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Pet Food on The Dr. Oz Show

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  1. Pat Scott

    Fabulous! Now more pet owners will be aware of the dangers of many of the pet foods out there. I’m hoping this will galvanize more people into action and demand better for our pets. I will be watching!

  2. Terry

    A few months ago I emailed the Dr Oz show suggesting they should have you on their show.
    Maybe after this week’s show, they might consider inviting you on the show. Now that would start peeling the onion! One can hope.
    Again, thank you!

  3. Debbie D

    Awesome Susan. I hope they promote how unhealthy pet food is on there. This could mean reaching millions of people. Lets hope Dr Oz does the right thing. Watching that preview…probably not. Its hard to have hope when so many go against you. Keep fighting this though. Eventually one day..people WILL see the light. To hell with the FDA and AAFCO.

  4. Mimi

    The video wouldn’t play for me. I have to watch this and will share!

  5. Nancy

    This is great Susan, and please please talk about “vegan” pet food and how unhealthy it is and how many of the problems are still there. I am a vegan, but I know my dog is a carnivore.

  6. Jo

    Well done, Susan! This is exactly the kind of big media national coverage I’ve been so hoping for for you and our cause! Can’t wait to watch it! I shared this on my Facebook page encouraging everyone to tune in!

  7. Karyn Zoldan

    I hope Dr. Oz doesn’t have pet food advertisements otherwise the info will bemisrepresented. Petfinder had an article about good nutrition for pets but they’re owned by a pet food company which should be disclosed.

  8. Linda Saslow

    fabulous! Please post the show in case we miss it!!

    1. Batzion

      Great idea!

  9. Jane

    I really hope Dr. Oz can do this topic justice. I really hope there is not some pet food representative spewing lies and trying to discredit all the work Susan has done. Dr. Oz has many followers but has also been discredited as not being the most reliable source of health information, but let’s hope that by reaching such a large audience, people will give their pet food more thought and look into the truth about what is in the food/feed and how it is made.

  10. J. Rizk

    Evidently my Adobe Flash player isn’t current enough (Really?). Can’t watch. 🙁

  11. Teresa

    I couldn’t see the trailer either but am so very excited that you got interviewed. Maybe one day, they will ask you to come on and tell ALL. Am hoping and praying for that. It’s about time that things come to light so those who are not aware will get a full education so pets will stop being subjected to their poison “food.”

  12. Carol Halbert

    SHARED!!! Very important to know what you are feeding your sweet, loved ones!!!

  13. Cheryl Bond

    This is good news! I do however think this needs to be an ongoing series (because as we all know) it’s LOT of information that is not able to be assimilated all in one session.

    My suggestion is that EVERYONE here that frequents this site to write into Dr. OZ after the show airs w/ not only thanking them but adding additional comments about the MANY other topics that need to also be addressed about pet food on additional shows, & that to truly do this topic justice, it really needs to be an ongoing segment topic. If they were to do this in many smaller segments over a several weeks people could digest the information a lot easier.

    I love Dr.Oz & I truly believe he is honest in his mission to help educate people for better health, however, an issue I have is a LOT of his advertising on the show. Now I realize he isn’t personally in charge of that, but I feel it often is a conflict of interest. An example would be a Comercial for Corn oil, touted as a “healthy fat that lowers bad cholesterol” the commercial even compared it to being as healthy or healthier than olive oil! Eek! WTH???!!! Dr.Oz personal has NEVER & would NEVER give that health advice on his show, yet right after a segment on healthy fats, touting olive oil as one of the good one’s, low & behold a commercial right afterwards about corn oil!

    I can see the same exact thing happening after the up-coming show about Petfood! Just wait…it’ll probably be a commercial for Rachel Ray’s “De-lish” pet food, remember, she’s on channel 7 too! Probably other crappy foods advertised too! Then, confusing the consumer yet, again! I’ll be watching on Thursday as I do everyday!

    Please let’s bombard Dr.Oz’s website Thursday following the show so that they get a clear message that this topic is extremely important to petfood consumer’s and that we want & need an ongoing discussion about the Truth about Petfood!

    1. Pacific Sun

      The Dr. Oz Show producers already use a very light touch handling most every subject!

      He’s been called out before, using his platform for too much advertising, and for using his “medical credential” in an influential manner. So they pulled the Show back a little, stressing more entertainment and opinion, rather than strict medical “advice.” The hour is usually divided into 4 segments. It would be fortunate indeed if they spend 2 of them discussing Pet Food! Information disseminated is definitely handed out in easy to process, bite sized chunks! After all, the Dr. Oz people have figured out, they do want people to pay attention and to remember key points! Most of those watching will have absolutely no clue about questionable PF, so the real story will be, just getting THAT fact out into the open!! Let’s celebrate success step-by- step ……!

      One of the segment hosts (at least as seen in the clip) is Dr. Evan Antin, DVM of Thousand Oaks. Also named “Sexiest Beast Charmer” by PEOPLE.

      What they’re covering seems to be a continuation of the series: “Do you know what’s in your food?” extending now into the area of PF (Yaaay!) But I doubt it’s going to cover the gory details on a “Buyer Beware” level. They have a mock up bag of fake dog food on the table. But I give the show credit for even touching the subject, given how important sponsorship is to the Show. Bravo!

      As you say, viewer feedback will be most important! It’s a fantastic idea for all of us to write something (and only) favorable, so they would be inclined to dig a little deeper, in a follow up story!

      And so they (and the media) understand how important this subject is to Pet Food Consumers!!

  14. Pat Scott

    Great idea! We should all post to Dr. Oz’s site after the show with our comments whether they are positive or not!

  15. Terri Janson

    Great News! I could see the trailer on my smart phone but not from this computer. I hope this show will open up some eyes. I still get the “If it’s not safe why is it on the store shelves?” response.

  16. Stormy

    I was unable to view trailer, at least at this time. I am in agreement with several of you, suggesting we bombard the Oz show with comments afterwards. People I’ve spoke to in my senior complex, won’t listen to a thing I try to tell them regarding this subject. (Well a couple feign interest). So I wrote on the board in our lobby: To Pet Owners: informing them of the Dr. Oz show Thursday the 22 nd. At 2:00 p.m.

  17. Regina

    The Dr. Oz show was a waste of my time.
    They only spent about five minutes talking about pet food, then moved onto other topics, each one getting further and further away from the “Pet Food” issue the show was touted to be about.

    I was extremely disappointed in how shallow the report was. The report from the vet Lisa Lippman was not featured for nearly long enough. All she talked about was “Chicken Meal”

    Then Dr. Oz talked to male vet, Evan Antin, who was touted as being really popular and well known. He proceeded to say that carbs in pet foods are bad, can lead to obesity, and they should get more meat, less grains. He was fine with folks giving their pets table food, but, he said NO RAW!!!!

    There was a brief bit about some dog treats being the equivalent of gummi bears.

    But then Dr. Oz then introduced a woman with a cat that had crystals in its urine, and when asked about the best thing to do, Dr. Antin said the best thing to do is FEED WHAT YOUR VET PRESCRIBES.

    OK. so they go from telling us there should be more meat in their diets, and less grains, but, STILL feed Science Diet and Royal Canin. If Dr. Oz knew what the hell he was doing, he would have called they guy out on that conflicting messages about the food. Dr. Oz, at this point is just a TV personality, and really has no skills in interviewing, or getting very deep into any important topic, and obviously, did NO research on the pet food subject before letting the conflicting messages be aired.

    These daytime fluff shows are a waste of time. They I recorded it to watch later, and wound up fast forwarding through most of the rest of the show, when I realized they were DONE with talking about pet food.

    Waste. Of. Time!!!!!!!

    1. Pacific Sun

      I knew this was going to happen, and this would be the (educated) viewer’s reaction.

      The Show is always done in 4 segments, covering something “entertaining” in each piece. And the 4th segment was about something entirely different. I don’t think Dr. Antin (exotic animal specialist) was the best Vet choice (or very authoritative) and I have no idea why he was even chosen. Dr. Lisa of New York (was much more articulate) and would’ve better represented the subject. But the package segment was only meant to be an introduction, by glossing over a few things more experienced PF consumers know.

      You have to understand that a National TV Show even TALKING about PF (outside of selling it) is an absolute milestone! It’s shouldn’t be, but it is. I did hear the audience groan when they showed the plate of bones, feathers and stuff. That was probably the biggest point they could make in their 7 minutes! That pet food is NOT what the bag shows! And you have to understand the ingredient list. Maybe with BB and Purina battling over the by-products issue, that statement rang true with at least a minority of pet food consumers!

      But to expect in 7 minutes they could cover even 1/100th of Buyer Beware is unreasonable. It would so turn people off they’d just quit and never believe it. You can’t hit people over the head with a hammer!

      Best thing is … to take advantage of what we have here …. momentum ….. write to the Producers, and tell them you want to know MORE! They have to get positive viewer feedback to go forward.

      No media personality Vet (except Dr. Becker. Dr. Goldstein, and Dr. Harvey) is going to recommend “RAW” … it just won’t happen on TV, too risky. But that’s okay, at least the Vet said Table Food (human grade food) is okay. That’s a door opening.

      And be appreciative The Dr. Oz took the chance they did!
      Big step (relatively speaking) forward.

      1. Stormy

        Dr. Oz wanted the ‘celebrity vet’! When they showed the tray with feathers etc.. the ‘celebrity vet’ said it’s perfectly fine to give that stuff to your dog! Because unlike humans, the canine system can handle it! Disgusting! The show was not only a waste of time, it was viewed by millions of ignorant dog owners who will soak up every word that conventional ‘celebrity’ vet has to say. What a shame!

        1. Pacific Sun

          Yes, I certainly agree Dr. Antin was a useless spokesperson. In fact his specialty is exotic animals, and betcha he never even took additional nutritional courses. We’re in agreement about how much the audience could’ve been misled.

          In such a condensed format, the Show didn’t choose to explain how by-products can come from very undesirable 4-D rendered protein. And be used instead of optimal whole meat protein. But I think Dr. Antin was saying there is nutritional value in many parts of an animal, but must be considered in a supplemental manner. It just shouldn’t be the only protein source on an ingredient list (and certainly because we know how it can be rendered!!) And that it’s all too often “junk protein!”

          1. Stormy

            I think it’s a no brainer, would you rather feed your canine a piece of raw chicken? or extruded kibble with feathers in it? They would not allowed to push drums filled with dead dogs and cats out onto the floor for the audience to view, collars and tags on necks, a bottle of pentobarbital on tray, along with a package of rotting meat, wrapper and Styrofoam in tact! Not to mention the 4-D animals. I learned about all of this (and make-up and crayons) way back in ’91-’92, in my Veterinary Assistant two year course I took in San Diego California. Yet so many are still in the dark about what goes on! Dr. Oz would never be allowed to show and tell, the truth!!

          2. Cheryl Bond

            I am extremely disappointed with the segment on Dr. Oz show. Why would they choose THAT Vet to be a spokesperson about pet food or nutrition for.dogs and cats when he is an Exotic animal specialist? Oh, yeah, right! because he’s “hunky”.

            Does anyone think it’s worth bombarding Dr. Oz’s website w/ our disappointment about the segment? and how much was NOT covered?

            I also was upset about that Vet knocking raw food feeding. Gee, I’d like to know where he got his information from?!

            I guarantee Dr.Oz’s audience walked away with any memorable information that will make any kind of lasting impact on how people feed their pets. 😥

            I hope there are bigger things to come with any kind of real attempt to expose the truth about Petfood!!!!

          3. Stormy

            I hear ya sister! All the audience walked away thinking: Giving a raw piece of chicken to your dog is bad! My Rottweiler ate raw chicken leg quarters like they were potatoe chips! I think the show may do more harm than good. Because that will stick with people, that ‘Hottie’ animal expert said NOT TO GIVE RAW CHICKEN TO YOUR DOG!

    2. Eve

      Hi Regina:-) yes I agree. But there’s a reason for the shows lame expose, the companies prob fund the show somehow and if not directly either the waste plants or grain agricultural plants…on tv there is always limited expose. THE VET is WRONG feeding RAW MEAT AND BONES to cats and dogs is and always has been their natural diet over 40 million years; and the cat and dogs intestinal tract is identical to that of their ancestral cousins wild dogs and cats. Its just TYPICAL of shows like this to downplay what is brought to light…any good ethical veterinarian will state feeding RAW meat and bones to cats and dogs is the only solution to optimum health vitality and longevity – anything else is just hoohar. The trouble is bureaucracy mate too many people are caught up in the system and too afraid to stand up and do what is right for the greater good. This show is just dollars and I don’t watch it any longer because the last episode I saw Dr Oz boldly stood there pointing at a chart of fruits and said BANANAS spike blood sugar levels (WRONG) and better to eat a GRAPEFRUIT as it has more fibre (NOT SO TRUE) and most alarmingly bananas cause lung cancer…i couldn’t believe the insanity – what is he doing…must be on the take…it ”could” be true if the banana’s are sprayed with an ag chemical and “”maybe”” if one was to sniff boxes of ripe and overripe bananas of released ‘ethylene gas’ which in large does can cause cancers and respiratory distress. Of course the Vet said dont eat raw because then he still pockets bucks cause pets will still get sick with numerous illnesses . Mate ignore the show it’s gone down biig time. Only the smart and non-ignorant pet owners will win in the end.

  18. Pat Lee Carignan


  19. Paige

    This show was a complete waste of time. They addressed no issues with the pet food industry. To hear the veterinarian talk you would think any kibble dog food is just fine. And the prescription food sold thru your vet is wonderful. He has totally drunk the kool aid for the big name companies and should either be ashamed of himself or get educated. Now I remember why I don’t watch Dr. Oz.

  20. Linda Betz

    Missed first part of segment, will it be repeated? Thanks

    1. Regina

      Linda, be glad you missed it. It was a huge disappointment!!!!! You didn’t miss anything worth watching.

  21. Stormy

    I was so disappointed!! That conventional vet saying dogs can’t handle raw chicken was hard to listen to. I’m afraid after encouraging my neighbors to watch, it has undone every thing I’ve been trying to accomplish. They think raw is bad now, after I’ve been telling them just the opposite! Oz is clueless or he wouldn’t have put on the “hottie” young ‘Beast Charmer’. Why not a Holistic Vet or Homeopathic Vet? Get real Dr. Oz!

    1. Pacific Sun

      This is only Step 1. Don’t get discouraged!!

      The Dr. Oz Show is not investigative journalism. It’s info-entertainment with a “medical” theme. Dr. Antin, DVM, an exotic animal specialist, wasn’t appropriate. But Dr. Lisa of New York could’ve been. And Mark, the actual researcher, certainly could’ve been, but wasn’t given enough air time!

      Instead they used a segment (pre-filmed) package to put the question into context, and orient the audience. Remember most people don’t have a clue about this subject! As a Follower you already take a lot for granted. Dr. Oz has been called out for too much advertising before, and for giving advice using his “medical credential” as an influential platform. So now they rely upon invited “opinion” while he asks questions to expand the subject, pretending to learn right along with the audience. I give that Show a lot of credit though for even talking about pet food on National TV!! Given one of them could’ve been their sponsor!!

      However because it wasn’t a deeper discussion, I encourage every Follower to send a clip to 20/20 or a local outlet doing consumer research, requesting more information! The Media must learn there is a public demand which they can meet. And they can only do that by seeing there is interest and an open mind for receiving some very startling truth! Hopefully Dr. Oz broke some ground by opening the door just a crack on National TV.

      Regarding raw feeding (which I do 50/50) pet owners have to know what they’re doing. You can’t just throw a piece of “raw meat” into a bowl and leave it out all day on the Patio. And you have to know if your dog can handle it. So it’s risky forcing people into that format. I know somebody (extremely experienced in animal feed and generations of raising dogs) who tried raw chicken with one of them, becoming seriously ill to the tune of $500 worth of Vet care! It was just one of those dogs who couldn’t tolerate raw chicken!

      By contrast in the SF Bay Area hosts “SF RAW Feeders” a consortium of dedicated raw food enthusiasts extremely knowledgeable and helping to mentor good raw feeding practices with any protein source imaginable. A real treasure trove of a resource! Sometimes it’s useful sharing the experience of others (wink!)

      [My opinions are my own, and not connected to the website in any way]

    2. Eve

      Hi Stormy, just tell your neighbours the truth that the show was obviously censored from telling the utmost truth and that funding and red tape was obviously cued as to what they could and couldn’t say. Stormy tell your neighbours this reasoning: instead of telling them ASK THEM the questions as to why they believe feeding their pet processed toxic waste (cause its not pet food in fact it’s not food – if it were it would be fit for human consumption but it isn’t!) I bet they won’t have a clue on what to say most will come back with my vet says its good….then proceed why does your vet believe your pets innate behaviour originated from a laboratory instead of the wild? Tell them its scientifically proven for 40 million years cats and dogs innate design has not changed – no cat or dog is seen with a can opener or hunting down a packet of science diet running for its life. Dogs and Cats EAT RAW MEAT AND BONES, offal, and veg, fruit, grasses, seeds PUREED and FERMENTED in the gut of herbavores, and other mammals. BONES are CRITICAL for pets health not just teeth and gums but also carry abundant source of vitamins and minerals to help meet gut requirements as the dog and cat have specific enzymes which depend on RAW meat and bones to keep their bodies disease FREE and healthy. If this doesn’t work then they are fools or choosing to be ignorant. If they are concerned about chicken necks tell them to cut them into bite sized pieces or throw necks into food processor in order to obtain the bone elements. I’m sure your neighbours will think logically but do tell them what I stated in the start it;s TV and because it;s TV its dominated by share holders and bankers who fund the program and I bet the pharma companies and agriculture companies have big steaks in the show or channel. INSTEAD organise a STREET MOVIE NIGHT where you show online docs of the vital importance of feeding pets raw food. Boycott TV it;s mainstream rubbish.

      1. Stormy

        I here what you’re saying Eve and agree, however, the tenets in my building do seem very interested. In one ear and out the other. I gave up a few of them. One yelled at me in the lobby, “I’m listening to my Vet ! I’m not listening to you or your breeder friend ! So I don’t try with her anymore. Some people you just can’t educate! This is a difficult subject to talk about with ignorant people. The pet food industry. why raw is better than kibble etc… People can hard to convince. One lady that lives her seemed receptive to it then out of the blue she spoke harshly too me that feeding raw was dangerous and Domestication changed the dogs digestive system! Yes, they have discovered that it has to a degree, like the fact they can digest carbs and starches that wolves can’t, but the short acidic digestive system of the wolf and dog is pretty identical. And garbage dog food (kibble and canned) generally has way too much of the above, and certainly isn’t good for dogs, even if they can digest it!

  22. Stormy

    I have to ask all you fine dog folks: Did you notice how dogs can handle feathers and the rest of the JUNK on that tray, but NOT a piece of raw chicken? According to that Vet? Seems a bit contradictory to me!

  23. Lynda

    So disappointed…

  24. Mary Meyer Johnson

    Susan’s hope that the Dr. Oz Show would peel the first layer of the onion for many pet food consumers was dashed (in my opinion). The type of people who regularly watch Dr. Oz (and any other celebrity for their news and education) are too star struck and gullible to try to discern what the frustrated-looking researcher, Mark, and Vet Linda attempted to report. In order for more layers to be removed, it’s up to consumers, especially the educated ones on this site, to contact the Dr. Oz Show, FB page, and every station’s investigative news desk / program to request more information.

    I encourage everyone to review Pacific Sun’s posts above before posting. Excellent.

    1. Stormy

      Yes, Pacific Sun is articulate. However, in my opinion, the average viewer will not remember probably any of the first part of segment, with investigative reporter and N.Y. Vet. What they will remember and walk away with is what went down on the stage with Dr. Oz and the ‘Hottie’ so called “Beast Charmer”. That’s what they will take away from the show. Don’t ever feed your dog raw chicken. The Vet’s prescription diet is best. Kibble dog food is fine! Etc…

  25. Gary Hollis

    This was a real disappointment for me!! Why was Susan Thixton and or Roxanne Stone not asked to be on the show! The Vet that Dr. Oz interviewed on the show, Evan Antin was nothing more than Big Pet Food Company Worshiper!!

  26. Stormy

    Eve, I meant to say that they Do Not seem very interested. Basically because they think their respective Vet (like a god to some of them!) can’t be wrong! Or the TV commercials, and food they say! They are just advertising agencies saying what ever they have to, to make the product sell! Even if it is a bunch of lies, these gullible people buy into it!!

    1. Pacific Sun

      Dear Stormy

      Thank you for being a dedicated resource, trying to help acquaintances! You are courageous, informed, caring, tenacious and hopeful! And incredibly disappointed. I can’t change your experience. Or temper your well-directed passion. And have no business trying to do so. So I only offer these thoughts.

      Assuming your San Diego Course was exceptionally progressive, that was YOUR “turning moment.” The experience is like children going through “Montessori” moments during development. Your mind was already open and receptive. It changed your life, and that of your pet’s.

      If anyone in this world should be completely burned out trying to convince the general public, it’s Susan Thixton. Who’s been at this subject for nearly 10 YEARS! Worse, she’s dealing with Industry Professionals who already DO know better! I always believe (as you do) in passing it forward. That’s all we can do!

      That said, people MUST have a “turning moment.” Apparently 2007 wasn’t enough. Some to this day, will deal with a recall by avoiding specific Lot Numbers. And not the manufacturer. Look at die-hard Purina fans.

      And it’s because they can NOT wrap their head around a Company (going back to our Grandparents decade) that would intentionally harm animals! And yet the PFI has perfected the art of dressing up human food waste, to avoid landfill restrictions, combined with 4-D protein (a cost cutting measure for Agri-Business) and add beautiful words, to directly swindle their loyal customers, that only helps corporate executives retire in comfort!! I mean, sadly, that is the real truth. But who can believe it? Unless you’re reading article after article, and as a result, are connecting all the dots. And knowing, as Susan does, so much more that can’t even be publish for threat of lawsuits!

      Pet food owners look beyond deceit, living in a world of convenience, relying on a myth, foisted on them in spite of regulations!

      Owners look at their well-functioning pets and NEVER think prevention. Nobody raises children or takes care of aging seniors using only total junk food. Just pets. They are in denial about the day when a pet will deteriorate. When a pet might need to heal in order to survive. Do we call these pet owners “ignorant, stupid, stubborn” or JUST “entrenched optimists!” Blame advertising and no regulation. The PFI is the only industry exempt from truth in advertising. Although some industries (like Banking right now) will succumb BUT only when caught. And end up paying an ultimate price: the loss of credibility, reputation and Class Action Lawsuits.

      Instead we should remember that PF consumers are being victimized. Think of them that way. I’ve often wished for a DVD (or media link) to be shared, that would succinctly explain what we’ve all learned in hours of self-education. Tell ‘em to watch that …. Like FOOD, INC. which so opened up my mind to corporately monopolized Agri-Business, especially in the area of Poultry and Beef producers!

      Regarding RAW feeding, that’s a huge step for average pet owners to grasp. Advertising says feed them LIKE family. But “family” doesn’t eat “raw” food. That’s a rule of food management we’ve all been raised on. It’s a cardinal sin that can make people (and yes, some compromised pets, very sick!) The danger of uncooked protein! And it’s difficult to “explain” why healthy dogs can handle it.

      Dogs share DNA markers with wolves, and benefit from similar nutritional requirements. But they are not wolves. Instead, domesticated dogs evolved by being scavengers and opportunists. Perhaps killing convenient prey, but not usually larger (red meat) prey. Instead feasting on the deceased remains. And gained nutrition from the fermenting contents of the prey’s “guts” (which that Dr. admitted indirectly, by referring to the bones, feathers and other stuff.) Dogs are able to digest both fresh and “fermented” food stuff. Prey was likely in a state of short-term decay. But it was NEVER pumped full of artificial, synthetic chemicals, hormones, antibiotics. And the prey lived on its own natural food source (like cattle eats grass, not corn!). Also bulk prey didn’t suffer from extended chronic diseases, such as long-term cancer!

      When converting uninformed PF consumers, encouraging them to supplement their pet’s diet is a big first step! That Dr. did say human food was okay. (We all know the restrictions!) As the owner becomes comfortable with that idea, it’s easier to reduce kibble. Another idea is rotation and variety! Think protein AND veggies AND heathy fillers (sweet potato, etc.). Again, doing that will reduce kibble consumption. If that owner’s dog has to make a routine Vet Office visit, and checks out okay, or has good blood work, and maybe heathier teeth too, then that owner can be encouraged going forward.

      I remember a lady in the 1960’s feeding her middle-sized poodle a cooked chicken breast, rice, veggie every night. Maybe some dog cookie treats (like Ken-L-Ration’s Fives!). And the dog was healthy, walked miles daily, and lived over 15 years. But it took me years to try RAW. It had to be trust worthy, totally safe, clean, convenient and fresh. I didn’t want to handle anything. Or worry about extensive clean-up. I found a meatloaf mixture in a 1 gallon tub, trucked in twice weekly from a local farm in Sonoma, Calif. I don’t know if this would work ….but if there was a clean, trusted source of safe hamburger, then owners might try mixing it up with a cooked veggie, an egg, a filler, and use it for one meal a day (though combined with kibble!). It’s a little less radical than throwing an entire turkey leg thigh into the food bowl (wink!)

      So back to the basics. Try infinitely small steps. Remember Dr. Oz is only “info-entertainment.” Not worth of any loss of sleep. Defend or expand your position with occasional articles from TAPF. The goal is safe, healthy, fresh and whole. Anyway it works! Pull a few of those Info-Graphics, so very well done, and easy to comprehend!

      But don’t give up. And don’t let the Doubters or the “Ignorant Vets” get you down. It’s just a matter of time before our day in the Sun!

      1. Pacific Sun

        Correction! Though raw should NEVER be combined with kibble!

  27. Colleenyts

    I agree, very disappointed by the Dr.Oz segment too. I didn’t think that they would go into vast detail knowing the nature of that show, but my heart sank when he said best to feed vet food. My cat was a victim of prescription vet food, I agree how difficult it is to convince friends what the real deal is, they are so convinced that the prescription food is equivalent to a medicine since the vet recommends it. It cost me personally many $1000 in vet bills, if I had only known it was that food that was making him sick. It would have also saved my cat 4 years of discomfort, I feel so guilty about that, not to mention the money I wasted on that food which in turn was the reason had to spend many more $ on vet bills.

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