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Our Test Results Press Release pulled from the Internet

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  1. TNReedy

    Doesn’t surprise me Susan.Glad I quickly forwarded your original post to Illinois U.S. Senator Richard ‘Dick’ Durbin. Hope he reads it and gets involved.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thank you!!! Here’s hoping Senator Durbin reads the report and immediately calls FDA asking for answers.

  2. Sharon Norris

    I forwarded the result paper to my vet. She was very interested. I forwarded it to my cat group also. I was going to forward to the local news station but the link that was on the bottom of your letter was blank except for the heading. I should have saved the open document.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      In the midst of all of this – probably because of all of this – was hacked again as well. It is being fixed right now.

      1. Leslie Abrahams

        Susan where is the Press Release for me to forward?

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          It is linked above – I just made it easier to find.

        2. Leslie Abrahams

          OK I have it now, thanks!

  3. Sharon Norris

    Update: I was able to recover the entire thing so I will forward it and print it out as well.

  4. Valerie Noyes

    Susan, maybe I’m being dumb, but I don’t see the press release?

    1. Valerie Noyes

      Never mind, sorry, I see the link. My browser has it in the same color and I just looked over it.

  5. Michael Jones

    Unfortunately Susan you need a bigger Lawyer. Money runs this country, which most of us do not have. Sad when you think about it.

  6. Dianne

    Do you have a tweet about this that we can retweet to the point of being viral? Or a group of hashtags to attach to our own tweets?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      GREAT idea. How about #FixPetFood – what do you think?

      1. Dianne

        Sounds good. Any others? Do you have a twitter account for TAPF? Another good one is #consumerscare could be interpreted as consumers care or consumer scare.

        I was thinking in terms of using more than one.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          Let me think on this tonight – and I’ll post on it tomorrow. Thanks Dianne. And for me Twitter is #TAPF

  7. Valerie Noyes

    Press release sent to the ABC, NBC and CBS affiliates in Reno, NV. Will continue to look for outlets to send it to. These bastards are NOT going to suppress this information!

  8. Natalie

    Good thing they can’t shut up the internet! Once something is posted, it never really disappears. I’ve already told/shown everyone I possibly can and the word is quickly spreading as they are sharing and telling others too. It’s a little too late for them to try and sweep this information under the rug!

  9. Catherine

    Submitted to the Atlanta Journal Constitution
    Working on the Gwinnett Daily Post

  10. Jeanette Owen

    Do a UTube thing. That gets around

  11. Dianne

    It occurs to me that if Alltech is doing work for the pet food companies and they got the results they did with the samples sent, then odds are high that the pet food companies using them have received similar results. Begs the question of what have they done with the information?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      They didn’t know what brands they were testing for us – samples were sent blind to them. I’ve wondered what the results had been if they did know what foods they were testing.

      1. Dianne

        Well they know now.

        I also posted on the Daily Show website. Even if they don’t do anything with it, anyone reading the posts to their page will see it. Maybe someone will share.

  12. Sharon

    I sent the release to my local affiliates too. Just wondering, why can’t PR Web run the press release without reference to Alltech? When I stop and think about it, if a big chunk of Alltech’s income comes from doing testing for pet food companies, I guess I can see why they are freaking out thinking their main customers will retaliate and take their business elsewhere for being affiliated with this. It may be cowardly, but sadly, money concerns usually trump more noble causes. I’m not sure shooting arrows at Alltech is worth it. Especially if your scientists will need to contract with them again for future testing, you wouldn’t want to shoot any future testing plans in the foot. Just a thought. Thank you so much for your tremendous efforts on behalf of our beloved pets!

  13. Erica

    Ive sent the press release to several local news stations in my area. I will work on more outlets to sent it to tomorrow

  14. Sandra Cole

    Done! Sent your link & a short-sh synopsis of the story to WFAA in Dallas, Texas’ FB page. 🙂

  15. Sharon

    I’ve sent the link out to media in my area, but it would be great to have some good verbiage to introduce the link so it gets the attention of news staff and others. Anyone come up with something compelling and to the point?!

  16. Vicki

    That is a complete outrage! I think you should demand your $200 refunded immediately – as you already removed the “language” as per their agreement with you! This is a breach of contract as far as I know, and I think you should contact a ( very pet loving ) lawyer! I’ve got a bad hunch you are going to need one, ASAP!

    I did post this to my FB, I will also post this letter, and try to forward the report to my Congress reps here for MI. We will see if any of these “big shots” really give a crap about our poor, defenseless pets, and worse still, their own communities of people that are affected by this!

    Absolute BS! Don’t let it bring ya down Susan, your a trooper, and I’m sure this can and will be “leaked” out one way or another, God Willing! People and Pet ((Hugs)) for you!

  17. Gayle

    I’d love to see the report, but it appears the link now leads nowhere. When I open the link, it’s empty. Is there a way you can forward this to me? Or point me in the direction of where it is? I work for an organization who has a pet food project underway and your report may have useful information.

    Keep going! This is hard work, but our pets are worth it.

  18. Terri Janson

    I’ve just posted the link on my facebook page as well!!!! :))))

    1. Gayle

      Can someone let me know where I can see this press release? I don’t know how to find your FB pages where it’s posted, and the link above is empty. Thanks!

        1. Gayle

          Got it. Much thanks!

  19. Susanne

    Just emailed Congressman Jim Cooper, Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Bob Corker in Tennessee!

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