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Millions of Drowned Decomposing Livestock Animals allowed to be Rendered

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  1. Hope

    Shaking my head. Do you remember in 2007 Susan with the millions of cans of melamine laced pet food were recalled and allowed by the FDA to be sold at pennies on the dollar to fish farmers and livestock corporations cause the affect on a human’s diet would be minimal due to weight of the person and not a steady consumption of the animal that was fed these products? And we wonder why cancer in the population continues to increase at alarming rates. Shaking my head and grieving about this.

  2. Dianne & Pets

    Aside from the horror of all those animals decomposing, and I seriously hope measures will be taken to prevent this, as much as possible, in the future, do you know or have anyway to know which pet feeds will be the recipients of this rendered product?

      1. Elena

        Oh my gosh! I just went to Valley Proteins web site. So many dog food companies, even the highly rated ones, use chicken meal etc. This is very frightening.

  3. Nora

    Unbelievable! Brand names? Or is that not allowed? What about all the dead decomposing cats and dogs??

      1. Nora

        This makes me want to hurl!!

        1. Sherrie

          I’m with you, I could just get sick over this

  4. Regina

    As if the horror of the storm’s devastation wasn’t bad enough . . . This, this is just making me ill. This might be a big push for folks to seriously consider making their pets’ food themselves, if they’ve been on the fence about it up til now..

  5. Sherrie

    Unfortunately there are people out there who don’t believe their dog/cat food is made this way and the convenience of dog/cat at the local grocery store or pet shop—-well there you go

  6. Irene Baker

    Ditto, Regina.

  7. Peter

    And realize that virtually no coverage has been “allowed” of this issue, photos of the corpses of these animals floating in floodwater are never shown.

  8. Peter

    Conspicuously absent from media coverage is any photos of the corpses of these animals, floating in the floodwater.

  9. Jessie Frederiksen

    WOW the FDA sure doesn’t disappoint do they…. What can we do about it? That’s the question we all should be asking!!! Its one this to sit around and complain about the FDA and its another to do something about it or at least try!!! Im going to contact the FDA and question them about the situation I will post this article on facebook and send emails out to all the fur baby parents i know and tell them to pass the info along. Is there any other ideas out that we can use?

  10. Laura B

    Guess ill be making my cats food personally, cant believe how evil this shit is….they wouldn’t ground it up and feed it to humans but they will sell it and never disclose what brand for me to feed to my animals that are as special to me as my mom, sisters, friends . My animals are apart of my family and this is extremely straight up fucking disturbing!

    1. LJDail

      Don’t be so sure🤔

  11. Lou

    And this is what they consider “balanced” pet food. Taking what is essentially unsanitary garbage and adding vitamins, minerals and palatants does not equate to balanced for me.
    I started home cooking for my dogs in 2007 as a result of contaminated high-priced, well-marketed commercial feed. It can be challenging and costly, but I know what they eat and where it came from. BTW, we have consistently had healthy dogs.

  12. Robin

    It’s so interesting I’ve posted this article on Facebook in the justification of people when they’ve had an aha moment I had one person reach out and said but I don’t feed pork or chicken to my animals and I simply politely laughed and said it’s more than just pork or chicken it’s pretty much all the kibble across the board is going to have rendered dead carcass in it to prepare it and then the person went silent I’m not here to anger people I’m just here to give the real information out so people have an aha moment

  13. Dana Lewis, DVM

    Stop spreading falsehoods. The FSIS does not allow decomposing carcasses to enter the human or animal food chain.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Dr. Lewis – Food Safety Inspection Service is part of USDA, not FDA. FDA regulates pet food. Please see these links on the AAFCO website:,, I’ve just provided you evidence the disposal of waste animals, animal materials is indeed dumped into pet food and animal feed. If you still believe it is a “falsehood” – I ask you to provide the evidence.

      1. Rebekah R Page

        Have to be the blunt one, follow the 💵💵💵…. Big Ag, and Big Pharma will never tell the truth it would put them out of business, and their yachts are expensive.

    2. Dianne & Pets

      Dr. Lewis, euthanized animals are also not supposed to enter the pet food chain, and yet it has happened, a problem that the FDA acknowledges. refer you to Susan’s other post I see no reason to believe that these decomposing carcasses will not enter the pet food chain, and given past performance by the pet food industry and regulatory agencies I fully expect it to happen.

    3. Rebecca Sherk

      Dream on. Did you read rhe article? Please explain how euthanasia drugs end up in pet food. That is prohibited too,yet it is true that it happened. You must be a shill for the rendering plants.

  14. Angela Fletcher

    They will probably end up at what we call the stink factory on 321 in Gastonia near the South Carolina line! And as a reminder they have spilled this mess all over our roads from Charlotte to Belmont and Gastonia!! It’s a horrible smell and nasty mess!!!

  15. Mary s

    Horrific! I try not to buy food with any meat by products, though I know nothing is guaranteed.

  16. Pamela Goldie

    Does the rendering facilities im the US just sell to US pet food companies, or further afield? I’m in Great Britain, a Canine Nutritionist and a huge advocate for animal health, Sadly we don’t have as many animal warriors like yourself over here but we support you either way. Pamela Goldie.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t know if this material would be shipped outside the US. My guess would be it would depend on the importing country’s regulation (if non-slaughtered, diseased animal material would be accepted).

    2. Dianne & Pets

      We already know that recalled food has had new labels slapped on the bag and shipped to Europe. If your country has regulations about importing contaminated food, you could give them a heads up. Maybe they could inspect shipments from the states more thoroughly.

      1. Elena

        I was under the impression that the European Union had stricter requirements for pet food. I don’t know if this is true but some pet food companies market this as a plus if their manufacturing plant is European Union approved. I am fairly certain that the European Union does not allow any GMO ingredients in their dog food. I just remembered about Britain exiting the European Union though.

        1. Dianne & Pets

          My comment only applied to food made in the states and then shipped to Europe. Someone had removed one of the labels and found it was covering a lot number that had been recalled. A while ago I saw something about an ingredient in European dog food that was connected to a canine disease that had to do with swallowing.

  17. […] North Carolina tells the livestock industry that “when flooding is an issue” the primary option to dispose of millions of drown animals is Rendering: “Rendering is a preferred off-site option with some limitations due to timing challenges and access to carcasses during flooding events. It is low cost and results in a product of value from rendered carcasses”… Will those decomposing animal carcasses become rendered pet food ingredients? Chances are – they will. And worse yet – no pet owner will know which pet food will contain rendered decomposing drowned animals from Hurricane Florence’. SOURCE… […]

  18. M janski


  19. D

    Do you think it’s possible that any of the companies on your List will be purchasing from these rendering facilities?

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