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The Type of Meat Evanger’s Really Used

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    time to do this!!

  2. Claudia Loomis

    Thank you Susan! To your point about there being more “Bailey’s out there” We also need to know how many more Evanger’s are out there. As an holistic pet food retailer, we carried a limited number of Evanger’s cans and have since discontinued the line.Now we are diving down deeper with the pet food companies as to sourcing of ingredients, testing and production methods, and are asking all to complete a pet food questionnaire. We are requiring transparency from our pet food manufactures. We do not want to see any more pets suffer.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thank you right back at ya! Thank you for being diligent about the products you carry. Only independent pet food stores!

      1. MK

        Claudia, practically all dry foods since they all contain “meals” which come from a rendering facility dead carcasses. This guy also sells raw and freeze dried. We should be thankful that Evangers is going after this guy which makes one less bad guy.

        1. Acacia Rogers

          Actually not all “meals” are sourced from low quality meat. that’s on a case by case basis and dependent on the brand

    2. Laurie Raymond

      Here is the problem: when you try to trace ingredients back, usually the processor step is skipped. You can find the farm that raised the animal but not the feed lot, slaughter house or rendering company that sold the meat ingredient to the pet food manufacturer. I hired a paralegal to look into state law (CO) and any applicable federal laws governing how these entities (like Bailey’s and Marshalls) operate, and she found a maze of regulations without much indication of oversight or clear way to verify the entire chain of supply. I too have a retail store, and my investigations had convinced me that the sodium pen could not have gotten into the Hunk of Beef product except by deliberate tampering, because euthanized animal carcasses would be illegal in any food other than rendered products, where the amount and variety of carcasses processed would dilute the drug residue to a probably non-lethal proportion. This report shows that this is not the case at all. I have a monthly pet column in our local paper and I intend to cover this story this month. I suspect a justification the FDA would use for its “discretionary” approval of this toxic stuff is that “animal feeds” are designed to nourish livestock, which by definition are creatures no one intends will live out a normal lifespan. But if they become food for animals that are slaughtered for human consumption, how safe is that? And of course, pets are supposed to live a normal lifespan – or at least not be deprived of it by their food. This needs to be the biggest scandal we can contrive to make it. The pet food industry is evil (not all companies are, but how the hell can you know for sure?) and the pressures on the decent ones to grow insure that they will follow industry “norms” to safeguard profitability.

  3. Barbara Fellnermayr

    Wow am I stupid. I own Amore Pet Foods in Canada, no government regulations on pet food. We claim to, and really do, use human grade meat. I pay $9.31/pound (Canadian dollars) for certified organic beef. How am I supposed to compete with companies that claim human grade yet pay 37 cents/pound. I have a customer call me last week, wanted to change to our food. He’s currently paying $70/40 pounds, ours would be $165/40 pounds. There are two reasons he wants to change 1) our location is much more convenient and 2) the other food is making his dog sick! People, wake up. You get what you pay for! I had another customer switch back for the following reason; he found out the hard way that when you buy crap you get to make your dog sick and pay a huge vet bill. Unfortunately this give raw food a bad rap!

    1. Leanne

      I, too, worry about unscrupulous pet feed companies climbing onto the bandwagon of raw food.

    2. Colleenyts

      Barbara, where are you located in Canada? Are you a whole saker or make prepared raw foods? I only have access to Bold Canine Raw where I live. It makes me nervous, not having regulations, but my cat hates the only other option, Natures Variety raw which is very expensive, but I don’t think it’s because it’s a better quality. Trying my best to make time and research so can make my own. So far my cats seem to be doing ok with Bold raw, but I know they occasional change suppliers which makes me nervous. There are other companies that make prepared raw foods too, but cater to dogs only. So guess I’m going to have to find my own way for my cats. Do you sell in Ontario or can can recommend any companies that sell quality raw for cats too? Bold has 4 options for cats, but 25 recipes for dogs. I guess it’s a dogs world when it comes to access to quality pet food.

  4. laurelspage

    This is totally disgusting!!! I have cats not dogs, but this is just totally unacceptable for anyone to sell this stuff for dog food. It turned my stomach. I so hope that they get their pants sued off and can no longer sell this stuff to anyone.

    1. Regina

      Oh, yeah, I also wanna see them get their pants sued off.
      But only AFTER they have burst into flames for being such liars!!!!

  5. Barbara Archer

    Thank you, Susan, for all your hard work. This opens up a whole new can of worms I am sad to say. For the past six months I have been supplementing my 12 year old dog’s meals with freeze dried nuggets, beef, duck and/or chicken. The packages clearly state human grade and where the meats are sourced. However, is there a way to learn what companies are providing their meats, possibly companies like Bailey?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      There is no way to know who these companies sell to – unfortunately. We are at the mercy of a regulatory system that doesn’t enforce law and unscrupulous manufacturers.

  6. landsharkinnc

    what surprises me is that this has not happened before with their own product – not just what they marketed to Evangers

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I would guess it has – many, many times – with many different suppliers and many different pet foods. It was amazing that everything fell into place and this got discovered. We own the discovery of this to a pet owner in Oregon and a little dog name Talula that lost her life. The pet owner did everything right to find an answer – that doesn’t always happen.

      1. Regina

        Let’s hope that with these discoveries, enough action will be taken so that Talula’s death was not in vain.

        Hopefully this pet owner in Oregon will have given enough our movement enough juice to really get the ball rolling!

  7. Keller

    With the funding for the FDA substantially cut under the present administration, as I understand it, there doesn’t seem to be much hope for enough FDA agents to even begin to cover the pet food industry and certainly not enough funds for the FDA to take anyone to court. It seems that it will be up to the consumers and their advocates to do all the policing – sounds like “doing business as usual” even when there were more funds available. More work for you, Susan. Great, huh?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      But…the last thing the FDA wants is for consumers to sue them (us sue FDA) to force them to enforce law. We have the grounds from a Supreme Court decision called ‘Chevron deference’. Here is a post I did on it: We will force them – budget or no budget – the courts will force them.

    2. angela

      Actually the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) – which includes the FDA, NIH, CDC, as well as other agencies – is slated for a total fiscal 2017 budget of $73.5 billion. That’s up $2.8 billion from last year’s enacted level and $3.8 billion more than what President Barack Obama had proposed for fiscal 2017.

      1. Erin

        Fiscal Year 2017 began late 2016. The budget that Trump sets will be FY 2018 starting lat this year (2017).

  8. Carol Schatz

    Facebook won’t let me share either your FB post or this page directly. Keeps saying URL not found (direct share) or “We had trouble using the URL you provided. Please try again later.” (FB share). ☹

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Go to the Truth about Pet Food Facebook page and share from there. Unless Facebook has stopped it from being shared – don’t know.

      1. Carol Schatz

        It just let me share from my newsfeed. Something wonky must have been going on at the time.

      2. Peter

        Some antiviral programs (that is: the program of the specific person at his/her own computer) have built-in parameters that will block “sharing” or even forwarding of URLs that the program deems are “unsecured.” That is, any URL that begins with “http://” rather than “https…” You can check/change the settings of your security program to determine/alter this, as the program is set to regard this as “unsafe.”

  9. Terri Christenson Janson

    This is deplorable!!!! So they were using 4-D meat when they said HUMAN GRADE. Also putting it in their Organic products. Did Evangers ask where the meat from Bailey Farms came from??? How awful and it makes me so mad. I have been homecooking for about 5 years now and will be doing another batch after I get home from working 8 hours but my dogs are worth it. My beef comes from the grocery store where I shop. I can’t believe Evangers could not put 2 and 2 together when Bailey farms also picks up dead cows and horses. If they wanted to be safe they should have had QUALITY CONTROL in place. They lied big time….

    1. Laurie Raymond

      There is no way to exonerate Evangers for its lying to their retail “partners,” their own reps, and consumers. However, just try this (as I have and continue to do): call the manufacturer of any brand and ask for the name and address of the company from which they directly purchase their animal products. They won’t tell you. They will say something like “it’s a USDA or APHIS regulated facility,” or “that’s proprietary information.” This is the deliberately-invisible section of the meat supply chain in pet food where the horrific, law-breaking, lethal practices occur, with the cynical support of regulatory agencies. And although this is tragic and terrible, don’t for a minute believe the pet food industry is unique in the absolutely cynical way it has arranged to operate above and below the law to rake in outrageous profits. This is the state of capitalism at this moment. Always, the most vulnerable – animals, minority communities, the poor – pay with their own lives and health. We must not ignore the larger social, economic and political realities of the world we created and continue to support with our purchasing power and our taxes.

  10. stormidnight

    Keep it simple. If it’s not for humans, it’s not for anyone else. It indicates that the quality/efficacy is far below what you would tolerate. Definite red flag on any label.

  11. Susan Hayes

    Thanks for all of your hard work and sleuthing on this and everything else, Susan!

  12. Kiva Huffman

    So sad…breaks my heart to hear that these poor little animals are eating this. Everyone definitely needs to sue the FDA…our pets are worth it. I cook up chicken thighs for my dogs and use the broth over origen dry. It labels their meat and is 85.00 a bag…hopefully origen is honest…

    1. T Allen

      Orijen is no better than the rest. All dry kibble foods contain USDA rejected meat at the best and 4D at the worst (same as canned and raw) Even very expensive feeds ($85/15#=$5.66/#) don’t make sense economically if beef costs $3/# ground in the store and the cheapest fish is $6/#! Add all those other ingredients, although they are miniscule amounts, plus the cost of manufacturing, employees, trucking etc and tell me how they are paying for human grade meats. They aren’t.

      1. LisaM

        “All” foods “same as canned and raw”, are using USDA rejected or 4D meats?

        I purchase raw and canned foods from Susan’s approved list that she’s exhaustively researched, that are indeed human grade. I am guessing you did not mean all.

  13. Kiva Huffman

    Susan THANK U FOR ALL THE HARD WORK YOU DO. I’M A FAN of Doctor Becker…and you both are wonderful! !!!

  14. Natural Mom

    Fantastic work, Susan! This is why our family feeds a home made organic raw diet to our cats and dogs. It’s all human grade and we know exactly what is and is not in their foods. Will share this article with my friends who buy commercial raw pet foods. This reminds me of the oxymoron, “I’m from the government and am here to help you.” NOT! The whole government alphabet soup of FDA, CDC, WHO, etc. are not to be trusted as they never tell the full story. Keep up the great, vital work! God bless.

  15. Rhonda Gillespie Floyd

    I don’t like to cook but I cook excellent meals and do so because I have to. Now I am also cooking for my 4 precious little doggies and old lady kitty. It is hard and it is messy and I don’t like to do it. But I do. Even sourcing human grade organic meat and veggies and appropriate human grade vitamins and supplements is not easy. It is getting easier as I’m becoming more accustomed to it.
    I just could never trust anything but human grade made by me or a trusted friend any more.
    As far as the government not enforcing laws – seriously? Imagine being the parent or family of a person killed by someone who is illegally in our country or by drugs which entered because the government decided that it would not enforce the laws on the books regarding those people entering the country. The government is supposed to protect the people and their property. But the last many years have been a joke as far as enforcing laws passed by our legislative bodies. Again, one cannot trust the government to protect them or their animals. It is very sad. But government is only as good as the people who work there. The rule of law has been openly laughed at for the last many years. Whole cities brag about it in fact. When the government doesn’t even care about protecting its legal citizens, I cannot be surprised that they don’t care about protecting our beloved animals.

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