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China Complains about Honest Kitchen Pet Food No Chinese Ingredients

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  1. Woofielover

    “…for a business that reportedly makes $30 million a year in revenue, some of which comes from Chinese customers.” Huh. Well, my Chinese customers make it a point to tell me they don’t want anything from China either! This is standard manipulative communist political propaganda. Way to go THK! You know you’ve made it when you’re the topic of another country’s political statements!

  2. Deb Lewellen

    not just the Melamine but those chicken jerky treats that have sickened thousands of dogs

  3. Denise

    Thank goodness for that. The Honest Kitchen is what I feed to my dogs BECAUSE there is nothing in that food that’s made in China and the end result is I have healthy, beautiful dogs.

  4. Joy

    That’s why I buy it!!

  5. ellen

    Im from Hong Kong and I deliberately chose Honest Kitchen because it has NO ingredient from China. I dont care about the politics.

  6. Dave Baker

    What’s probably the BIGGEST thing here for the China media is the “Free Tibet” bit. I mean, really, that’s the thing that drew their ire. But I can’t find anything about it when I Google “Honest Kitchen” and “Tibet.” I dunno. (shrugs)

  7. Eve

    Offensive? Ridiculous? What a weak retaliation in a desperate bid to lure pet owners back to an indesputably, unethical unregulated toxic life-threatening industry who are the world most cruelest in animal rights and welfare.practises. There’s NO WAY I would EVER give my trust, lets call it blind-trust because we all know whats on rhe label is NOT what’s truly inside period! If you honestly and unconditionally love your pet feed it home-grown local fresh RAW Meaty-Bones diet. Its so easy.

  8. Barbara Fellnermayr

    Wow, I think that’s pretty funny. We manufacture our food in Richmond, BC. We started putting 0% ingredients from China in our advertising before THK. Richmond is predominantly a Chinese community, my customers specifically request that we don’t use ingredients from China.

  9. Reader

    Isn’t China (manufacturers, chicken processors, etc. etc.) still pushing out tainted Jerky Treats? I love it (not) when the only time China complains about something, is when the truth is actually hurting them! Too little, too late … sorry China!

  10. T Allen

    China is digging up dirt from 2014? Reported by Breitbart? Sounds like an April Fool’s joke. Wonder why Breitbart is involved….Not a good move on China’s part (if this isn’t old news) as they just re-ignited the avoid Chinese made products war again.

  11. Batzion

    Oh pleeeeeeeze, China! Who would buy anything for their pets from a country that eats dogs? And the whining coming out of British Columbia don’t mean jack to anyone here.

    “Making oneself an enemy of the Chinese people is not the right way to do business.” Guess what. Making an enemy of pet owners in the U.S. is not the right way to do business either.

    If you feel moved, please sign the petition to stop the Yulin Dog Meat Festival which is scheduled to take place on June 21st:

    Also, check out this Bloomerg article about a company that wants to save the world by feeding our pets vegan kibble:

    Free Tibet!

  12. Michelle

    Wow! What I have to say about this would not be printed !

  13. Sora

    I’m Chinese but I never buy pet food from China.

  14. Brent

    Please don’t ever link to Breitbart

  15. Kim Willis

    It is the way of China to want to control everything. Even their own people know this and prefer good food like THK. We in the US love them for their convictions. So industry people from China… if you are reading this, you cannot control our industry here. If we don’t like your products, we do not have to buy them nor use them, let alone feed them. And we can actually use that fact to sell our products and guess what, you don’t get to control that. There is a reason stuff from China is cheaper. Even once you clean up your act you have a long road to prove you have. I doubt I will see it in my lifetime. Cheap is to entrenched in China’s culture to change but so much in the next ten years.

  16. Regina

    I do feed my 2 chows THK. Just wish they would change the source of selenium (sodium selenite) to a organic selenium yeast.

  17. Carla K

    I would never believe anything I read in Brietbart. I can’t find the source of that image, it could be photoshopped. Brietbart has an agenda and it’s not a good one. I found Honest Kitchen through Susan’s list and chose it mainly because it doesn’t have ingredients from China. If HK wants to put all sorts of political slogans out there (which I’m not sure they even did), ones I don’t agree with, I will still purchase it. I don’t give a rat’s butt if some Chinese residents in British Columbia are offended. Why are they living in BC if China’s so great?

    1. Dianne & Pets

      I had the same concern, but was able to find the article in other news sources. My first thought was that this has to be a made up story, I read an analysis explaining that it is usually second generation Chinese immigrants who have an idealized view of China and the Chinese who have direct experience of China know why people don’t want Chinese ingredients.

  18. Terri Christenson Janson

    LOL!!! The word is spreading… We don’t want China ingredients period! Oh and even childrens toys that come from China are not safe either.

  19. Dave

    The Chinese people aren’t the ones offended. The Chinese media are owned by the Chinese government. The Chinese government is who takes offense. As for Tibet, the Chinese people don’t have any part in wanting to enslave Tibet. The Chinese people are enslaved by the Chinese government just as the Tibetan people are.

    I wish more companies would operate as THK does, simply for the sake of quality. But while we are at it … “Free Tibet!”

  20. Kathi McGee

    But from Breitbart? Please.

    My dogs will never have a single molecule of anything Chinese made. Ever. They don’t know the first thing about animal care and don’t give a damn.

  21. Michelle M.

    Oh, poor China. Honest kitchen can say anything they want. China has no rights in the matter. What an ignorant, pompous, defensive reaction from a country that even poisoned their baby formula and thousand of pigs with their drinking water. They cannot control our thoughts about them and they seem to be making a threat.

    1. Dianne & Pets

      I almost expect that at some point, no one will be allowed to say anything critical about any company or country. I think China already made threats over the continued warnings about the jerky treats. I would bet that any future trade deal (at least with Canada) will have clauses to hide their products from country of origin labeling and also make it illegal to say anything negative about the country. We already have such an example, Israel is getting laws passed in other countries making it illegal to boycott Israel or its products, to the extent of having foreign nationals who have never set foot in Israel arrested. I don’t believe they are getting very far, but they are trying.

      1. Batzion

        Your comment re Israel is incorrect. Israel is punishing no one for not purchasing products made there. Israel is engaged in defending itself against the rabid BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanction) movement promoted by those who defend the fictitious state of “palestine” and the terror organization, Hamas, and whose ultimate goal is the destruction of Israel. Below are four videos which I hope will help you to understand what is happening.





        Israel is forcing no foreign governments to do anything nor is it having foreigners arrested. I strongly encourage you to find reliable and accurate sources of information.

        I do not like to get into politics on Susan’s site out of respect for her and for the readers, but I cannot let your mendacious comment slide without correction.

  22. Brenda Peppard

    I feed my pet Honest Kitchen Because they promise human grade processing and NO ingredients from China. I try to Never buy any pet food or treats that have questionable ingredients. I am appalled with China and how they mistreat animals in their country. I will say no more as it is’t printable. Thank God for people like Susan Thixton.

  23. cb

    China continues to produce tainted products. I try to avoid as much as I can from China but it’s impossible as they are the only suppliers of many components/products.

    Brietbart calling the Chinese paper propaganda is hilarious. I did look at the comments at Breitbart. If you look past the hateful comments at least they want safe food and producoucts too.

  24. jason

    This is serious discrimination!Some people are proud of their discrimination and bias.How hypocritical Canadian are!

    1. Dianne & Pets

      Really???? I don’t think it is fair to call everyone in any country hypocritical. There are people in every part of the world doing their best to change things for the better, Now if you want to say that the government is hypocritical, that is a different thing. But you also have to call large corporations hypocritical. My opinion anyway.

      1. Pet Owner

        The government is run by people. People run businesses. People support businesses with not good practices. People don’t speak up. People don’t share information about bad actors. Yeah, it’s about people.

        For one thing, the “dog festival” could be banned … as just a start ….

  25. Ellie

    China is still a hardline communist country. While some of the people of the west still believe in moral concepts, such as ethics in business, there was never any such belief system within the communist regimes. No business like Honest Kitchen would be allowed to exist within China much less mention anything negative about products produced there. You can see the glaring rage of the controlling elites of the communist party within that statement about Honest Kitchen. You better believe that those who work for those communist elites of China within the United States will be targeting that company in the future.
    Most of the products that people in the west buy today, excluding food, is manufactured in China for two glaring reasons…..the cheap labor that exists there and the fact that there are no regulations, environmental or otherwise, in China or other third world countries. The majority of the workers in China have no say about their working conditions and are paid slave labor wages. Cheap unrepresented labor and no government regulatory system is what globalization has always been about.

  26. Fitzwilliam

    Does Honest Kitchen make cat food too? I’ll buy it if so. I’m trying to find cat food with non China sourced ingredients and it’s difficult. Label me racist, but I can’t make the association between “China” and “quality” when it comes to food ingredients. If it does not state no ingredients from China on the label, then I want to be able to contact the company and get a straight answer. I just tried this with Nutro and got a song and dance answer about how they “travel the world” to select the finest ingredients for their pet food and then they listed a few countries but avoided to answer the question re if anything comes from China so no more Nutro for my cat. Halo and Merrick appear to be safe bets.

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