Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the land
Every creature was stirring hoping safe food was at hand.
The regulations were proposed by the FDA with care,
But will they truly make food safe for all the animals out there.

Big Pet Food was nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of more profits danced in their heads.
And lobbyists in kerchiefs and trade groups in caps
Had just settled their brains for a long winters nap.

When out on the Internet there arose such a clatter
Everyone sprang to their computer to see what was the matter.
Away to Windows they flew like a flash,
Logged onto the truth and they soon were aghast.

The hope upon the eve of a brand new year
Gave those that hinder the truth something to fear.
When what to their doubt-us eyes should appear,
But truth and more truth come to light next year.

With determined pet food advocates and millions who care
They will know in a moment on Facebook we’ll share.
More rapid than greyhounds our truth will be told
And we’ll scream and we’ll shout – we’ll be ever so bold.

Now Listen – we mean it – stop hurting our pets,
On food! On Treats! Nothing from China we bet.
To the tiniest kibble to the largest dog bone
Make them safe or we’ll tell all wherever pets roam.

Our faith that before many recalls did fly
When we see worthless ads of pet food to buy.
We’ll no longer accept everything that you sell,
Our trust you must earn – then others we’ll tell.

And then at long last, FDA rules we await,
Rules that will protect all animals they state.
As we hope and we pray before long we might find
Rules and Regs that will give all animals safe food to dine.

We’re watching very closely every rule that they make,
We learn from insiders whats real and whats fake.
We’ll never be careless with our trust ever again,
We know where we are going – we know where we’ve been.

We’ll never lose hope, we’ll never give up
Our pets deserve to eat the best – every cat, every pup.
Now hear us exclaim, hear us shout with hopeful cheer,
Merry Christmas to all – may 2014 be a safe pet food year.

Thanks to all for your support in 2013,
Susan Thixton