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A Review of AVMA Raw Pet Food Policy

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  1. LeaAnn Cords

    Since when do pet owners need government permission to feed our animals homemade food? Laws of nature folks these animals are bred to eat raw meats and eggs. DUH!

    America was created to have freedom of choice. Butt out government officials, politicians, and poor quality food producers. Maybe if you made healthier products for our pets, we wouldn’t need to make our own.

  2. […] STudy two, this study ONLY looks at raw diets, I can't find a compariable study for kibble fed Study three, I don't understand why they include this study TBH, it shows how dogs can be infected by humans, not the other way around! Whole Dog Journal article looking at the above studies and others. Additional article. Article in response to the AVMA policy on raw diets. […]

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