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Concerning Reports about Friskies Cat Food

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  1. Brian

    My heart goes out to all of you who lost your beloved cats. I understand your sorrow and pain and lonliness.. My cat was named Little Zipper. She was 16 years old. She was a beautiful orange and white tiger calico. I named her Zipper because she zipped around real fast as a kitten, and reminded me of the superhero The Flash. I normally fed Zip 9 lives and some other brands her entire life. But never Friskies. She ate a combination of dry cat food and cat meat and always drank plenty of water. She was in great health and was always happy and energetic. She never got sick. I recently bought her some Friskies cat meat because I figured she may like a new treat. She loved the food so I bought her more of it. She recently seemed to be having pain when she went to the bathroom and would start whimpering. I stopped feeding her Friskies but was too late. Zip died last week. I can’t prove Friskies food killed her but considering how healthy she was before I fed her it I think it was the catalyst. Her health diminished rapidly. I raised Little Zip from the day she was born until last Tuesday when she died in my arms 16 years later. She was my best friend and roommate all those years. I am crushed without her. My house feels like a tomb now without her. GOD Bless our beloved furry friends. I share your grief.

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