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Dave’s Pet Food Voluntary Recall/Withdrawal

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  1. Dianne

    Kudos to Dave’s. I keep telling people to learn what the food they use looks and smells like, especially when the bag is first opened. I have opened bags that smell like they have been soaked in fish oil. Opened bags of bird seed that smell off. It isn’t worth the risk of feeding it.

    1. Dave Ratner

      Thanks for your kind words. As you know, honesty is ALWAYS the best policy….especially when your name is on the product!!!

    1. Dave Ratner

      just that one batch of the “Simply The Best” dry formula

  2. JM

    I’m impressed with the information provided by the manufacturer. This level of detail should always be provided.
    I wonder if the testing of raw materials (receiving inspection) at Dave’s could also be improved as a preventive action. Initial testing probably included inspection for any odors and discoloration but maybe retesting after a time period should be done since microbes need time and the right conditions for growth before they’ll show up.

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