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Is it an FDA Lie or FDA Neglect?

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  1. Patricia McKenna

    I have fed my dogs raw dog food for years and in the last year started my cats on a raw/canned food mix. I have never had a problem with salmonella. My dogs and cats have healthier weights and rarely have to go to the vet. I give my dogs raw soup bones which they bury in the yard and then six months later dig them up and start gnawing on them again. They seem to have a digestive system which protects them from any bacteria on the bones.

  2. Carolyn

    I’m very disappointed… gee I wonder whose pockets are being filled.

  3. Andrea

    Is this really surprising? We all know the FDA has been in bed with the pet food industry for years!

  4. Marsha

    What a SCAM!!!!!!! Who do they think they are kidding?

  5. Steph

    Susan, have you already inquired with them as to why they did not issue recalls for those that supposedly tested positive?I’m assuming we could request which brands they were, as well? If not, I am happy to contact them. Thank you for all you do.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      No – to be honest I was too furious and as well, didn’t think they would tell me any truth. But I will ask.

      1. Hope

        But, Susan, the FDA’s lack of response or denial of your request would read so loudly. Please give it a try with a timeframe for they’re response.
        I personally think they’re setting themselves up for a big fall and, with your assistance, their phony integrity just might be outed sooner than later to the public.

        The majority of the conventional veterinarian community in our geographical area readily oppose raw no matter what. Many of their clients lie to them so they don’t get “yelled at” by their vets! What is wrong with this picture??????

        If you count in the Natura Pet Foods massive total recall of ALL–I said ALL–of their bags of EVO, CA Natural, Innova, etc for both dogs and cats in May/June of this year across the total USA I’d say there is a power play running rampant in the FDA. And the power is the conglomerates!

        Power to the people and their pets ONLY!

        1. Regina

          I also think the big conglomerates are behind this. I can think of no other logical reason for this announcement from the FDA.

      2. Michael Jones

        Susan-are you aware of any congressman or congressional staff on your email list. Sounds like the study was contracted to a pet food contractor. Your questions are excellent and should be responded to.

  6. Ron

    I am a hard core raw feeder so I always keep up on my research.
    This year to date there has been
    4 – recalls on meat (real meat that I would feed my pets)
    20 – recalls on pet food an treats (that I wouldn’t feed my pets)

  7. Gitta

    My feathers went up too when I saw that “study” earlier.
    Not just kibble. What about all the other commercially prepared = cooked treats and supplements that are either recalled or just appearing from store shelves?

    Since raw food is so dangerous – why is it legal for supermarkets and other places to sell it for human consumption? Shouldn’t raw foods be banned for sale for human consumption?

    It is hard to shred the last bit of trust of confidence – yet not impossible.

  8. Judy

    This just pi$$-$ me off!!
    Of course they will find some bacteria in raw food! A healthy animal and even people are able to handle a few germs! Raw is raw, and the bacteria go with it. Healthy dogs and cats don’t get sick from it. A butcher shop is full of bacteria! Big deal. They don’t even test for it because we are supposed to cook our food. I am probably immune to all of the germs because I’ve been raw, in part for over 40 years. My kids were raised around it and I never take more than ordinary measures to clean the counters. Nobody has gotten sick.

  9. Edy

    welcome to the wonderful world of raw food where there are no re calls and our pets are thriving , our vets are getting poor

  10. Mary

    It is the big Corporations that supply and manufacture chemical additives or have factory farm ties. The Companies that stand to loose by changing their recipes and owning up to substandard practices and ingredients shipped in from China. To me there is no mystery about this. FDA should be hauled into Court or at least its ties investigated.

  11. Debbie Daniel

    Boy you hit the nail on the head! They are in bed with these pet food companies and this just confirms it. RAW Feeders will win this fight!!

  12. Linda Jordan

    I switched my dog over to raw when all the recalls started over a year ago. He has never been healthier. Funny how they neglected to list the recalls of kibble and jerky treats. As consumers are becoming better educated on the benefits of a raw diet your seeing an uptick in the sales of raw diets. The big corporations don’t like them cutting in on their business. Not to mention that the vets are probably seeing a decrease in business as well as people switch over to a healthy natural diet for their best friend. Sadly the FDA in more interested in protecting the big corporations and Pharma than the consumers. This is simple FDA scare tactics and I’m sure the media will be reporting it soon.

  13. barbara

    This study must have been done during the Obamacare shutdown of federal agencies. Working at 1% capacity, they had maybe 1.5 persons working on it?

  14. Ken Kalligher

    Furious doesn’t seem to address this lie! So, all the recalls of chicken jerky treats due to salmonella contamination didn’t happen? Kibble has been all over the news for salmonella contamination, but that didn’t happen either? It is my opinion that the FDA is little more than a clearing house for the drug and manufactured foods industry. They have earned their reputation by the political pressure that plagues them from their past inadequacies and research like this that puts them squarely on a collision course with the facts. Most of the raw foods fed to animals, that I am familiar with, come through USDA facilities and are also available to the human food chain. The biggest salmonella contamination in recent history was the Foster Farms poultry contamination. Strangely, and coincidentally, it appears, the source of contamination there was never identified and the “mystery” was not explained. So why are we surprised at these results? What are the facts? The truth is probably somewhere in the muddle of statistics, procedures, scientific controls, lies, political and industrial pressure stirred until whatever you want the “facts” to say they will. I have fed many diets over my 40+ years of owning multiple dogs and cats. I am not a breeder just a lover of these faithful friends. My raw fed animals were ALWAYS the healthiest and most beautiful. Salmonella is a fact of life in our food supply and, both our furry families and our human families have stomach pHs’ that can handle it. There are a number of factors that can change the way salmonella affects our health, but fundamental sanitary precautions make salmonella poisoning all but impossible. Single large meals of any food source for our pets can be a problem, better two smaller meals or, better yet, three even smaller meals. Why? If the food has salmonella bacteria on it, usually stomach acids will destroy the bacteria, when large meals are ingested the dilution changes the pH and allows the bacteria to pass into the intestines and then, there can be a issue. Foods themselves can exacerbate this problem depending on the pH of the foodstuff. Tomato juice is high acid, grains are low acid. So, if your pet foods are high in grain content…voila! your pet ingests a neutralizing bolus of food which impacts the stomach pH and increases the chance of illness (same for humans). That study does nothing for my confidence in the FDA and just flies in the face of everything I know to be true. I find this to be on the level of the recent AAFCO declaration of raw food being incomplete as to nutrition. These organizations are little more than representatives of the pet food industry and are not to be taken seriously by those of us responsible for our pets health. The facts delivered in this study are not to be believed and they are nothing but seductive to millions of pet owners who will see this as a truth and a reason to stay the course with poor, but cheap choices of food for their pets. Sorry, I just can’t get aboard the FDA train, even the least of skeptics cannot look at that study and find it credible.

  15. Joyce Miller

    We have been feeding our dogs a raw diet since 1996; I was then breeding Airedales, and we weaned every puppy to raw and sent them on to homes that agreed to feed raw. I have never had so many dogs live as long as these dogs and puppies have and still are living. The last Airedale I lost was 15 years old, and she, Hannah, was one of the two year olds that I first weaned to raw. Today, I have two Airedales, one 10 and one 8, both of whom were weaned to raw. Our vet is always amazed at how healthy our dogs always are . Both of the dogs we have now were weaned to raw food as puppies, and have thrived on their raw diets ever since. The eight year old Airedale is the granddaughter of the 15 year old Airedale, Hannah, that I mentioned above. As both our traditional and our alternative vets remark every time they see our dogs: “You don’t have sick dogs” and “Your dogs are always so healthy. ”

    As for being dangerous to us: the meats we feed are human grade meats. I handle them the same way I have always handled meat for us. To say that feeding a raw diet to our dogs is dangerous would also mean that having any raw meat in our homes would be dangerous. When was the last time that any on us on this site have had the people in our families get sick from handling or eating raw meats (keeping in mind that there are some very good traditional raw foods made from raw meats)?

  16. Regina

    I’ve heard that a lot of vets (and their staff) look down on the really nutritious stuff, just to keep touting “science diet” and “royal canin” as the best stuff to feed our pets. They sell it right in their offices, for crying out loud! I’m sorry, but the vets, FDA, and AAFCO seem to only care about profits. The vets downplay (or worse) the best pet food options, but how much actual nutrition training do they get in vet school??? I’m sorry, my cats are not going to be fed food with a lot of grains in it – they’re carnivores.
    We know that AAFCO is just a voice for the big conglomerates, and now the FDA is showing that they also are just acting as a mouthpiece for the big profit-driven conglomerates.
    It is unfathomable to me that this “study” and its results were announced. I’d love to hear their response to Susan’s questions on this farce.

  17. Elizabeth

    It would be wonderful if someone could afford to pay to have an independent lab test the same foods that were “tested” in this study. I get so frustrated. I don’t understand why the govt. continues to get away with so much b.s. and we, the people, are so helpless. If raw formulas were to go away, it would be horrible for me (my dogs). Do we just have to stand by and let it happen?

  18. Diana Rogers

    This sickens me! I just witnessed another cat that had to be put down today. A two year old sweet cat with heart failure. He ate dry cat food his entire life. Years ago every dog and cat ate table scraps. They lived loooong healthy happy lives. No wheat allergies, no kidney problems, no enlarged hearts, no joint problems. Why can’t people see this?!? I realize that euthanized animals have to go somewhere… but not in our pet food. Burn them. Not only that, but what about all the little kids that put this in their mouths? I am so agitated right now that I can’t even type!

  19. onebigassdog


    Thank you for staying on top of things. I would like to see the actual study itself, I would be interested in seeing what brands they tested, how often they tested what brand and other details including who did the testing ect.

    I find it interesting that they took over double the raw samples than any other dog food category. And surprisingly they tested 198 samples in 9 months compared to 120 samples of dry tested over a period of 24 months. So 15 samples out of 198 tested positive for Salmonella, that is only 7%. If you follow all of the recalls over the past few years more kibble diets and treats have been recalled for Salmonella contamination. Below is a list of recalls from the FDA’s website of the number of Salmonella Recalls.

    Interesting trend in 2011, a smaller group of recalls for Salmonella but an increase recalls due to anaflatoxin. Also interesting is the test started in October of 2011, and Kibble only had 4 recalls that year. I suspect the increase in Salmonella recalls in the past couple of years is due to more testing compared to previous years.

    For the number of kibble recalls due to Salmonella it is surprising the number of people who do not wash or sanitize their pets dishes. Typically with most people who feed raw, because we are aware of the risks of food borne diseases we often do a much better job at cleaning and sanitizing dishes, counter tops and anything that comes in contact with our pets raw food.

    Recalls in dog food:
    Dry food 6
    Canned food 0
    Raw food 4
    Treats 5

    Purina one(8/30); P&G(8/14); Natura(6/18); Natura(4/19); Bravo(4/3); Natura(3/29); Natura (3/18); Bravo(3/13); Diggin’ Your dog(3/7); Steve’s Real Food (3/7); Jones Natural Chews(3/6); Kasel Associates Industries(2/21); Honest Kitchen(2/21); Nutri-Vet(2/20); Kasel Associated Industries(2/19);

    Kibble 13
    Raw 0
    Canned 0
    Treats 9

    Carolina Prime Pet(11/20); Charlie Bear(11/1); Kasel Associated Industries(10/7); Nature’s Recipe(10/13); TBD Brands(10/2); Kasel Associated Industries(10/2); Sunland(9/24); Kasel Associated Industries(9/21); Breeders Choice(9/11); Diamond(5/21); Natural Balance(5/11); Diamond(5/11); Solid Gold(5/8); Wellpet(5/7); Canidae(5/5); Diamond(5/5); Apex(5/4); Natural Balance(5/4); Diamond(4/30); Diamond(4/6)

    Kibble: 4
    Raw: 1
    Treats: 6

    Thumb Oilseed(10/4); Merrick(8/8); Nestle Purina(7/29); Nestle Purina(6/27); Bravo(6/3); Primal(5/28); Boss Pet(5/17); Blackman Industries(5/17); Keys Manufacturing(5/3); Jones Natural(5/8); Merrick(1/28)

    Anaflatoxin which comes from corn(Petrus Feed-12/14)(Feeders Supply – 12/13)(Advanced Animal Nutrition – 12/8)(Cargill Animal Nutrition – 12/6)(P&G – 12/6)

    Kibble: 9
    Raw: 2
    Canned: 0
    Treats: 5

    Hartz(9/3); P&G (8/31); P&G(8/29); Merrick(8/13); Merrick(8/3); P&G(7/30); P&G(7/25); Feline’s pride(7/2); Merrick(7/2); United Pet group(7/2); Feline’s Pride(7/1); Natural Balance(7/18); Response Products(4/12); Nature’s Variety(3/8); Nature’s Variety (2/12); Merrick(1/14)
    Anaflatoxin: Kroger(12/18)

  20. Susan Thixton Author

    We will ask questions – and of course we will share anything we learn with everyone. There has to be ‘more to the story’ with this, and we will find it.

  21. Mimi

    Susan there used to be some very interesting facts on what used to be Delta now called Pet Partners. In that study they showed very small difference between what bacteria was shed in the raw fed dog and the kibble fed dog. They also stated, unknown to the owners, the dogs were tested and the raw fed dogs were healthier. This used to be on line in their studies and not sure if it still is but it was a very interesting read, especially since Delta did not allow any raw fed dogs in their organization! Yeah think it was Purina who was backing them and on their board!

  22. Runt

    I may be incorrect and I don’t want to start a war, but salmonella is pretty much an inherent part of raw food. But the fact of the matter is that it isn’t bad for cats/dogs. They can handle it. It’s that raw food that isn’t handled properly by humans….

  23. brad

    Susan, you must be aware by now that the FDA is run by a bunch of criminals, most have left jobs with major industries to work for the fda for a big gov paycheck, and bonuses and to support their industry with kickbacks of favors, money, sports tickets, hookers, shopping sprees, exotic trips, exotic cars, etc. The FDA is not here to protect the people, they are only to protect corporations pocketbooks which are very deep.
    The FDA only sees pets as another profit center like pet food, pet vaccines, anything to make money off what the fda calls stupid uninformed pet owners as they laugh all the way to the bank.

  24. BC

    The CDC had students do a “study” on rabies indices in community cats where the ABC-the org calling for killing all cats- was lead and probably funded the study. Can you believe anything the CDC now says about vaccines?

    And the FDA obviously conscripted by Petfood Mfg.

    Obviously the so called “we are here to protect you” federal agencies that are paid for with YOUR money are nothing but marketing arms for corporations and deep pocketed special interests.

    If as one study shows 75% of people want to be told what to do -it’s up to the rest of us to have to make our voices heard about the truth.
    I would advocate for a congressional investigation of these agencies but I don’t think we have anyone in congress who aren’t conscripted themselves by $$$$

  25. lynn

    i like the post’s from all go get ’em. i do homecook if any remember me. i would like to use raw but as many said for healthy dogs and cats. i have sweet little chihuahua that was triggered by IMHA from her yearly shots which most pets do not need yearly period rabies can last 7 years or longer. the pet food companies are only in it for the money just as the pets shots.poor fur kids have heartworm meds ,fle medsand shots and the garbage pet food companies are making.for me no shots for my baby ever and i only use food grade D.E. for fleas it works great and doesn’t harm i treat the yard also. our poor fur babies get so much toxic junk every which way so glad so many have realized . i did look into origins freezed dried food for my healthy fur girl but hey the homnecooked is working and my oldest fur baby is 17 years old still runs and play’s like a pup. i do use deer antlers as i had a big problem with a bone w/ her a few years back so i just buy the deer antlers now from my butcher yes he has deer antlers . it is natures first tooth brush and calcium and minerals for wild animals on the forest floor. i believe in keeping them healthy as possible if i had not home cooked my little one would not have pulled through having IMHA. she was able to handle the meds and recovered but never cured just remission but you would never know she had been so illas her fur never got dull on predisone and the azathioprine as it does. it was her food as food can heal so much and i love reading how so many have caught on. my last fur child before the new ones which r 9 years soon to be 10 is my IMHA fur baby who was 7 when triggered w/ IMHA a reaction to the yearly shot caused it and my 17 years girl will be 18 years in one month the one before these was 22 years old when she passsed and had a heart issues from a pup but lived that long. food plays a big role. i can prove to any pet food company by the fur kids in my life as w/ records from the vet of their age and no pet food ever and never will be i wold put them out of business as i see here you guy’s feel as i do and see what home made does for their life and health. great post and susan keep up the wonderful work as so many can not home cok from work to their own illness and depends on the companies to be safe .

  26. Kimberly Gauthier

    What I take from these reports is that the FDA is for sale. None of this makes absolutely sense. And how can you argue with thousands of dog owners who have been feeding raw for more than a decade? I’m just stunned and it worries me what is going to come of these lies – because that’s what the FDA is doing; they’re lying.

  27. Peter

    The section in “Buyer Beware” in which the rendering plant employee describes the plant is something that is at once horrifying and nauseating to read. But that’s OK by the FDA, I guess…

  28. Gail

    I am a dog groomer. I see skin issues, abdomen swelling, anxiety issues and general just unwell animals. I believe it all comes from the packets of dog food. How could a product that sits in a bag and remain sitting in your cupboard for many months be of nutritional value?
    With all of the GMO’s out there in our foods today we are all at risk including our pets. Pet product may say grain free but read the labels and it may have alfalfa meal in it. This is a GMO product. GMO’s leave bad bacteria inside your system that may attack your organs and cause all sorts of problems. Read for more information. Be informed and be wise on how you eat and what you feed your pets. My cats eat raw and so do my dogs. I add supplements and have done this for years.

  29. alisha

    The FDA website lists hundreds of pet food recalls within the past two years. It’s heartbreaking to see how many there have been.

    It’s unfortunate that they don’t list the products by type; Has anyone found a list relating only to raw food recalls?

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