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Waggin Train/Canyon Creek Jerky Treat Recall

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  1. Pacific Sun

    Most people would applaud NP for finally taking “recall” action. But I think this shows what worse scum buckets they really are. Now that they’re facing a legal reprocussion, they’re running scared. If people believe the discovery of antibiotics in foreign marketed chicken is some kind of a surprise, then they’re delusional. The problem always was that companies like NP couldn’t recall previously, because of creating doubt and suspicion in the market place. Congratulations to the NYDOA probably for a lot of very hard work to finally make a conclusion and force the hand. I hope this gives consumers with any pending lawsuits plenty of ammunition to hold accountable companies like NP which should have known better, because they’ve known all along!!!!

  2. Dalmom

    Its about time they did some kind of recall, even if they are most likely lying about the reason why.

    That link to the pet food safety article is really scary. I’m happy I quit going to McDonald’s since the pink slime incident, and I don’t remember when I ate KFC last time. Now I’m really relieved that I just quit eating all fast food over 8 months.

  3. Mark Morton, DVM

    Nobody that would “care deeply about pets and their owners, and the quality of our products” would be using ANYTHING from stinking China in their products!

    1. Dog mom

      My thought exactly!

  4. Tim

    I hope that the low-information pet parents who have been feeding these treats will take note of this phrase in Nestle Purina’s recall notice: “linked to the FDA’s ongoing investigation of chicken jerky products”.

    Even if unrelated, it should open more eyes to the problems with these chicken jerky treats.

  5. Cheryl Poindexter

    It’s about time. Your question and answer is bullshit.
    Stop doing business with China.

    1. Jennifer Woodburn

      I totally agree…stop doing business with China! they DO NOT care about poisoning our beloved pets. after all, they brutally slaughter dogs for human consumption, something they’ve done for thousands of years. but come on, this isn’t the dark ages anymore. apparently they consider it a “delicacy”. SICK!!

  6. Chris

    Intelligent comments all – I have been shocked that these jerky “treats” remain on the market in spite of the number of dogs sickened and killed…. people, educate yourselves as to what you give your beloved pets. PetCo – PetSmart – SHAME !

  7. rick

    wow after a few years the law suits must have been getting big what a bunch of low lives
    this makes me puke All of us at Waggin’ Train care deeply about pets and their owners, and the quality of our products is of the utmost importance,” said Nina Leigh Krueger, President the only thing these low lifes care about is their $$$$ and how far they can go in their jobs

  8. Judith Pannebaker

    I’m a newspaper editor and accessed the press release about the Waggin’ Train voluntary recall for publication. I must say, it was very strangely worded. Talk about back-pedaling and doublespeak! I agree concur with Pacific Sun’s comments. Thank goodness those products will be gone!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I agree Judith. I’ve never seen a press release stated this way. Many questions.

  9. Dennis

    My hat goes off to Purina. All stores should follow Purina’s lead and get rid of those Chinese treats. Our little dog came down with Franconi’s Syndrome by eating those treats and it’s a terrible thing. How can anyone in good concience knowing that the treats can cause damage to the dogs kidney’s sell this junk. I hope Walmart, Petsmart and the rest follow Purina’s lead and take all Chinese Treats and Products off the shelves.

    1. Jennifer

      It should be Fanconi Syndrome not Franconi Syndrome. There is a treatment protocol for vets that is available online.

      1. Dennis

        I am sure people knew what I meant….I am also sure you never make a typing mistake….People….

        1. Helper

          The majority of TAPF followers are exceptionally well mannered and compassionate. I didn’t make the correction, but suspect who ever did was only trying to be consistent for the sake of the topic and to make internet research easier. Everyone here only wants the best for their pet, no matter what it takes (smile)! Hope your tomorrow is a better day.

  10. cheryl

    No kudos for them…. it’s about time!

  11. Beth Marousek

    I’d like to think that all of us who are voicing our concerns are finally getting through, and I will continue to express my concerns!
    About a week ago I contacted Petco by phone and requested they discontinue distribution of three “made in China” chicken jerky treats I found there: Canyon Creek, Milo’s Kitchen and Happy Hipps. They asked for skew numbers, which I provided, and I carefully explained the problem with the treats and the issue with the FDA (which I’m sure they were aware of but I did it anyway). I intend to follow up with a letter to Petco board members Brian K. Devine, James M. Myers, Julian C. Day, Charles W. Duddles, John G. Danhakl, CEO James M. Myers, President and COO Bruce C. Hall, and Chief Marketing Officer and Senior Vice President Elisabeth Charles, at Petco Animal Supplies Stores, Inc. 9125 Rehco Rd., San Diego, California 92121.

  12. Manel Dias

    Not only the Waggin Train Jerky Chicken Stripes have killed many dogs in the US & Canada. The food & health organizations still keeps allowing the importation of such crap from China until now.

  13. Annie

    “All of us at Waggin’ Train care deeply about pets ”

    If this statement is true then WHY would N-P be buying its ingredients from China?

    I trust no one, beside myself, to be feeding my animals local and/or ALL USA grown, and manufactured, ingredients/foods.

  14. Marsha

    I find it amazing that NYSDAM was able to find the problem with the treats but the FDA could not!

  15. Deborah

    It’s about time!! Wow!!! I can’t believe they waited so long. This crap made my dog SO sick and all they cared about was profit! Well for every dog that has died or gotten sick may they leak 1,000 times from their profits and interactions with China!

  16. Curious Reader


    “Based on the FDA’s review of the NYSDAM results, there is no evidence that raises health concerns, and these results are highly unlikely to be related to the reports of illnesses FDA has received related to jerky pet treats. FDA commends Del Monte and Nestle-Purina for withdrawing these products from the market in response to this product quality issue. FDA also welcomes additional information about NYSDAM’s testing methodology, which is different and reportedly more sensitive than currently validated and approved regulatory methods.”

    How is it that a company is to be “commended” for responding to a product quality control issue that isn’t related to a potential health concern? This must be special “FDA Speak”? Maybe I need to take a Rosetta Stone foreign language course because I can’t understand why the FDA would want to actually distance themselves from a potential evidentiary breakthrough.

    1. Jennifer

      Why won’t anyone release the name of the antibiotic? Is this antibiotic even okay for pets? Fanconi Syndrome can be caused by certain antibiotics and outdated ones.

      1. Reader

        You may read about the antibotics in detail written by the (incredibly tenacious) author of “Poisoned Pets,” Mollie Morrissette at this link –
        Btw us: Every pet owner should read the article too. I had no idea that some pets can have a life threatening reaction to a certain class of drugs. Thank you so much Mollie, for doing all this research for the benefit of pet owners!!

  17. Todd

    My dogs have been eating Wagon Train chicken jerky breasts primarily and some of the brands other treats for several years without any problem. My dogs are larger size hounds and in overall good health. This product is given as a treat one daily to each and never as a food substitute. Several times the company has been telephoned about the information on the internet in the last few years. My decision has been that as long as my dogs show no symptoms and reputable stores like Walmart and Costco do not choose to stop selling to keep consuming the product. FYI : White chicken meat in China is not considered as much a delicacy as dark meat unlike here in the United States. This is why companies like Wagon Train obtain their chicken breat meat from overseas. These treats are no cheap to buy in this country as it is so imagine if they were manufactured with only chicken meat from the United States. Please know that my heart is with pet owners who have experienced illness and death. My last dog dies from lime disease and kidney failure. Never would my grief have been relieved by blaming Wagon Train chick breasts for the outcome. Another dog passed from lung cancer but blaming the chlorinated water in the swimming pool she fell into six months earlier would be foolish. Glad that my counter is crowded with a half dozen 30 oz. bags of both chicken and duck fillets since there might never be anymore. One last coupon for a 30 oz. bag cannot be used at Walmart this evening to my dismay. Sorry eveyone but we all make choices and are responsible for ourselves.

    1. Curious Reader

      OMG. This is the most obtuse comment in a pet health forum that I’ve read in 5 years. It needs to be rebutted for the sake of less experienced readers and pet owners. Let’s start with reputable stores “like” Walmart and Costco. Large, yes. Nationally recognized, yes. Volume discount dealers, yes. Responsible, no. One already has an issue with it’s personnel and undermining USA manufactured production. And both have been petitioned to (at the very least) substitute CJTs for safer domestic “treats” (MOST especially during the holidays). Both totally ignored these (simple) requests. Until an owner goes through the gut-wrenching experience of unexpectedly (and that’s the key … not only normal aging and illness issues) but PREVENTABLE illnesses and accidents (exactly due to the choices and owner makes in ignorance) then it’s hard to identify with that kind of anguish and economic burden. It has never been stated or proven that every — and let’s call them what they really are — artificially and chemically processed dehydrated poultry strips, treat will kill a pet. I doubt there’s any risky, substandard commercial pet food out there that will kill a majority of pets outright. But is that the point? Or do we as consumers try to improve the quality and safety of our entire marketplace? Otherwise, let’s shop with a blindfold on, and throw out the FDA, and State DOA Agencies and the like. Let’s just save our government taxpayer money. Except it doesn’t work that way. So the chicken strips right now are at the TOP of the list for harming ENOUGH dogs to be of great concern. The FDA has written about it, Vets certify it, and there is enough anecdotal incidents to demonstrate it. So why would ANYONE want to reward a company that makes Wagon Train or Canyon Creek with their business, when their products are affecting pets? That alone seems insensitive enough. Secondly, the analogy about a pet’s lung can caner and chlorinated pool water is just absurd. Which is why I suspect this comment isn’t legitimate in the first place. Probably a cheap store interested party trying to protect sales. Absolutely crazy to even throw the idea into the discussion. We might as well defend all cigarette smokers’ acquired lung disease based on the joy of personal preferences! Lime disease is also of greater risk without prevention and kidney disease occurs at what age? End of life issue or prematurly, which can also be (at least) delayed. All these comments sound like a very complacent pet owner, not being open to education and progress in the second millenium. Nestle Purina (and the like) which are massively billion dollar conglomorates, need no defense whatsoever – and so SADLY at the expense of pets which (although more intelligent than their owners in many cases) simply can’t speak up for themselves. What a tragic household holding such a fatalistic philosphy regarding pet “ownership”. Happy hunting.

      1. in the business

        Completely agree. I don’t think “Todd’s” comment is legitimate either. I own a small dog biscuit company and I can tell you that everyone from the distributors to the Pet Category buyers at the retail stores to the CEO’s are only interested in bottom line = $$$. Pet Category buyers are pushed to stock items with at least a %100 markup (ie., they buy a product for $1.00 knowing they can sell it for at least $2.00). Buyers earn their bonus’ based on how much revenue they earn for the store. (FYI – this is the same for the middle-man distributors as well = they receive their bonus’ based on how much revenue they earn for their company. So by the time a product is purchased by a consumer – the consumer is literally paying %200 – %1,000 (sometimes higher) more than what the product actually costs.) The distributors and the big-box stores force the manufacturers to carry liability insurance – not only on the manufacturer but also on the distributor AND the big-box store = well in the millions of dollars. THIS is why the big-box stores don’t care what they sell as long as they’re making a profit because at the end of the day if there is a lawsuit over a defective product, the big-box store is “held-harmless” because it’s the manufacturer that maintains the liability insurance.

        1. Tracy Raypold

          Ignorance is not bliss, Todd. Not in this case. You clearly have no care for preventative measures in regards to your pets health and well being. My family lost 3 dogs within 6 weeks. All different ages and breeds. ALL ate the same wagon train. No coincidence. It was poisoning!

  18. snuzzled

    So, does anyone know where I can purchase a product similar to the Canyon Creek “Chicken Poppers” treats? My dogs absolutely love them, it seems to be nothing more than chicken jerky mixed with dried rice, but I can’t find a similar treat that’s made in the US. Such a shame, but I guess they will have to do without their favorite treats. I know I don’t feel comfortable buying them anymore!

  19. Mitzi

    I have fed my husky-mix the Waggin’Train chicken jerky treats for about 4 years. Now that we can’t get them anymore, she’s actually going through withdrawal symptoms! She refuses to eat her regular food, and will accept no other treats we offer, she literally turns up her nose as if to say, “you expect me to eat these???” What can I give her to get her off of her withdrawal? She’s just like a human who has been on cocaine for years and is suddenly deprived of it! Am I going to have to get her counseling or will she eventually get over these effects? Are you going to be bringing back any type of jerky treats? Sometimes she will refuse all dog food for 2-3 days!! This CAN’T be healthy!!!

    1. Reader

      An excellent option, especially for a large and working type breed, is a raw food diet! Or least minimally processed whole food. Once transitioned most won’t refuse. And they do begin to self regulate once all instinctual nutritional needs are met. It could be this dog is truly craving “protein” and feels more satisfied from the JTs. However… if dehydrated JTs are going to be fed, not only should they never replace a meal, the best and safest option is to make them home made, using a dehydrator or a recipe that uses the oven. When we think dogs are “addicted” it is actually to a routine and to an expectation (like “treats” given at certain times or as a reward for certain actions). Dogs read us like a book and can sense our anxiety (hesitation or trepidation) when dealing with meal time. How many times has someone put a dish of food down, and “watched” expectantly, hoping, just waiting for the dog to “happily” gulp it down? As long as the meal is balanced, healthy and fresh, offer it with confidence and determination. Don’t permit free feeding either, because they can learn to “pick and choose” and develop preferences. Many dogs will also naturally fast, which may go back to their ancestry when procuring food was very haphazard and irregular.

  20. Beth Marousek

    Mitzi, Reader has offered a great solution. My last 2 dogs, and current 2 (one of which is also a husky mix) dogs were/are on a raw food diet, or raw food plus grain free high quality dog food (Wellness). They adore raw poultry! My big Great Dane mix passed away at the amazingly old age of 14 and still had pearly white teeth. Even two of my cats like raw turkey necks. Do your dog a favor and feed her a species appropriate diet or as close to it as you can manage.

  21. Tracy Raypold

    In July 2012 we lost our Golden Retriever to kidney disease. It was a sudden onset. He had been healthy his entire life. I had recently switched vets. She commented on how incredibly healthy my sweet Ozzy was. How shocked she was to learn he was 9 years old. That he appeared 4 or 5 to her. 3 months later, we put him down. I started buying him wagon train treats from Costco, exactly 3 months before he died. Although my Oz man was 9 years old, is this just coincidence? Why are all these pets becoming sick after consuming these products? All be it, Purina or the Chinese jerky.

    I now feed our new Bernese Mtn. Dog, Acana grain free. He does amazing on it. It is Canadian made in Alberta, where we live. I feel it is much more safe. I will never feed my fur-babies anything made by Purina, Pedigree or any product made in China. I love my babies. I just wish I knew if this truly was food related, or if it was just the Oz man’s time? At there very same time, in Ontario, my best friend lost her 3 year old Old English Bulldog from the Costco food and wagon train contamination. We put them down 2 weeks apart. Again, Coincidence??

  22. Mark and Michelle Gann

    PRAYERS NEEDED: Our precious baby boy Kohlton (Boston Terrier Breed) only 4 1/2 yrs old was admitted Fe. 09 , 2013 in Critical Care at the MSU College of Veterinary Medicine and is still here fighting for his life. He was admitted and had a very severe case of pancreatitis, IBS, & kidney failure. We didn’t know about the treats till the recall, but apparently it was too late. Our poor baby had thrown up for two weeks, had diarrhea, and then his kidneys started failing. They have all kinds of IV’s giving fluids and medications. They put a feeding tube in on Monday and finally on Tuesday at 3:pm they were able to feed him and he was able to keep it down. That’s the first food he’s been able to keep down in twelve days. His kidneys have improved some since he was admitted, but they have a long ways to get his values back with in range. His collected fluid and they have finally got that under control. Overnight he deterated and was more depressed this morning and now is have trouble with the fluid building up in one of his eyes. The white of his left eye looks as though it has a bubble in it. Doctor says there’s not much more they can do. Please pray for his recovery!!!! He’s just like a kid to us!!! Doctors can’t come up with any explanations for his illness. Why has our government allowed these treats to stay on the market? You can bet we’ll be filing a lawsuit!!!! Our baby was eating the Waggin Train Chicken Jerky Treats and the Waggin Train Cowboy Steaks!!!!

    1. Jared

      Mark and Michelle Gann, Please tell me what happened to your little Kohlton? Our 8 year old Pug, Mugsy, had the exact same, and I mean exact same problems that happened to your little baby, starting at the end of February, lasting until April 4th, the saddest day of our lives when we had to put him to sleep :,( . It broke our hearts, but we couldn’t watch him waste away in pain anymore. He ate the Waggin’ Train Chicken treats the month before and eventually stopped eating everything. We took him to multiple vets, who thought he was just diabetic at first with pancreatitis, but it got much worse. We took him to the Emergency Clinic during that time as well. He had the droopy eye with the bubble under his eyeball. His skinned turned yellow. He would shake a lot and we tried to keep his blood pressure down with insulin which helped a little but it was so frustrating and draining trying to get him better but nothing was working! Please respond to me to let me know what you ended up doing and if your baby survived! I am so angry right now! I lost my best friend too soon and my family lost our best little loveable buddy to these scummy jerks and their garbage poison!

  23. Mike

    I would also like to know of a good substitute treat for our 9lb maltipoo. He was addicted to the Waggin Train chicken jerky treats (funny how someone above described cocaine withdrawal for their dog as I have said for the past five years that these treats are like ‘doggy cocaine’)..

    Anyway, we bought some soft “Cesar” treats to replace them and our dog won’t have anything to do with the soft treats. Tonight we went to the store and bought some hard bacon “Beggin Treats.” Again, our little guy sniffs for a second and turns his head away. I even tried to trick him by putting a Beggin treat in the Waggin Train bag that he is used to seeing and, when I pulled it out of the bag and threw it down to him, he sniffed and walked away.

    This dog MUST have some sort of similar treat or he will bark all day long. Waggin Train was the only way to get him to stop barking when we came home from a day away. Now I have no alternative that is similar..

    Please HELP if you have a suggestion that is similar to Waggin Train. We already feed him Cesar dog food which he LOVES but he also likes his treats and he’s been getting them daily for years. Now we have nothing to give him that he likes.

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Dalmom

      I never gave my dog wagon train treats, however, here are some safe alternatives:

      – My dog just loves the Sweet Potato Chews. They have
      other treats you can try too.

      – KONG – I stuff it with his dog foog kibbles, put Non-fat plain yogurt inside and freeze it. He just loves this and it lasts long. Also, he has to think it through on how to get the kibbles out. If you go to their website, they have many suggestions (recipes) of what to stuff these with.

    2. Jennifer

      There are brands of chicken jerky treats that are made in the U.S. and are not under the recall!

  24. Dave Poplin

    Just had put dowm my best friend yesterday. I know that
    the Wagon Train Chicken and Potato treats directly
    contributed to his death. I will never buy another product
    that is made in COMMUNIST CHINA! food products or otherwise.

  25. Whitney Russell

    my dog Gizmo

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