’t say he hadn’t heard of any other problems. Diane Rise

  2. Jim

    I found chicken bones in two different cans of Merrick Grain Free Dog Food, two varieties purchased at two locations six months apart. These folks have serious issues with quality and safety: beware!

    1. Anthony Rowley

      Thanks Jim! That was a lot of help.

  3. Mary

    I would suggest that someone get a media outlet to cover this……maybe a national media outlet. It is time to be an activist in EVERY single incident of this nature when a pet food retailer and pet food manufacturer are not 100% responsible to the customer. There are many pet food companies that people can hooks from and if people became aware of these issues on a broad scale they would stop feeding this garbage.
    Obviously, someone at the pet food company is purposely dumping this stuff into the food. Also, it is obvious that these companies do not utilize high powered magnets to attract this metal garbage at some stage of the process where these metal items could be easily drawn from the food.


    I would also like to suggest that if or when you suspect that your animal may have swallowed something metal you immediately take them to the vet for an X-ray. A sharp metal item like these brads can easily puncture a bowel. Would you rather spend the money on an X-ray and KNOW or possibly spend thousands treating a bowel puncture, or even worse yet have your dog die from peritonitis due to bowel contents seeping through the areas damaged by the nail.

    You can also cook a large batch of oatmeal and have your dog eat it immediately. The oatmeal is mucous and can help to surround any metal object that may be in the GI tract. Often vets will take a wait and see approach, so anything you can do to help cover the nail in bulky residue in the gut would be very, very helpful.

  4. Debi

    NEVER feed Merrick products; they are horrible. Merrick owns their own rendering plants and all that toxic sludge goes into their products. Diseased, already dead, euthanized animals, road kill…anything goes at those places. There’s lots of info online for you to verify this. Tell others to save their animals’ health and lives. Another greedy, stinking human only interested in $$$$.

  5. Anne

    Debi, if that were true, Merrick would have to list “meat and bone meal”, or “animal by-products” on their ingredients list.
    Last time I checked, Merrick dog food had no such ingredients listed.

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