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Variety is the Spice of Life

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  1. Connie

    I participated in the kittybiome project and send samples of my raw fed cats and my conventionally fed foster kitten. My raw fed cats had a very diverse biome, whereas the conventionally fed cats had a biome that consisted of mostly one type of bacteria.

    1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

      So Connie, I am just trying to understand it is better to feed your dogs Raw diet, they had a better type of bacteria in their tummy. It is so hard to figure things out these days.

  2. Kristi Clark

    I feel validated and vindicated! For years, I have been cooking for my dogs, feeding them a variety of organic healthy foods. Their general and intestinal health has been much, much better when fed this variety of food, as opposed to when I have fed one type of commercial dog food. Hurray for this study! Now, there MUST be research and public information about how to feed a balanced home cooked diet to our pets. I tried to get the professors at Univ. of Calif. Davis to release their study on healthy home prepared diets for dogs, but they refuse. (I seem to recall that the study said most home-cooked pet diets are seriously deficient, but there are 3 that offer complete nutrition). Instead, they require that you make an appointment at their clinic, travel all the way to Davis, CA and then pay a whopping fee for a complete physical work up and specialized individual diet for your dog. Home cooking for our pets may be the “revolution” that is required to wake up the pet food industry! I don’t mind cooking for my dogs, but would also love to have the option to purchase prepared, healthy, organic, nutritious foods for them from an ethical, dependable company!!!

    1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

      Kristi, I have five dogs, one has very bad allergies and skin (My dogs are all rescue so a few of them have problems) so I have been feeding him Vital Essentials Frozen Rabbit patties which was recommended by a vet for his allergy problem. I have wondered if I am supposed to feed him rabbit patties forever or do I switch to chicken or beef or lamb or venison? My other dogs are fed Evermore Pet Food which is gently cooked and recommended by Susan, Evermore is on her list of healthy Non GMO foods. Evermore has chicken, beef and soon to be released a lamb variety, so my other dogs get feed different proteins daily. I would love to cook for my dogs, I am thinking it would not be so expensive, but I am afraid I would not have a healthy mix of foods they need. It would be scary for me.

  3. Holly

    My dog gets a wide variety of different foods. Last night he had leftover pot roast. Tonite he might have raw beef heart and pork. And if I don’t have enough raw, I may throw in a good, grain free canned food, or a little synthetic free dry. He never has a problem jumping form one type of food to another. I work for a natural pet food company (gotta pay the bills) and try to discourage people from feeding their pets only dry food. I even recommend they change brands, occasionally. I always tell them to feed their pets ‘REAL’ food. If they’re eating chicken for dinner, I suggest they make a little extra and give it to their dog or cat.

    1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

      Holly, I have always heard that changing your dogs food will upset their stomach and give them gas and diarrhea. I ran out of dog food just a couple weeks ago and fed four of my dogs a different food. Two of them had diarrhea so bad, especially my little Shih Tzu Bella, she had the runs, I felt so bad. I have read that some folks do change up their dogs food like you do, but how do you prevent your dog from getting diarrhea. Thanks for any help and advice

  4. pat wisniewski

    my dog is nine years old and plays like a puppy. he has been eating baked chicken, bones and all, for nine years and has never choked once. he did choke on a pork chop bone and doesn’t get them anymore.

  5. darlene

    Pat, while baked chicken is OK, cooked bones of any sort should be avoided because cooking makes them brittle …it’s not just about choking. cooked bones can have sharp edges when chewed and damage teeth, gums, the throat, intestines etc. Cooked bones are not the same as feeding raw bones. Please google about feeding cooked bones if you don’t believe me….I’m glad you haven’t had a problem feeding cooked chicken bones so far, but if you keep feeding them you could run into big problems….they could even kill your dog.

    1. Jill

      My dog has had no problems with cooked bones. She particularly seems to enjoy raw beef bones, but cooked chicken and pork bones are enjoyed with her real food diet. Cooked and raw.

      1. barbara m.

        It is playing Russian Roulette to give your dog bones. The fragments can get stuck in the esophagus, windpipe, stomach, intestines, which will cause peritonitis (fatal). She will be fine today, but tomorrow ??? You can google for alternatives.

        1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

          Barbara, so you don’t give your dog any bones?

  6. barbara m.

    Pat, Please consider not feeding chicken bones to your dog. I was at at bar-be-que where people were just tossing their bones to the animals. One dog got a bone stuck in its throat and would have died. Fortunately, there was a doctor there plus a few people to hold down the dog, who was frantic, of course. This was 20 years ago before people got smart.
    Regarding variety, we feed our 6 cats approx 4 different foods, two of them are raw, and one is dehydrated raw. We also give them home-made yogurt, which a few of them really love. Everyone is healthy.

  7. Judy

    Yes. Raw bones are ok. Never give cooked bones to your pet.

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