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FDA admits: Pentobarbital in Pet Food More Of A Problem Than Originally Thought

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  1. pamroussell

    Thank you for your tireless commitment to exposing the truth and educating consumers! #mypetisnotawastedisposalsystem

  2. Aman Patel


  3. landsharkinnc

    semms that a waste disposal system/incinerator would/could produce enough energy to justify it’s existence and have enough to share with the grid system in the area. Would/could be available for all waste products in the area … we have a ‘wood energy’ plant here that takes the waste from our International Papercomany mill and pays for itself and the mill, and has enough to share with that ‘end of the county’ …

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      That is exactly what needs to happen. This waste could go to produce energy.

  4. suzanne hartwigsen

    Susan Thank you again! I sent an email today!

  5. You have taken this out of context in my opinion. He is not condoning this in the slightest. The FDA is greatly understaffed and cannot be there when every single bit of pet food is made. They are having to do what they can as they do further testing and research. Your article makes it seem as if the FDA doesn’t care about pets and that is far from the truth. You do realize most FDA employees are pet owners too. They want what is best for pets but the pet food industry is doing a lot of shady stuff and trying to get it under the radar. The pet food companies are the ones who don’t care about our pets. That is where you should be focusing your anger.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Rebecca – would you consider this to be ‘of concern of pets’? “POLICY:
      Pet food consisting of material from diseased animals or animals which have died otherwise than by slaughter, which is in violation of 402(a)(5) will not ordinarily be actionable, if it is not otherwise in violation of the law. It will be considered fit for animal consumption.

      This an FDA Compliance Policy. They did not HAVE to write this policy – they CHOSE to. Allowing pets to consume diseased and non-slaughtered animals is not done with concern – at least not in concern of pets. We’ll have to agree to disagree.

      1. This does not automatically mean the meat is harmful to pets. There are diseases that are not communicable between species. The pet food companies are the ones stretching this policy past its intended meaning. Why do you have such a hatred for the FDA?

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I do not hate FDA. I hate that pets die because FDA ignores law. You must be new to this website. You need to read more of what FDA has done.

          1. I do not need to read all the erroneous information you guys believe. I actually know many FDA employees and they are very diligent and work so hard to protect us. Your vendetta against them is misplaced. Focus that anger toward the pet food companies themselves.

          2. Susan Thixton Author

            How can you know the information is “erroneous” if you haven’t read it, haven’t checked my links provided in each post as evidence?
            And I actually know many FDA employees too – I’ve worked with them for years at AAFCO meetings. They are very nice people (most). It’s not the individuals – it’s the agency. FDA – the agency, not the individual people – allow law to be violated and one way or another, consumers are going to keep complaining and pressuring them until law is enforced. Just read this – it’s the FDA website: Then maybe you’ll understand why pet owners here are very frustrated with FDA’s behavior.

      2. Vicky

        I agree with Susan. Multiple examples where they let the big pet food industry skate and then put heavy focus on other smaller companies that are producing higher quality products with unannounced inspections etc. I am certain Susan could provide the actual stats. They barely follow-up when there are horrible infractions found in the big producers. Look, I realize everyone has a tough and busy job. They (like everyone else) are understaffed. I have problem with deliberate activities. At a minimum they could at least force these these companies to clearly label what they are sourcing for their products so consumers at least are aware of what they are buying but the lobbyists are great at convincing the FDA to leave them be. Doesn’t seem like the true aim is to protect pets. Look at the number of “ex” FDA that go to work for the big industrial pet food companies (just like in pharmaceuticals) Just my opinion. Like Susan…..agree to disagree.

      3. Peter

        Rebecca, I’d suggest that yes, rotting corpses or “filth” (an FDA definition) would indeed, be “harmful” and that pathogens/bacteria are “communicable between species.” You may be interested to know that the corpses of pigs who drowned on factory farms in North Carolina last week—floating in polluted water— are targeted for recovery and diversion into pet foods. So-called experts assert this is an appropriate environmental choice.

        The FDA, charged with administering federal food safety laws—which were established after the death of 100 people who consumed tainted (unregulated) “medicine,” specifically allows that the law be violated with respect to animals, that are specifically covered by the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

        Under pressure from industry lobbying groups, it’s fair to assert that the FDA today performs as though held in “regulatory capture”: created as a state regulatory agency to act in the public interest, but instead advancing commercial or special interests that dominated the industries it was charged with regulating. As a “failure of government,” regulatory capture ultimately encourages a business model wherein large firms impart negative economic and moral social costs on consumers (the third party in the relationship). That’s us: consumers.

    2. Jim

      You are right on one point and that is the pet food companies doing shady stuff. But not all, many have come out with good products, a bit expensive though and even those sometimes cut corners and why not, there are no controls. What are controls? Controls are legal laws and groups of people that watch over a product, like the FDA or AAFCO. The average Joe thinks they are watching over for them, but they have turned their heads, I know for the most part they don’t have the authority to shut a company down or to arrest, but they can inform Joe. Instead it seems because more Joe’s are seeing what is happening and more joesJ are asking questions, now the FDA wants to halt the recalls, really? So just let Joe stay uninformed? I think it’s time for a new group, the FDA has never protected Joe at all. The thing is, when your kids ask for a puppy or you want that good bud by you and you raise them, you want what’s good for them, you don’t want poison in their food, pet food shouldn’t cost a fortune either, you should be able to buy a good can or bag of food at a decent price, but until this rendering and PENTOBARBITAL is under control Joe will have to spend alot of money on food or go back to what our pets used to live on…..joes food.

    3. Cloelottie

      Rebecca as much as I’d like to believe that the good people at the FDA care, on an individual level they do. But I’ve worked in the cosmetic industry for 30 years and I can tell you, there is not enough funding nor resources or infrastructure for them to handle this type of oversight. It’s up to us consumers to call out the companies who are practicing these behaviors and boycott them. That’s how change is made.

    4. Dominic

      how would you know “most FDA employees are pet owners?” ? ? ? ? ?

  6. Beth Marousek

    Thanks for the FDA contact info you provided. I am writing to them.

  7. Jim

    PENTOBARBITAL in pet food is not a new issue, anyone that has a pet (mostly dogs or cats) should do research on food to be a good parent and to save money in the long run by vet visits wondering why is he/she sick or dying much too early. Dry skin, tumors, cancer, hair falling out and much more have led back to the food. At one time there was no internet but there is now, do your research, there’s much information out there, is a great way to see what food your feeding Fido is rated at and what’s in it, read labels, anything that says meat by-product is a sign that it may have rendered animals in it, see what rendering is, search YouTube or Google for it and watch it no matter how disgusting it is, find how PENTOBARBITAL make it to your pets bowl. I can tell you right now why…….greed, everything has a price tag. Bottom line, rendering should be stopped, period. Supporting a cause to do it and keeping people in place to watch them are essential.

  8. Vicky

    My letter was sent, adapted with a few changes from Susan’s. Copy below. Just got the auto reply from the FDA.
    Dear FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine,

    Apparently your Director, Dr. Steven Solomon, recently told industry that illegal euthanized animal material, illegal condemned animal material, illegal diseased and non-slaughtered animal material is “valuable to the pet food industry and reduces strains on the environment”. This is an absolutely unacceptable statement and reveals the true nature of the FDA. My dogs should not have substandard food because the government cannot figure out how to deal with waste.

    Per current law, [USC03] 21 USC 342: Adulterated food,
    [USC03] 21 USC 342: Adulterated food

    this should not be permitted but has been happening for quite some time, all with the FDA ignoring this activity. Is there a good reason why this law is not enforced in pet food manufacturing?
    It appears that “Big Pet Food” is permitted to circumvent the law. Please explain to me why the FDA considers the value of ingredients to the pet food industry above this standard. Does it have anything to do with the lobbying power of the pet food industry? Interesting how the smaller manufacturing groups that are producing higher quality products using high grade ingredients seem to always be targeted by inspections etc at a far higher rate that the “big guys” producing cheap kibble using adulterated,” illegal” meats. How many animals need to be poisoned (either killed or with serious health issues) by pentobarbital, other chemicals, mycotoxins in garbage grains etc.?

    Please explain to me why FDA considers the pet food industry more important than the health of my pet? At a minimum, if the FDA continues to allow these ingredients to enter the food supply, it should be CLEARLY labeled so that consumers know exactly what they are getting for their dollars. Perhaps the puppy mill owners think it is okay to feed their animals these types of products but I nor anyone I know think that it is appropriate. At least with labeling the consumer/pet owner could make the choice rather than have it forced on unsuspecting owners who believe the FDA truly wants to protect the public and their pets.

    I am expect FDA to do their job and fully enforce law in pet food.

    Thank you.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Awesome letter (better than mine!). Thank you so much.

  9. Vicky

    You are my hero Susan. Thank you for everything you do for us and our pets.

  10. Terrence S.

    You should add Sec. 321(f) to you legal citation to the code:

    Sec. 321(f) The term “food” means (1) articles used for food or drink for man or other animals…

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thanks – good add.

  11. Floss Smith

    My Pug was murdered by Smuckers and the poison they put in their food! They should be held accountable for their actions for all people who have lost a family member to their greed! We trust them to keep our pets safe and they are failing us because if greed. It’s not just them, it’s other companies also. When it comes right down to it, it isn’t just pet foods, it’s food for humans also, all they want is big profits, they don’t care about anything else. It’s not only dog and cat foods, but feed for parrots also. Check it out. The next Pug I get I will be cooking all the food for, no more lining the pocjets of corporate greed.

  12. Barbara

    This is why i feed my dogs homemade cooked food but i feel bad for all the ones that are fed this crap.

  13. intothelightchurch


  14. Rrdred

    The FDA IS A corrupt organisation that looks out for interests of corporations and not consumers!

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