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Pro-Pet LLC Recalls a Limited Number of Dry Dog and Cat Foods Due to Possible Salmonella Contamination

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    1. Erica

      My cat’s and a friends dog have recently got the “the pudding stools” after eating Wellness Core. I wonder if that food comes out of this same plant? Any one know? Has any one had issues with Wellness Core?


      1. Christine

        I’m nearly certain that it doesn’t. Not related to Old Mother Hubbard/Wellness company

      2. Deniese

        I believe Wellness is made by a 3rd manufacture because you can tell that on the back of the dog or cat food it will say Distributed for or Manufactured for and then say another name other than the brand of the dog and cat food. So 3rd manufactures may make several different brands and that could cause contaminants in your Wellness food that your pet is picking up from and causing the soft stool. Or it could be that the food is not precisely balanced and has too little fiber causing the soft pudding stool as well.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          Wellness has their own kibble manufacturing plant but I’m not sure if all of their foods are made solely at their own plant.

  1. Margie Kalligher

    When are people going to realize this dog food is nothing but rotten meat scraps, road kill and euthanized animals. Some ingredients come from China and the government allows that ,without posting that it comes from China. Please ! Please ! Do your homework on what you are feeding your animals. Raw diet is the very best.

    1. t.m.

      Raw? like RECENT roadkill???? come on now……

    2. Jeri

      You are right, Margie. And for those uninitiated in “raw feeding”, it is not “road kill” — unless, of course, you consider what you eat to be “road kill” as well. As for one more kibble being recalled for salmonella, color me completely unsurprised. Of course, according to the AVMA, it’s RAW that’s the problem….

    3. Herb Neu

      I completely agree. There are excellent raw food recipes for dogs and cats available online. I’ve also found that raw food such as organ meat, cost far less than commercial or so-called “holistic” dog foods. Also, kibble, including the high priced brands, is mostly starch which is why kibble is crunchy. All the vitamins in these foods are synthetic and don’t necessarily benefit the animal, but helps comply with AAFCO standards, which are mostly a joke.

    4. dave

      Agreed Raw is the best but there are still a few companies out there that don’t feed garbage. Merrick and Champion are the best imo.

  2. kate

    REPLY TO ERICA: What makes you think the wellness core food for cats/dogs comes from the same factory?

    Please email:

  3. Christine

    Holy crap the ingredient list is a doozy on the HL dog food!

  4. Susan Thixton Author

    Pro Pet has three of their own manufacturing facilities…
    St. Marys, Ohio
    1400 McKinley Road
    St. Marys, Ohio 45885

    Kansas City, Kansas
    6833 Griffin Road
    Kansas City, Kansas 66111

    Owatonna, Minnesota
    800 24th Avenue
    Owatonna, Minnesota 55060

  5. donna morin

    is blue buffalo dry cat food ok. and smart blend can purina for one year old cat

    1. Brian Hill

      Yes Blue buffalo is one of the best on market and not connected to this crap company , you get what you pay for

      1. kate

        Absolutely Not good either one Brian. But, if that’s best then I would use Blue. Join Petsumers so you can see the anti nutrient list for each manufacturer.

      2. Deniese

        Do you know where Blue Buffalo comes from? It don’t say Manufactured by or Distributed for or Manufactured for on the back of its food. It just says made in the USA. So for all I know Blue Buffalo could be made and packaged by a third manufacturer which would make Blue susceptible to contaminants down the road. Most dog and cat food if it is made in its own facilities will have manufacture by and the name that you see on the dog or cat food. So Beware!

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          Blue Buffalo is building their own plant – but it is not completed yet. They told me they use “several copackers” – in other words several manufacturers make Blue Buffalo foods.

      3. dave

        You cant be serious Brian, BB will kill your animals. If not sooner it will later.

  6. Chgo Denise

    With an expiration date only 3 months away, it’s probably been on store shelves for a long time already

  7. Barbara

    Call Wellness. At one time I was thinking of using Wellness Core. I asked about the taurine and they said it comes from China. I told them they just lost a customer. I believe the vitamin packs are sourced from China. I feed raw to 2 of my dogs and cook for the other.

    1. kate

      I talked with Simmons who owns the largest private label including manufacturing of all Wellness products TODAY. Yes they source to supplements in their cat food from China. The Wellness wet cat food Core is GF but also has carrageen a no for pets.

    2. Debbie

      I was feeding my cat Wellness but all of sudden she kept throwing it up. So, I started Halo n it worked for awhile but now she’s doing it again. All she is able to eat now is Merrick n not so sure if its healthy.

      1. dave

        Merrick is very good. all usa made ingredients and never been recalled. make sure you feed canned food with dry. feeding dry exclusively will harm your cats. better yet just feed canned if you are able to.

  8. Erica

    I’m returning the bag of Wellness Core today. I am gradually switching the cat’s over to raw, but unlike my dog it has been extremely challenging to get them to eat it. I will pick up a small bag of food to mix with the raw to entice them to eat it, Does any one know anything about PureVita, Orijen or Acana?
    Recalls? Sourced from china? made at the Diamond plant ? etc? Any info would be greatly appreciated.

    thank you for all your comments thus far and enlightening me on Wellness Core.

    Be Well,

    1. dave

      Orijen and Acana are both made by champion foods in Canada.All locally sourced and never been recalled. Very Very high quality food.

  9. Terri Janson

    I always thought Wellness was a great food…geez

    I hope Nutri Sourse is. It is made by Tuffy.

  10. D Roberts

    Acana and Origen are the BEST foods to feed canines and felines HANDS DOWN. Blue Buffalo (DIAMOND FOODS) Has THE, BY FAR, worst recall history of all pet food manufacturers!

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