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  1. Jill R

    Read WWF’s article. Wow! Unbelievable ignorance. I have to agree that seeing most women now with 5 kids surrounding their grocery carts and hearing constantly, “oh, we’re hoping for at least 4 kids” shows how concerned our population is with over-population. Give a family like the Dugger’s a TV show glorifying their unsustainable behavior and in a nutshell you get a glimpse of our societies intelligence level. Ugh!!!

    1. Amee Rech

      YES! Incredible! Thank you, Jill.

  2. Casey

    So…they’d rather it go into our pets than landfills? Yeah, thanks, but no thanks.

  3. Garson Hunter

    My dogs eat human-grade food. More accurately, they eat human-grade food waste products. What they eat has been produced for human consumption and not for dogs.
    Their diet consists of chicken carcusses which remain after the birds have been processed for humans (I remove the excess skin before they eat it). The dogs eat chicken necks and turkey necks because people are not eating them. The dogs eat ground turkey carcusses, what remains after all the human food processing has occurred.
    The dogs also eat bovine meat; the heart, tongue, bits of liver and neck meat that is left behind after the cows have been processed for human consumption. They eat green tripe which is not permitted for human consumption. They eat previously frozen (to kill any parasites) salmon bits once per week. It’s the bits and pieces that remain after the fish have been processed for human consumption.
    Yes, my dogs eat human-grade ingredients. However nothing they eat was ever raised for dog food. It’s what humans throw away.

    1. Regina

      Excellent diet for your dogs, Garson. Unfortunately, most people think “by-products” just entails the items you feed your dogs. They have NO idea what actually comprises the “by-products” that go into pet foods. So much education left to do

  4. Batzion

    Susan, the Animal Liberation Front (Yes, I know it’s radical.) has nothing good to say about the WWF:

    Also, I have (or thought I had) a document regarding Prince Philip’s shenanigans with the WWF but can’t find it. Maybe this video will help:

    The New World Order elites will do everything in their power to crush us and our pets, and if we don’t fight back, that’s exactly what will happen.

    1. Dianne

      I read the story at the first link and I wonder if instead of protesting to the WWF about its true goals, if a better use of time would be to petition governments to no longer give them whatever you call the status they have. They should not be allowed to guide governments on animal policies.

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