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One Last Plea

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  1. Jo

    If this article doesn’t inspire everyone who reads it to donate SOMEthing, nothing will! Phenomenal article, Susan. And truly sickening.

  2. Holly

    I wish I had something to give to this cause, I am waiting for a decision from SSDI (3-6 mo wait w/no current income) and hopefully I’m approved and can begin donating to your causes. Thank you for doing what you do.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Holly – don’t worry. You can help by sharing the link with others. This effort is team work.

  3. Linda Messina

    See that you’ve reached your goal but it’s never enough is it? I have shared this with a Dog group I belong to and I’m cotributing what I can. Thanks for all of your hard work Susan.

  4. Mike L

    I’m going to donate .. not much but I’ll do what I can. As an active fundraiser for local rescues, I know that even the smallest amount helps once it’s all added up if we all pitch in.

    I read the article with interest ..make that sadness and interest. It’s my first time reading this article though I’m not new to the controversy. A question or two:

    1 – Is there more to the article? It felt oddly incomplete. It doesn’t wrap up like most newspaper articles do. Well, that’s my feeling anyway.

    2 – Has there been followup to this article? Rendering plants arguing, denying, litigation, fines etc… as a result of this exact article? Anyone know?

    Just curious. Anywho, many thanks for your ongoing efforts,
    Mike L

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Mike – There was somewhat of a follow up story to What’s Cookin. Here is another link:
      There was another journalist that wrote about this horrific topic around the same time frame – I believe more in the central part of the U.S. And then basically this news went silent. No one but concerned pet owners talked about. Rendering facilities refused to talk to media again.

      1. Mike L

        Greetings Ms. Thixton,

        Thanks very much for making the time to add a helpful reply to my query. I’ll add here that there is, for those interested, more to the original article at:

        Perhaps you’ve already done this but do you think there might be some value in inviting the readers here to submit links and info regarding this topic? Relevant issues, events and changes (if any) since this story broke etc…

        Though my card is valid (I checked via phone) indiegogo won’t allow me to donate. They claim my card is not valid. ARG!

        Is there any rule stating that you can’t run another campaign after this one ends? Hope not.

        This is all very exciting and thanks for your ongoing efforts,

  5. Fan Follower

    People, Followers, Readers, Pet Lovers, and Everyone else:

    We are only $375 away from a very fabulous & amazing milestone!

    Can you believe it. Can the PFI believe it. They will alright when testing results are published!

    Just 5 days left now so how about $75 each day until conclusion.

    Can we do it?

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