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Raw Basics, LLC. Recalls Tucker’s 5lb Pork-Bison Box because of possible Salmonella Health Risk

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  1. Diane

    What is going on with raw food? If this product is tested bf going out, how can the Dept of Agriculture test positive? Perhaps the Dept of Agriculture does not keep the raw food in a sterile environment under correct temperature.

  2. paponypal

    it seems as of late that many raw feeds are being recalled. I wonder if it is an attempt from the pet food giants to prove how risky raw is? hoping more pet owners feed their crap! So glad I make my own pet FOOD. And sad so many owners are fooled by ads.

    1. lisasouthernblog

      I totally agree that’s what’s happening. I think USDA wants to protect the pet food giants by going after raw food manufacturers.

  3. Sharon Bilotta-Testa

    AND this makes #8 in 12 days of raw pet food recall! If all these recalls don’t scare consumers away then it could be a good reason it won’t All you can do is slightly cook it 1-2 minutes and I believe it will destroy all bacteria it may have at least they notify us consumers asap and guarantee a full refund

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