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What Hormone Disruptors Found in Dog Food Means

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  1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    Dog food just gets worse and worse

  2. Jane

    AS I see it, you either spend the money on good, clean food, or you spend it at the vet’s. I prefer to spend it on food for my dogs and I.

  3. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    I agree with you Jane I would rather spend the money on good-quality food been at the veterinarians

  4. marc

    yea I agree. However, dog reproduction is least of our worries. in fact I wish more people put effort in banning dog breeders and puppy mills, that’s the real problem as much as I think a voice needs to be heard regarding petfood, I’m more worried about the inhumane treatment of our animals and them being bought and sold and treatment of them to reproduce for profit.

    I wish people would get priorities straight and Susan would address that. anytime your neighbor buys that French bulldog you just loaded some losers pocket with money that treats his or her animals as a money making machine and probably inhumane while not saving a life and over 3 million healthy dogs and cats in United States are euthanized each year for space.

    1. Cora Vandekar

      Way to generalize all dog breeders.
      Purebred dog breeders are not the problem and often loss way more money then they ever make.

      1. marc

        they’re definitely part of the problem and yea I generalize all the breeders the same. they’re making a profit, right? I view the people that buy the dogs in similar light =-)

        I adopt and rescue, I don’t buy.

      2. Cheryl Bond

        I think you are missing the point of what the persons comment meant. She was stating that everytime a dog or cat is bought, whether from a “reputable breeder” or from a pet store that buys their pups/dogs cats/kittens from dispicable “puppy/kitten Mills” that means death for millions of animals in kill shelter all over the world! or animals that languish for a long time in always over-crowded no-kill shelters, or Rescue group’s.

        I also feel that honestly, there is NO good reason why people must have a “designer pet” WHY!? does anyone need a “supposed pure breed animal” Think long & hard about that question & the answer to it!

        The truth of the matter is, that for every pet bought, another perfectly adoptable one is murdered ONLY because of there not being enough homes for them all. With the reality of those staggering statistics, there is no justification in my opinion, (as well as MANY people’s opinion’s) for ANY breeding to occur, until EVERY shelter, EVERY Rescue group is EMPTY & there just aren’t enough rescue animals to go around! Based on the extreme irresponsibility of the human race, it is highly doubtful that that will ever happen, sadly, unfortunately!

        I find it very hard to believe that ANYONE could give any REAL plausible reason for WHY they must buy a pure-breed animal, instead of adopting & saving the life of a rescue animal!

        Please don’t breed or buy, while Rescue animals DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Acroyali

          I wonder, if all rescue/shelter dogs and cats are spayed/neutered before they leave for their new homes and all breeders (no matter how good) are banned…where are we to get our next generation of pets from?

          1. Brook

            Actually, shelters require anyone who has had a dog for a few days (such as found a lost or stolen pet) to state they are the owner. This is because once we take care of a stray cat or dog the shelters then state that we assumed ownership. So, those numbers are also not exactly correct. Also, what you have to remember is that most dogs in shelters only make up 1% of the total dog population. Of those dogs there, many are someone’s lost or stolen pet. This takes owner surrender down to less than .5% of pet owners. Remember that over 80 million people own a dog in the US. The majority 99% of pet owners keep their pets for life. You will always have a select few who do not.

  5. guest

    Unfortunately not much good quality pet food out there. We have had success with onlynaturalpet dehydrated easy raw which is real food that is dehydrated and this raw food is not radiated. Add your own raw organic whole eggs, just put an egg or two in the blender and blend the entire egg including the shell for calcium, and mix in with your dog’s food.

    Best to buy local organic eggs from small farms that do NOT radiate their eggs. Commercial eggs are usually radiated, so no nutrition for pets or humans.

    Tests on animals eating any radiated food kills the nutrition of the food and only leaves the calories, so health declines if one, animal or human is eating only radiated food. Many pet foods are radiated including the frozen raw pet food. So it is imperative to make sure you are feeding non radiated food.for both pets and humans. Food is radiated so it will last longer on the shelf or in the fridge or freezer but that also means no nutrition, so whats the point in wasting money on non nutritional food.

    Do NOT microwave your pets or human food, again even microwaves radiate and kill the nutrition in food, just leaving the calories.
    Avoid vaccines, all vaccines. Vaccines contain hormone disrupting chemicals, cancer cells, mercury, etc.

    Use nosodes as the safe alternative to vaccines and nosodes work much better in protecting against disease. Read more by Dr Todd Cooney at Vet Integrative magazine, DogsNaturallyMagazine, etc….Find a holistic vet or buy the nosodes yourself and research and read the directions. Find at holisticanimalmedicines, wolfcreekranch.NET by Dr Falconer, etc…

    Avoid pesticides like heartgard, frontline, bravecto trifexis, and all chemical pesticides as these all contain hormone disrupters. Look for the natural alternatives.

    If your pet gets a tick disease, avoid antibiotics as antibiotics only mask the symptons and the tick disease will only get worse or become fatal. Get tick nosodes, lyme tick nosode, Erhlicia tick nosodes, rocky mountain tick nosodes, etc. And wolfcreekranch.NET has a parasite zapper terminator machine similar to the Dr Rife machine that kills off parasitic diseases in pets.

    Stop using pesticides and herbicides in your yard, as these contain major hormone disrupters.
    Avoid cleaning chemicals, again filled with chemical hormone disrupters.

    For anything and everything, one must research for the natural safe alternative. You will never hear about safe alternatives in the mainstream media, you must research online to find them and sign up for natural websites that have lots of news on safe alternatives..

    1. Cheryl Bond

      RIGHT ON!!! When will people realize that there are natural alternatives & that anytime we can use a natural solution, we should, for people & pets.

      The “powers that be” will always tell you otherwise, but people need to follow the $$$$ trail! It’s about profits & greed. Much of the “supposed scientific research” is tainted, as the corruption of ALL the regulatory agencies do NOT have our or our pet’s best interest at heart.

      I could go on & on with instances where this happens time & time again, but I will leave it at that.

      Sadly many people will believable “junk science” they are being told and never really challenge it.

      The hardest thing I have to deal with as a lifelong rescuer, is that it’s hard to change the “masses” minds about a lot of these issues & I have to adopt these animals out! I do everything I can to find “like minded” adopters, or at least people that are forward thinkers who will listen to what I am trying to educate them about, but it is far from easy! You only have a certain amount of time before people get overwhelmed from too much information. How can I possibly educate them on every single detail, when it has taken me hours upon hours to learn what I now know! It’s really tuff! I do the best I can by directing them to, Dr.Becker’s e-newsletters, Dr. Hofve’s site etc and share my personal experiences with my own animals, then pray it all sinks in and that they follow my advise & directions. I wish there was a format online to help bring forward thinking adopters and connect them to forward thinking rescuers, like myself & other’s. It’s hard to find these kinds of people to adopt to.

  6. marc

    I don’t agree with avoiding vaccines. Not everything about science and evolution is bad. while I agree that we over vaccinate, to say to avoid it is irresponsible and puts your pet in some danger zones and that really includes heart worm preventive. best options is to get blood work done and see what vaccines are needed.

  7. guest

    Please study the real history of vaccines. I never leave my dog unprotected. I protect my dog better than vaccinated dogs with nosodes. Study nosodes and you will see they are much more effective against disease without the bad side effects caused by vaccines as vaccines contain carcinogenic chemicals, cancer cells, etc.
    Don’t say NO to something until you have studied real studies and done real research.
    I know most get their info from TV and mainstream media so they think vaccines are safe but the media advertises vaccines on the news to sell more vaccines and the side effects of vaccines is very profitable for the medical industry

    1. marc

      I have studied as well and while I partly agree with you, I also believe you’re inaccurate with many of your statements and way to label me as listening to mainstream tv and media based on my opinion.

  8. Brent

    Well Guest is the fountain of all knowledge but who is “Guest”. If you speak truth to power then state your name for the record. Cite your sources instead of the broad brush of dismissal.

  9. Brook

    Oh wow, the ignorance surrounding the US pet population and the facts regarding shelter numbers are incredibly sad. In fact the APPA states that only 5% of shelter dogs are purebred. Not to mention the APPA also states that 43% of shelter dogs/cats are a percentage of the 10 million lost and stolen pets yearly. There are 164 million pet cats/dogs in the US, meaning 1% end up in shelters. With about 4/6 million ending up in shelters (note: many of which are lost or stolen pets) and the majority get adopted. Of the 2 million euthanized there are many reasons from sadly the pit bull issues, aggression, illness, etc. Over 17 million families look to add a cat or dog to their lives yearly. This far exceeds shelter/rescue availability which is why shelters/rescues import over 500,000 puppies from outside the US yearly according to the CDC. Right now the northern states are facing a pet shortage crisis and getting adoptable pets from the southern states (who happen to get them from Mexico too). For the love of all that is holy, STOP spewing false propaganda and start supporting reputable breeders (who happen to work along with reputable rescues). In 5/10 years we will have a country wide dog shortage and you will be sorry as a dog lover to ever buy into the propaganda.

    1. Acroyali

      Also…any breeder worth talking with state very specifically that they take their animals back, no matter what, should the owner be unable to keep the pet. Under NO circumstances are these animals to be dumped in a shelter, or a rescue organization. It’s also interesting to note that, as far as dogs go (cats are different, IMO) that a hefty majority of dogs listed in shelters are “owner surrenders.” These animals HAD homes until the owners decided to dump their pet off, guilt free, to make room for a cute new puppy or kitten. Rarely, if ever, do we see truly feral dogs (cats, I’ll admit, yes we do.) The solution isn’t breeder vs. rescue; it’s cracking down on a society that views every living thing as disposable garbage and cracking down on the jerks who use rescues and shelters as their personal city dump for the cute baby animals that had the nerve to grow up.

    2. Cheryl Bond

      Sorry, but I HIGHLY disagree with you. As a long time rescuer, networking w/ many other rescuers, there is NO shortage of animals in either shelter’s or rescues. I don’t care what “statistic’s” you are sighting, it’s inaccurate! I am sure MANY Rescue people will be happy to chime in & give you the REAL statistic’s. I do NOT trust ANY governmental agency’s statistic’s! Most are corrupt & have good reason to lie. If you search thoroughly, you will find government agencies supporting puppy Mills & working diligently to support lobbying efforts to help inhumane puppymill breeders! Even if your talking about “legitimate humane breedersI” I doubt care! Until EVERY shelter, EVERY Rescue us EMPTY!, in my opinion, there shouldn’t be any breeders, PERIOD! Please don’t breed or buy, while Rescue animals DIE! I won’t go into it all here, but the information is out there, if anyone chooses to go to the trouble of uncovering the TRUTH about how the gov’t agency’s help puppy Mills continue to thrive!, regardless of the PROVEN cruelty that is PERVASIVE throughout the industry!

  10. Cheryl Bond

    ***Also*** As an experienced feral cat caretaker, MANY cats were people’s pets that most often were abandoned, that SOME make their way to food sources, such as businesses that are food based & they scrounge for their existence in garbage dumpsters, as well as hunting. Cats that are domesticated very often do NOT do well when they come upon already settled feral colonies; many times they oust the newcomers. The sad fact is, that EVERY free roaming dog in the USA will be picked up by animal control & maybe they will have the chance to be adopted out, many will be unlucky due to overcrowding; whereas cats that were abandoned to the streets will NOT EVER be picked up by animal rescue. The longer these domestic cats remain on the streets world intervention (fostered/adopted) They have no choice but to take on feral instincts in ice to survive..but then they are barely ever, if never, given a second chance because there is a SEVERE lack of fosters to help them get over there ptsd from their abandonment to be able to have a chance to have a second chance at life & found a new forever home Yes, dogs have it bad too, but cats, by far, have it far worse, & many less available foster situations and many many remain on the streets, very sadly, for the rest about their lives. I know! I cats for many many feral cat colonies, so I personally see if 1St hand!!!! It is heartbreaking 💔, to say the least!!!!

    1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

      I don’t know, I volunteer at a shelter (one of three in my area) and always have over 100 dogs, good dogs needing homes. We everything from big dogs to small dogs. Loving dogs who need homes. There are so many dogs out there who just want to be loved and need a home. It is really sad to me

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