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What they consider as risk…Pet Food or Goldfish Crackers?

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  1. Hannie

    See what happens when you have lost 2.7B in a couple of yrs? Get the FDA out there & publicly put down anything that might be healthy & stiff competition for those who grease their hands. Oh & don’t forget how grain free is causing heart problems……please, GMAFB……

  2. T Allen

    That statement, “According to a spokesperson for FDA, the outbreak strain is likely related to the Salmonella strain recovered from an adult dog that had recurring diarrhea as a result of consuming contaminated raw chicken dog food manufactured by Darwin’s.” is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever read on that website. I read it at least 5 times and still couldn’t figure it out. And the next line says, “The raw pet food fed to the infected dog also tested positive for Salmonella.” So it appears that Phyllis was just quoting the FDA and then trying to explain it. I totally agree that the FDA is harassing raw pet food and anyone that follows for even a week will be appalled at the number of human food recalls that we hear nothing about. It’s really scary when you have a compromised immune system but I feed part raw and am not worried about that at all (NOT commercial raw without a “kill step”) compared to the fresh produce I have to buy. 🙁 Thank you for the great article Susan, forwarding!

  3. Pet Owner

    “If they can’t explain…we can’t help but think it is an outright attack on raw pet food. Their clear focus of destroying raw pet food (and my edit is, protecting corporate PF manufacturers) makes me wonder how many other pet food issues are they ignoring?”

    In complete agreement and I understand the point of the article.

    The question is, why can’t the FDA recommend raw pet food? The answer is, because it has more to do with the consumer than the product. Just because we’re enlightened here, informed and capable, doesn’t mean every other pet owner is. Most consumers are still buying crud out there like PF at the Dollar Store and Corner Gas Stations, and 40lb bags from Costco & Walmart. If they don’t understand the basics of pet nutrition in the first place, how in the world can they handle raw feeding? Somebody’s going to hear, oh yeah raw food is the best thing for your dog, and then throw a raw chicken thigh into the dog’s dish. Let it sit there for a day. And forget to wash the dog’s bowl before the next feeding. Meanwhile the kids are crawling around on the floor. Making sandwiches on the counter. While a raw chicken thigh has been dribbled across the kitchen counter over to Fido’s dish.

    I don’t expect the FDA/AVA to proactively recommend raw food like it’s the answer to the mysteries of the universe. But I don’t think they need to kill the raw PF business either. Why can’t both products exist side by side. And leave the education to a mandatory product website, dealers, distributors and Vets (who if asked about alternative feeding methods) would be required to give out informational flyers, but relieving them of liability. Honestly this country is so mucked up at this point, that nothing is ever going to be done in favor of the tax payers. And those who are suffering the consequences of all this corruption.

  4. Ms. B Dawson

    Here’s an interesting single sentence in a news article about the current salmonella outbreak, linked to turkey:

    ‘…”We are still seeing new illnesses being reported on a weekly basis,” said Colin Basler, an epidemiologist with the CDC.

    Basler noted there is a lag time between when a person gets sick and when the illness gets reported to health officials. The California Department of Public Health did not immediately respond to an email seeking additional details about the death.

    A single supplier hasn’t been identified in connection with the outbreak. The rare salmonella strain was identified in live turkeys, as well as in ground turkey, turkey patties and raw turkey pet food.’…

    I don’t know if raw pet food was always tested as part of the investigative process and simply not publicized or if this is a new directive, however this is the first time I have ever seen an AP report mention raw food in a story not directly involving pet food.

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