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If it Sells Pet Food and Nobody Stops You…

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  1. Debra Long

    Happy Dog Food does not display any meat images on our labels because all of our foods are made specifically without meat. We want your canine companions to eat fresh human grade meat from your local grocer.

    1. I've Got the 'Scoop'!

      Are you saying Happy Dog Food is vegetarian… and pet parents are to supplement the dog’s diet with home-cooked meat?

      Thanks for your response! Lori

  2. Judith Pannebaker

    What about dog treats that contain the words “beef” or “beefy” in the product names but contain only chicken parts and meal, chemicals, glycol and high fructose corn syrup in the ingredients? Unbelievable.

  3. Woofielover

    I remember when the “hot topic” at the time, which was all over the news (no internet at that time), was Truth In Advertising. It was a big subject in my house between my parents as my dad was one of the “Mad Men” of that time. Funny, it never, ever comes up anymore.

  4. Sean Coleman

    I worked at a rendering plant where they get the ‘meat’ for pet food. Not only was it not grilled, it was rarely not in early to mid stages of rotting and in the summer if picking up an animal that had been dead for a few days, the meat was usually infested with maggots.

    1. Valerie Noyes

      I wish you had taken pictures to post on all the dog food’s facebook pages.

    2. Norm Starr

      we’ve been telling ppl about rendering for years and directing them to websites and videos of same, and still they don’t believe it. sigh!!

      1. Neal

        Right on Norm.

        If it is condemned meat it is not worthy of being in my home. All meat meal starts as condemned meat.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          Not all meat meal is guaranteed to be condemned meat. There is always the option it can be made from inspected and approved meats. The problem is that the consumer is not given any guarantee to which a meat or meal is sourced from by looking at the label or ingredient list.

  5. Gitta

    Maybe they get away with it because consumers do not complain to agencies like the BBB or the FTC or state officials? I think if enough consumers would file complaints, at some point it would require action.

  6. Jean Hofve DVM

    I wonder about an even more nefarious reason — could it be blowback from the anti-raw AVMA, Purina, and friends? A lot of labels used to show *raw* cuts of meat and poultry, but suddenly they’re all changing to cooked….a subtle shift, perhaps, to replace the inadvertent (but true) message that raw meat is what pets are actually supposed to eat?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Good thought Dr. Hofve!

    2. Lonnie

      Dr. Hofve…that’s a very interesting point, you might be onto something with the anti -raw….certainly plausible

  7. Mike

    There is no enforcement! The big pet food companies have proven that you can make (and sell) Chicken Soup Out of Chicken Shit! They sell Poisons and garbage in pretty packages.

  8. wil

    If it is a violation of pet food regulations, then action must be taken and the regulators must be held accountable.

  9. Neil

    I’ve switched to Horizon & Farmina Pet Foods. Both GMO FREE and they both make their own food, no co-packs.

  10. Dawn

    A few days ago I purchased a few cans of Pedigree Choice Cuts in Gravy to add a little flavor to the dry food for a dog who is staying with us. She normally gets a little Ceser’s dog food In her Purina Select (I know, I know, not the best food in the world but it’s what her mom feeds). Anyway, put a little of the Pedigree in her food and she would not eat it. Thought maybe she was just missing her mom but when none of my cats would go near it–they usually won’t think twice about helping her clean her bowl if needed– I smelled it. Good GAWD it smelled awful. Shockingly awful. Had an air of spoiled meat w. A hint of fecal matter. Now Im not all that surprised as I know what I know about the pet food industry but I figured they would at the very least– like Cesar’s, try to mask the grossness with well, who knows what. I’m going to contact the company just to see what they say.

    1. Reader

      First of all why is Purina being fed at all? Much less Pedigree canned! This is a myth that dogs can’t be switched to different foods. When I frequently take care of my neighbor’s very fussy dog (currently a BB free feeder with questionable stools) at my house he eats what my dogs eat, because I have to do the yard clean-up. Guess what. He can’t wait for meal times!! He never refuses the food and goes home happy and healthy. In terms of enticing fussy eaters, by gawd, bake a piece of chicken (not Foster Farms) or bake a little beef or saute some (grass-fed) hamburger. Cut it up, pour a little juice over it and mix it into the food (wet or dry) and there will be no problems. After all we’ve read about Purina and Pedigree …. it’s just amazing ….

  11. Peter

    On some levels, these companies are simply counting that consumers are generally accepting of “puffery” in advertising and package imaging. They are so conditioned to a level of deception in how products are marketed, that they forgive it. We buy frozen food entrees and even whole dinners, and shrug off that the processed and preformed junk inside, doesn’t really resemble the carefully staged picture on the box. We know the food came from a factory, and on its way down the belt, oh well, MY box just didn’t get enough of “X” (usually of the most expensive ingredient, darn it!). Oh well, that’s what it WOULD have looked like, if I had the time to make it myself.

    Pet food consumers are a surprisingly ignorant and trusting lot. Manufacturers count on that. They will even re-brand existing or substantially similar products to fill a market niche. Purina “Naturals” sits in grocery stores in boxes clearly designed to mimic so-called “premium” or “natural” brands (most likely, Wellness). Ah… those comforting images. Who’s going to read the fine print when the box front will educate us? It just HAS to be good to be packaged like that, doesn’t it? Among the first four ingredients are “corn gluten meal,” “soybean meal,” and “brewers rice.” The meat is a “meal.” “Brewers rice” isn’t even a real thing: it is a made up AAFCO term (not used anywhere but pet food labeling) to cover that the rice is just broken chips from the bottom of the silo, the farthest from premium you could get.

  12. Bonnie

    Thought I would check Farmina out….since when do dogs eat oranges…?

  13. Ellie

    As I follow the news I realize more each day that most of our government agencies are pretty much doing whatever they want to do. Laws are ignored, the enforcement of regulations seem to be done on a “only if we agree with them” basis.
    I’m not the least bit surprised that the pet food industry is not being made to live up to the very few regulations that are written for them. It seems regulations are deliberately vague so that no one has to do anything about the misbehavior of the companies they are supposed to be overseeing.
    Government agencies with poor track records always blame a shortage of funds and yet government spending is at an all time high.
    There is a severe lack of ethics throughout our society. Very few care about producing a quality product. Even employee performance is very poor in what few industries are left in the US. It is very sad to see a once great society crumble.

    1. Reader

      Well summarized. These troubles, as in a lack of ethics for example, go back to one single root deficiency. People (parents and children) do not understand the principle of “respect.” It used to be a core value of education and parental oversight. As in “you break that window, you pay for it!” Now it’s “oh that window broke because it has a manufacturer’s defect.”

      Once the educational philosophy shifted from traditional to “progressive” … people substituted broader teaching methods and freedom of expression for core values. Example: teachers don’t correct spelling because it may inhibit the child’s desire for self-expression. (Yikes!) Worse, don’t correct a child in school, because teachers are the problem and the child is perfect. Look at the decades it has taken to recognize bullying. With that kind of mentality, generations have grown up disregarding structure and accountability. It’s a “me” rather than “team” mindset. Collaboration is a thing of the past. Just a simple slip away from personal responsibility, integrity, accountability, job pride (and more). Just look at public figures today (politics, public, private) people who all have a hundred excuses for everything, instead of taking personal responsibility for the repairs needed in society.

      It’s always someone else’s fault instead of looking inward.

  14. Bobi Becker

    The majority of the pet food manufacturer’s are owned by the large food corporations whom do not care about our health let alone our pet’s health. We go to the Doctor for health issues, as well as taking out pets to the Vet, and are given prescriptions, pharmaceuticals, boom, another corporation. The FDA as well as the regulatory commissions on foods are all paid off to soft pedal what they are selling…. PURE POISON. Very few really care about our and/or our pet’s health. Bottom line??? MONEY…. They all want that profit period, and will go to any length to get that….. i myself have been researching all this for quite a number of years and it all boils down to, THE BOTTOM LINE……

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