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A Pet Food Nightmare

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  1. Bon

    Oh my God–prayers of comfort to this poor, poor family and JUSTICE for Scooby!!!!

  2. Scoots826

    This is awful! I’m so sorry for that family. Many thoughts & prayers for them. I just wanted to say that during that first pet food scare, my dog got sick from a can of Alpo. I never buy Alpo or canned food but I did at that time on a whim. When my dog’s kidneys started failing I was on-line trying to see what everyone was saying & doing to help their pets. Obviously the vets were in denial & still selling the suspected foods to clients. And I noticed that people were taking their cats & dogs to the vets & they would run tests & send them home with iv’s and the pets were dying. When my dog got sick & was excessively thirsty and wetting; then got to the point where she was not wetting & was bloating up with water, I gave her cranberry supplements. I believe the cranberry flushed her kidneys and saved her life.

  3. Nance

    I can’t imagine the pain this family is going through. Prayers for all of you and may Scooby’s death be justified.

  4. Maxine Schmidt

    There are no words that can make this sad and needless death any better, just know that others do care and are appalled that we keep losing our beloved companions to the greed of unscrupulous dog food manufacturers. My heartfelt condolences to you. Maxine Schmidt, NJ

  5. Chase

    OMG, I used to feed my dogs Beneful! So So SAD!!!

  6. Glenda

    May God be with them. My heart goes out to everyone involved – except the dog food manufacturers. They deserve what they get!

    1. Eliz

      I am with you on that

      they are not human

  7. Eliz

    I can’t imagine the pain and loss, but I know the pain and loss of my best friend Chocolate Lab, and my cat just a few months ago. It wasn’t food related, but I feel your pain for Scooby. I have not been able to have another dog, too painful, and its been 8 years.
    Day by day. The only real friend you have is in prayer, Jesus, that’s it, no one else ever was there for me like Him. So that’s what I had to tell you and now I have 3 cats (my babies with issues, they are seniors) and a bird. Think of the good times if you can.
    God bless you and yours.

    1. suzanne

      If the “Evil one” cannot get at you through the loss of a beloved family member, the next is to go for our beloved furry family memebers………I know I put a high value on my furry family of cats. If one of them dies of food poisoning from the big greedy food manufacturers I do not know what I would do.
      All we have left is prayer and common sense and “be on the watch”.

  8. Linda

    My heart goes out to this pet owner and her family. This is horrible news. My heart bleeds. My prayers are with them all.

  9. kelly


    1. Kim

      Kelly, please read the ingredients in everything you give your dog. These treats have BHT and artificial coloring–both bad for dogs!

  10. Wanda

    My heart and prayers go out to this family. Justice for this family…

  11. ev

    This isn’t the first time I’ve heard of a pet death and Benefel.

  12. […] a-pet-food-nightmare This article is about a Golden whose owner suspects he died because of eating Beneful dog food. When you see someone in the store buying Beneful (Or any poor quality dog food) do you speak to them about what they are buying or do you keep quiet? I know it is cheaper and some folks just can’t afford to buy anything else but if dogs are dying from eating poor quality food shouldn’t we mention it at least? I have done both, kept quiet and spoken to people. What do you do? […]


    I am so sorry for what your family has had to go through. May God be with you.

  14. Laura Zver

    My heart goes out to this family … Two very tragic deaths 🙁

    Our 1 year old GSD had nothing but health issues when being fed commercial dog food and since December he’s been put on a balanced homemade cooked diet and is finally healthy for the first time in his life. The commercial pet food industry will never get another cent of my money ever again.

  15. Lynn

    We have to remember that our choices influence lives of our kids, dogs, our own lives. Educate yourselves, research and make the best decisions you can and don’t be afraid to change! I won’t feed my dogs any kibble. I feed Honest Kitchen, NRG, and Dried N Alive and raw meat from Suzys Doggie Delights. Spend 10 minutes twice a day to feed your “beloved” dogs it pays off.

    1. Kim

      Well said, Lynn.

  16. Gabrielle

    I see Purina is at it again! What a horrible thing to happen to a wonderful family. I wonder if people who actually work for Purina feed this poison to their own pets?

  17. dmiller

    You are so right. Words cannot express the tragedy of this. It is heart breaking beyond belief.
    I hope it makes the national news.

  18. Kristin

    We used to feed our 3 mini dachshunds Beneful until one of them died from serious illness caused by eating this food. We immediately changed the food we fed our other two dachshunds. They now eat Iams and have become more energetic and healthy. Their temperment has changed altogether! We did some research on the Beneful and found on one site that it was made with euthanized dogs and other very toxic chemicals!!! I felt awful knowing that we fed this to our dogs and were unknowingly killing them at the same time. Since then, I’ve told everybody I know about how horrible the Beneful dog food is for dogs.

    1. Lorraine

      Doesn’t Purina now own Iams?

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        No. Nestle owns Purina. Proctor & Gamble owns Iams.

        1. Lisa P

          Still the same garbage though. People! Please feed your pets better quality food! My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a pet, but especially those who lose one so needlessly.

    2. Concerned

      Have you read the ingredients panel on Iams?!

  19. Colleen

    I am so sorry for your loss of your beloved Scooby and your precious daughter! This monster needs to be prosecuted to the full extent of the law! Was he ever apprehended? We give our dog Beneful and she is very healthy! I don’t know why… maybe we should switch, but she’s been eating it for about a year with no problems. I hope you get some kind of resolution and closure, if that is even possible! Prayers going to you.

    1. Allison

      That is why we never put the pieces together until too late. Scooby had been on beneful and thriving since he was a puppy. One bag….that’s all it took. I don’t believe the consumer affairs site is false. They described scooby’s symptoms to a tee. I have friends who have already contacted me to let me know that their dogs have suddenly started having vomiting episodes since purchasing their latest bag of beneful. Something is wrong. Contaminated ingredients/plant. I don’t know. I hope to find out soon. But please, beware. I don’t look forward to driving three hours with my dogs body to hand him over for an autopsy. I’m doing it so you or anyone else, won’t go through what I just did.

    2. Joni Lowther

      You’re very lucky that she has had no problems so far but do you have to be burned before you learn a flame is hot? Learn from others. Why do you think Allison is telling everyone their story? Throw out the Beneful now and find another food. There are quality commercial foods out there if you do your homework and read the TAPF Petsumer Report.

  20. Mollie Morrissette

    My heart breaks for this poor mother. I think most of us cannot, or even try to, imagine the anguish of such a horrific loss.

    I hope, indeed I pray, that she can at least find some justice for Snoopy, if not for her daughter’s murderer.

    From the introduction of a book about the pet food industry:

    “Feeding one’s pet is an important ritual for cat and dog owners because giving food is one of the most effective ways to express affection and affirm the bond between the animal and the human care giver.

    The sanctity of this fundamental part of the human-companion animal bond includes the trust that pet owners have in the various brands and varieties of commercial processed foods…that they feed every day to their beloved dogs and cats.”

    The pet food industry that has put profit before pets and turned the recycling of human food waste and agricultural by-products into a multi-billion dollar business has continued to abuse that sacred bond.

    In effect, the industry perpetrates the systemic poisoning of animals with waste products and therefore should be considered a criminal act.

    Manufacturers who knowingly sell a product that causes the serious illness or death of a human (or animal) by food poisoning is malice aforethought.

    “Every murder perpetrated by poison to effect the death of any [human being], is murder in the first degree.”

    1. J King


      My heart goes out to Scooby’s family. His people have now been touched twice by tragedies that should never have happened. Scooby’s spirit is with Lauren now — may they comfort each other.

      We can’t guard against random violence, but the systematic poisoning of pets is a wrong that is perpetrated against everyone who trusts that what the label tells them is truth and that the FDA is there to ensure that the system won’t break down.

      Unfortunately the death of a beloved pet by (tainted) pet food carries with it an additional burden of perceived guilt that is borne by the pet parent: “I chose the food, I fed the food, it’s my fault.”

      To Scooby’s mom, it’s not your fault that store shelves are filled with time bombs dressed up in lies. This lottery of “legalized” deception has to stop.

      To pet food companies who profit while hiding behind jury-rigged rules, Scooby is not a “special case,” his is every dog. Every pet. Each case is not so dramatic as Scooby’s, but pets can make such a positive difference in people’s lives, and leave indelible imprints on our hearts. How do parents tell their kids there was no Kryptonite to protect their super dog from his dinner? And what do You say to parents whose children pick up and eat kibble?

      But if pet food companies have to believe a pet is in some way a “special case” to feel any measure of remorse, how about this: The dogs sent to Newtown, Connecticut, to comfort grieving families were Golden Retrievers, just like Scooby.

  21. Ellie

    How awful. Purina has been the cause of so much suffering for pets. Those cute pictures of puppies on the label are about as good as their products get. It takes a special kind of hard heart to sell poison to the family pet.
    I hope this poor woman finds someone to help her out of her day to day nightmare. I can’t imagine the pain and confusion she is having to live in.

  22. Robin

    My heart is breaking for the pain this family has had to go through. Is there any testing going on to determine if genetically modified foods are harming our dogs and cats, as well as we humans? It seems that many of the chronic illnesses that humans are now suffering with have been passed on to our pets and I’m wondering if it does have to do with genetically modified foods (esp corn and soy).

  23. JJ

    Sad news. I wish this article said what specifically the owner suspected was wrong with the food. Was illness sudden? Hopefully the necropsy will give answers. What tragedies.

  24. Debbie

    Absolutely heartbreaking! My prayers for their healing after such tragedies.

  25. Dawn, Michigan

    I am so very sorry for the great losses this family has had to suffer. My heart aches and my prayers are with them. They are forever changed and will never be the same due to the pure evil that currently resides in this world. I lost my precious Duchess a year ago yesterday to a PURINA POISON as well. PURINA offered me “blood money” too and I told them what they could do with it. I miss her every single day and have never been the same, but don’t believe I am suppossed to be. I am doing my best to do good and what is right with the time I have been given. I tell Duchess’story every chance I get when seeing someone purchase Purina and every single person has thanked me and walked out of the store without the “poison”. This year has been the most difficult year of my life. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain this family will have to endure until they receive healing but they will all be remembered in thought and prayer. Thank you Susan for posting this story. Knowing there are others who have suffered as well helps me know I am not alone as I travel on my grief journey.. . Until we all see our loved ones again.

  26. Maddison

    “they have not received any complaints”

    And how many times has this exact statement been delivered to a consumer?

  27. Shirley

    My heart gos out to this !!!!!
    If we all stoped buying ….. ( dog food cat food )
    They would have to clean up there act !!!!!

    there is no sweet little grandma mixing up your pet food….

    FYI…. people food is much less… To make it your self once a mo or week……
    Do you want to take. Chance with your pet?
    It only take a little bit of Time and is 1/3 the cost of the mystery meat

  28. Angelis Jara

    So sorry to hear. I nearly lost one of my dogs to the same food last year. Shame on Purina for knowing about this long ago & changing nothing.

  29. cathy

    Not enough to just stop buying…..we have to report them to any and all agencies. We have to spread the word with flyers and petitions. Boycott shows like Dr Pol and DOG WHISPERER….anything sponsered by Purina. So much to do.

    So sorry to hear about the loss of yet another dog. I know how it feels, believe me. Our dogs didnt have to die.

  30. Lita and Cookie's Mom

    Our beloved dog, Peach ate Beneful, too. She died almost eight years ago, and suffered many of the same symptoms, which were minimalzed by the specialty clinic to which we took her. She died of a perforated ulcer, (in their care) after they refused to do the gastroduodenal endoscopy which we requested. There was no necropsy, but there were also no signs of cancer in her stomach biopsy and her abdominal and thoracic ultrasound and radiographs were unremarkable. May God bless and comfort this poor family. What a horrible tragedy, to lose both a human child and a pet child.

  31. Joni Lowther

    I am so sorry for these horrible tragedies that have befallen this family: to them, please accept my condolences for your horrible losses. This is heart breaking to read, let alone experience. This family has taken careful steps to ensure that the truth is uncovered in Scooby’s death. I hope they take their story to the mainstream media and expose Purina on a large scale. Purina HAS to be accountable for their product. They can’t continue to hide behind their seemingly impenetrable corporate doors.We must no longer allow these companies to take our pets lives without repercussion. Stand and be counted.

  32. Kyle Dempsey

    I am so sorry for the traumas that your family continues to be living through. Do not believe Purina saying that they have not had complaints about Beneful. In August 2012 I stayed up half the night reading over 500 complaints about that dog food on a consumer site, and that was for one month. Your dog’s symptoms were classic of the complaints. And most of the dogs that survived ran up thousands of dollars in vet bills. I threw my Purina food away the next day and have not bought any of it since that night. The irony is that the next day I was at the veterinarian’s office with my dog for a well visit. The lady sitting next to me was waiting to pick up her very sick dog after paying $1500 for vet care. Same symptoms as your dog. I asked her what she fed her dog, since the complaints were fresh in my mind. Her answer………..Beneful!
    May God bring you peace during this difficult time.

  33. Dee Gates

    My prayers go out to this family may all those lost rest in peace.
    On another note:
    I don’t know where people are buying their pet foods at but i do know that I have heard of more pet food bought at Walmart has caused pet deaths. I will not buy pet food from Walmart EVER! My pets are too valuable to me than to chance their welbeing on possible contaminated foods.

  34. kendra

    If it’s true that beneful offers to pay for vet expenses in return for silence, could you please talk with the family? If that money is a deciding factor for the family, let’s put up donation link somewhere to pay for the vet expenses so that the family is free to speak the full truth.

  35. Peter

    Whenever we meet families walking, those with the dogs that are in the worst shape, overweight, struggling, wheezing… invariably… yes, invariably… when we ask what food they use, the answer is Beneful. They’ve reponded to relentless adverstising and packaging that is designed to seduce. They’ve never read the label. If they had, they’d perhaps realize that nine of the first 10 ingredients are high carbohydrate grains, starches and flours, low-bioavailable proteins, “by-products,” industrial chemicals, and sugars.

  36. Carol Goulden

    I have several pets in our household, cats & dogs. I donot feed their anything made in China or Asia; do not trust the sub standards, using chickens, ducks from those countries to begin with, etc who r not fed well to begin. It’s all about the mighty dollar & profit; these companies do not care about our pets’ health!!!!! I’m so sorry for all of the families tht have suffered the loss of their beloved pets b/c of greedy corporations. OMG what r we, the consumer going to do to resolve this tragic situation; it makes me sick & very sad tht we have such unethical companies out there!!!!!

  37. Scott Dewberry

    my toy poodle in the vets office yesterday she may have to be euthanized tomorrow and she eats thebeneful dog food. Her name is princess.

  38. Judy Gray

    This is so heart wrenching and my prayers and blessings go out to this family . May that scum gets what he deserves and may that dog manufacturer also get what they deserve too !!
    The things that are living , and that we love so dearly, are only on loan to us from god.. Please take solace and strength in knowing that your fur baby is now watching over your dearest treasure , and awaiting your arrival one day to be a complete family again
    I will light a candle tonight for your entire family and my thoughts are with you all to get justice in such a tragedy.

  39. Dawn, Michigan

    Susan, will you please keep us informed of Allison’s story and the results she received. I reported to the FDA (no response) and the Michigan Dept of Agriculture. Michigan Dept of Agriculture tested a random bag off the shelf (they would not take the sample I had because my husband threw the bag away 1st time ever purchasing Purina and 1st time ever throwing bag away. . . didnt matter that I had the receipt and food) but found nothing in food to report. I keep praying that someone will receive an answer. I can’t stand the fact that Duchess and all of our babies seemed to die in vain!! Thank you for your efforts! We are praying for you Allison, Susan, Molly, and all who have suffered.

  40. Zalman Lazkow

    so so so sorry to read this.
    We also lost our 16 yr old doggie, Jasmine, just 3 weeks ago. It’s hard enough to go thru now every day, after Jasmine was part of our family 16 years…
    But to loose beloved only 5 year old Scooby to poisoned “food”..
    Beneful was and is A Super Poison.
    This “food” shouldn’t be called food. It’s simply a Poison.
    HOW the hell people today still buy this lowest grade crap made by Purina ????
    WHY people still keep believing in this name ?????
    They are pet food NAZIS. as simple as that.
    Please tell, email, write…to every one you know the truth about this Nazi company.

  41. Mary Jane Malko

    First, Don’t get me wrong. I really feel for this family and know how much they counted on this dog. And, I also do not care for Beneful and Purina . I have been on a tour for Purina farms and found that their test kennel dogs are NEVER allowed outdoors EVER! How can you do trials on dogs that don’t meet the same criteria as our pets and expect the same results.
    But until I get the necropsy results and the results of the food tests, I would never accuse the fault of the food if it was based on a single dog in one family. If multiple dogs in the same household were ill I would be more suspicious. Having been in Goldens for over 3 decades I also know that there may be other reasons for this problem including hemangiosarcoma, auto immune problems etc. If the food is found to be the culprit I will be among the first to pass it along (I already try to stop people from purchasing it in the grocery store) but it would be irrisponsable for me to accuse them based on a single dog without proof.
    My sympathies go out to the family and I hope they will get another golden to love soon

  42. TheDogMaOnline

    My prayers and healing white light go to this family. Thank you Susan again for your diligence in sharing the news.

  43. Andrea Hermitt

    I am so sorry and I am so terrified. This is a supposedly well respected brand. Who can we trust when feeding out kids and our pets?

  44. lynn

    god bless this mom it was truely a nightmare losing her child this way.and twins there is a connection there i know my daughter felt part of her was missing when her twin brother sounds like that her golden could have had what is called AHIA/IMHA the onset is fast and can be many causes for the trigger of this disease w/ no cure just serious medications to help bring a remission and if the pcv is very low a blood transfussion. i am hearing some pets getting this after a spider bite tick bite or yearly shots stress and some reports after some pet foods that have certains not so good things in the pet food but there could have been many other things w/out testing or a utra infection if not spaded in females but being a male if netured ups the chance for imha i would have had a pcv test to see the precentage of that was they gums do get very white and in some cases have a yellow hue also. more people who are pet owners need to read about this dsease as it is being seen more and more in pets cats also. i hope someone will take notice of this and read it coulds save your pets life. and it can and does happen to even pets on homemade food that are for pet food one big no no that many over look is sodium selenite that is killing dogs and you do not hear of this added nono in pet food this is why i home cook and do not trust any pet food even the high priced pet food has this no no sodium selenite look it up.. all you will get you just have to trust that it is the right amount in each batch.but to me the signs and gums point to AIHA/IMHA that s a very serious thing happening in numbers right now. please as pet parents learn of this terrible diseae it might save your pets life to know what to look for 30 minutes can mean life or death.

  45. Jose A. Carmona

    What is going on with our dog food now a days. I just opened a brand new bag of Diamond Puppy, gave it to all the puppies including my adults (because the adults prefer it over adult food), and they all got diarrhea. We can’t depend on dog food any longer. What are we to do? I give them chicken every night, but only to supplement the dry food which I don’t trust very much any longer.

  46. Lita and Cookie's Mom

    I found this website, along with 317 complaints regarding Beneful. Coincidence, or pattern??? You be the judge. And take note of the comment written by a supposed former employee of the company. In my mind, too detailed to be bunk.

    We just bought a new bag of Beneful Weight Control for my 6-year-old Boxer a few weeks ago. As he started to eat it over the past few weeks, he became lethargic; then started to have diarrhea; vomiting; loss of appetite; weight loss; excessive water drinking; and urination/accidents in the house. We took him to the vet and his liver enzymes were extremely high. He was slightly anemic. The vet asked what we were feeding him and we said Beneful. She said to discontinue it immediately. She told us about the recent reports of Beneful incidents logged from November 2012 through January 2013 and said that she thinks the Beneful could be causing it due to Aflotoxins in the food, which is mold. She said he has all the symptoms.
    She referred him to an emergency clinic and they wanted $2,300 to run tests and keep him for a few days, because the vet there said it could be one of several things. We couldn’t afford that so we took him back home. We switched his food and started to give him boiled chicken/rice and another better brand of dry dog food. We also started to give him milk thistle 250mg mixed with water twice a day to regenerate his liver. He seems to be getting better. He’s eating more and is up and around. He stopped drinking water excessively and the diarrhea stopped. We’re going to bring him back to the vet this week for more blood work to recheck his liver enzymes. The vet said if we caught it early, he might be okay and I’m hoping we did. We saved the Beneful in case anyone needs to test it. Beneful should be recalled immediately.

    ken of Jonesboro, GA on Jan. 24, 2013
    Satisfaction Rating1/5
    I was an employee at Purina that makes this food. You have no idea what conditions are involved at that plant. I saw some nasty things. If you only knew, you would never buy anything from them. The rats are so bad there – big as house cats. They kill them with a gun and leave them laying around to rot. Sometimes the rats end up in the food while being made. Yep, dead rats. I was told by a manager that it was just free protein. I can’t tell you everything, but someone please have this food recalled. Others probably need it as well. They make a lot of crap dog and cat food. I have dogs that I love dearly. I will never feed them that crap. Someone needs the FDA involved, but I’m sure they are paid to look the other way. It’s a huge company. They cover up these things very well. I can never get involved as I worked there. So someone do something.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Please report your sick pet to FDA and your State Department of Agriculture.

      1. Tracy Raypold

        In July 2012 we lost our Golden Retriever to kidney disease. It was a sudden onset. He had been healthy his entire life. I had recently switched vets. She commented on how incredibly healthy my sweet Ozzy was. How shocked she was to learn he was 9 years old. That he appeared 4 or 5 to her. 3 months later, we put him down. I started buying him wagon train treats from Costco, exactly 3 months before he died. Although my Oz man was 9 years old, is this just coincidence? Why are all these pets becoming sick after consuming these products? All be it, Purina or the Chinese jerky.

        I now feed our new Bernese Mtn. Dog, Acana grain free. He does amazing on it. It is Canadian made in Alberta, where we live. I feel it is much more safe. I will never feed my fur-babies anything made by Purina, Pedigree or any product made in China. I love my babies. I just wish I knew if this truly was food related, or if it was just the Oz man’s time? At there very same time, in Ontario, my best friend lost her 3 year old Old English Bulldog from the Costco food and wagon train contamination. We put them down 2 weeks apart. Again, Coincidence??




  48. Betsy Greer

    Dear Allison,

    I am so deeply sorry for the horrible, tragic loss of your sweet Lauren and now the inexcusable death of your little Scooby. I cannot imagine your grief. Please know that I, as well as countless others who are reading your story here, will be holding you in our hearts and prayers not only while you make your long journey to Cornell tomorrow, but as you continue on your Earthly journey.

    I picture your sweet little Lauren, with bright shiny eyes, and her arms hugging your Scooby tight right now.

    May you find peace and strength to continue your journey.

    Love & Light

  49. jcn23

    I am so sorry for all that this family has gone through. I have been reading so much over the last several months about Beneful. Even their Facebook page (the last time I looked- about 2 months ago) was inundated with complaints and each one was responded to with the same form letter claiming that there was nothing wrong and that there had been no other complaints. How can there possibly be no other complaints when there were several visible right there for everyone to see? I do not feed this to my dogs, but it angers me so much that this is still on the shelves for unsuspecting people to pick up. I think of people like my mom who might be older that don’t have access to the internet or don’t really stay on top of this kind of stuff. They would never know- they see the commercials with beautiful dogs and these seemingly healthy ingredients falling from the sky and they think that they are feeding something healthy to their pets. It sickens me. I want it off the shelf! I hope that the family will report back soon with the results of the autopsy soon.

  50. Don P.

    This is a terrible tragedy for this family and my heart goes out to them for their loss. We all know that Beneful is one of the worst foods on the market but I have to ask if there’s any actual evidence that Scooby died because he ate this food. We are a very small retailer and we joined this website because it’s almost impossible for us to get straight info about pet foods and I find it kind of discouraging when you pass along completely unsupported warnings. The pup might have drank some anti freeze or dozens of other toxic substances and had the same symptoms.

    1. Concerned

      Don, I absolutely agree with you. It is never easy to lose a pet and we always want an answer as to why out pet died. However, until we have the answers from accredited veterinarians that have done the autopsy and tests, opinions and suspicions should not be aired as truth. I do find it odd that if people are able to find Susan’s website, they should be able to do the research to find out that Beneful is not a quality food with quality ingredients so why are they feeding it? Even if there isn’t anything tainted or ‘wrong’ with it at the moment, it is still not a healthy choice for a pet. Let’s be honest- people buy it because it’s cheap. No one could really believe it is the same healthy food as a food that costs twice as much. Hard thing is, some people assume if they are feeding an ‘expensive’ food, it is a good food. Not always so. People! Educate yourself about what you’re making you’re pet eat. They depend on you for their well being. Would you let your human child eat candy (or worse!) for every meal, every day? I hope not.

      1. Ellie

        I think too many Americans go through life just assuming that someone is watching out for their interests concerning things sold in this country. That is so far from the truth. Even things that are regulated by the government are usually held to a substandard level of expectation. People buy that cute bag of dog food never thinking to read ingredient lists or consider the method by which it is produced. Pet foods have been the same for many years so why would they think there is anything to be concerned about?
        I admit I was the same way until a couple of years ago when I got a puppy that refused to eat kibble. Imagine the nerve of her! I got desperate to find a way to feed the pup and ended up doing some casual research into the pet food industry. I was shocked and actually sickened to find what I had been feeding my pets.
        This country is being slowly poisoned by the food industry. Most of our foods are genetically changed for the convenience of the industry not to mention the pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and steroids that are in human foods! The pet foods industry is self regulated. That is like turning a kid loose in a candy factory! I can only relate that breakfast cereals and kibble tend to match in the nutrient department.
        No one hears about what is being done by the human and pet food industries because they pay for much of the advertizing that runs our media. I wish there was a way to wake people up. With people and pets dying at such astounding rates from food induced diseases you would think that someone would realize what is happening.

  51. Jaime

    As long as Nestle/Purina keeps making money they will keep making poison for people to feed their pets. Their tainted jerky treats killed my Zoey! They will never get another dime from me!

  52. Liz Bennett

    I had a post on facebook that another womans dog died after eating beniful. Kidney failure, is it possible that all chicken for pet food is the same as the chicken treats. Some say it’s mold. Do we have an update about Beniful

  53. Maya S

    I find it so difficult to accept that these companies are not brought to task for their negligence. Susan, you are a hero for what you do. Is there anything I can do to help? Some fund or donation that I can make to help? They shouldn’t be able to get away with this!

  54. Caroline Snyder

    Purina have done NOTHING to address the hundreds.. if not THOUSANDS of reports of pet dog deaths due to its Beneful dog food because of its fear of litigation. This is YOUR opportunity to tell the world of YOUR real-life experiences with Beneful without having your emails ignored and your posts deleted! Please join us on FB!

  55. Dawn Mello

    This grabs my heart. I am really trying not to cry. I lost my dog recently. I hope this family finds some peace.

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