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“It’s AAFCO’s party…”

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  1. Ramona Gonzales

    Geez…what a racket!
    I am becoming quite hopeless with the pet food situation. I am struggling with affording decent food for my two cats, but it is getting ridiculous. When my two fur babies are gone, I don’t think I will consider having another pet at all. I just cannot afford it any longer and the industry is so dirty!

    1. Dianne & Pets

      I know what you mean. I am not sure that I can afford to have another pet when mine are gone either. Maybe pet food companies will find that they killed the golden goose.

      1. Keller

        We are spending almost as much for dog food as we do for my husband and me, as we buy a base and combine it with our own ground and cooked meat. We would like another dog as a companion for our female (and us), but we cannot do all that we do for charity, our daughter and family and others if we should get another. Facing what the Trump Administration is doing to affect our future income, I fear that we’ll end up having to really tighten our purse strings anyway. I’m not feeling very hopeful about our future at this point, but it won’t make me stop fighting for what is right.

        1. Duncan

          I’ve been making my own dog food for my little terrier mix. I use Susan’s cookbook. Maximus’ favorite is the meatloaf which–if you are doing your own ground meat anyway–should work out well for you. Alas, I still rely on commercial catfood because cats have such specific nutritional needs.

  2. Keller

    I am rather furious about Stan Cook’s response to your letter. Maybe you should placate him by offering to bring a bottle of wine to his party or perhaps a Rolex, but I imagine his take of the parties’ earnings would make him feel immensely insulted by such paltry gifts.

    Your sample letter to our individual attorneys general is excellent. In Maine, my district has a great state senator who is very responsive to his constituents, and I will send him a copy of the letter that I will send to our AG.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thanks for sending a message to your Attorney General and Senator. Much appreciated.

  3. Sandra Murphey

    I found a lengthy form that must be filled out before I submit this letter. Anyone else?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Florida Attorney General website was a form, but it was simple to fill out.

      1. Fred St Clair

        Thanks for what you are doing Susan. I am in Michigan, and I can send the letter by email or snail mail. Which do you think would be best?

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I don’t think it will matter – send it any way that is easiest for you. Thanks so much!

  4. barbara m

    When you go to the “Contact Us” site for CA’s Attorney General, you are given many depts and links to choose from. Where do you suggest the letter to be sent?

  5. Sandra Murphey

    I was able to easily send a message to my Senator, without a complex form.

  6. Marguerite Bauer

    These people will never ever produce anything of quality equal to a carefully researched DIY raw. Consumers need to stop buying their products and wasting time arguing with them.

  7. Hannie

    I have to agree with everyone else. Much as I love having a dog, it costs me way too much to home cook for her so I think this may be it for me & any more dogs. I will not feed her anything but human food w/just a touch of the best grain free kibble. The more I read, the less I want to feed her anything but human food. The whole pet food industry is greedy & dirty. Our beloved pets are not anything they care about, just the bucks. Sometimes I wonder just how good our food is but anything beats commercial pet food!!!!!!!.

  8. Laura

    This is BS, and it seems like literally nothing will change until the mainstream media blows them out of the water.

  9. Suzanne

    I will send the letter and let you know what I hear back. I don’t know what I would do if you didn’t provide the info on dog food companies. I feed my dog from the list you provide and hope and pray those companies are being honest. I can’t say thank you enough for all your hard work and dedication.

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