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  1. Jessica

    Well said Susan. The sad truth is they probably do know all about it, or at least some of it, and they just don’t care. It’s all about the profit for them. The truth is out and someday they will have no choice but to make ethical decisions regarding their products

  2. Hope

    Of course I agree with Jessica ^. But I really would like to know the pet food manufacturer’s comment back when you gave him a chance to respond? Please?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      He didn’t say much – but did say we should talk more in the future. Not sure what that meant.

      1. vicki

        Well of course he “didn’t say much” how could he? It’s amazing how quiet someone can become when faced with the cold, hard facts that you so expertly presented!

        Thank you So much for fighting for us everyday Susan! And I am sending prayers for your dear friend right now!

      2. John Sturgess

        He wants to spy on you,,,, is what he wants.

    2. Margie

      Me too. Please 🙂

  3. Susan P

    So sad. I lost a dog in 2009 most likely because of pet food he was fed before I had him in my care. What will it take to make these people accountable?

  4. Karen L.

    After dealing first hand with these cold, heartless morons and seeing how they treated my vet when he tried to explain things to them, I applaud you Susan! I will never understand how these people can sleep at night after making all these pets and pet owners suffer. As for the FDA, well Susan, you know how I feed about them, right? Luckily, my other 2 cats didn’t die, so I never sent them the bodies and asked for the shipping cost to be reimbursed. Thanks for your continued support Susan. You are truly amazing!

  5. Gitta

    He didn’t say much – but did say we should talk more in the future. Not sure what that meant.

    I don’t know either what that meant – but maybe, just maybe, you did plant a seed! Fingers crossed.

    1. Margie

      Gitta, But what DiD he say? Did he hear you at all? Is he curious? How do we create curiosity? Our anger is correct, even good. How do we create allies? Ignorance and denial are powerful enemies. How do we grow smarter? How do we wield the weapon of truth with wit, lightness, and sneakiness when we are so angry and brokenhearted? We MUST be MORE than they expect: your truth is well spoken, your grief is tangible. I pray, whether he said anything or not, that your words,your face, your heart, continue to haunt, to cause a pause, to build curiosity. Thank you.

  6. Barbara

    Thank Heaven for your “bad” attitude!

  7. Peter

    Nicely put. The cost of stress to the guardians is an important issue, that is rarely acknowledged. It can be an unbearable burden that if these were not animals, would be treated far differently.

  8. Deborah Stone

    Thank you, Susan.
    I lost 4 of my precious babies to what I believe was from the food I was feeding them. They were healthy and then died suddenly month after month after month after month.
    So now with the ones I have left, I am trying to feed them the best food I can find, all the while looking over my shoulder at what YOU are trying to express to the manufacturers of the food we are feeding them.
    God Bless you for all you do for us.

  9. Regina

    Of course, this representative could not understand your attitude. You were coming from two opposite directions. You, a pet lover extraordinaire, him, somebody just earning a paycheck who has never felt the deep love with a pet that we the people on your list have experienced. The fact that he said your attitude was bad, well, I understand why your attitude was bad. When you keep hitting a brick wall, or should I say “get stonewalled” that tends to give you a headache, which will affect your mood 😉
    I could not work a job “just for a paycheck” like these people do.

  10. APB

    I hope you will have another chance to have his ear, because you didn’t get around to the other point: that you are also the voice for those of us who just have had chronically SICK pets. I’m not referring to victims of actual poisoning, but rather the millions more pets who slowly became ill from approved-but-crappy ingredients in commercial pet foods — grains, additives, by-products, literal garbage from rendering — that are not what animals (cats, for sure) should eat for “complete and balanced nutrition.”

    Practically every cat owner has lost cats prematurely to chronic renal failure (caused by dry food) or lymphoma, or thyroid issues. Our cats suffer from obesity, allergies, and reactions caused by starches and other ingredients they can’t digest as pure carnivores. And it’s largely from the brilliantly advertised, beautifully packaged mess we’ve been told is “perfect” food for them.

    It took me a long time to learn all this and I owe a great deal to this site and several others who are voices in the wilderness. Suffice to say I can barely walk down the pet food aisle in the supermarket without feeling sick to my stomach.

    More power to you, Susan, you are a soldier and a saint.

    1. Elizabeth

      Completely agree, esp. about walking down aisles. And don’t forget when your coworkers continue to feed their poor pets that crap, even after you’ve warned them over and over.

  11. Bill McQuade

    You may have covered this Susan but I believe I read a report the other day that the USDA stated 40 to 50 percent of all pet food sold in the US was actually made in China. Not just ingredients sourced from China but actually made in China. Can anyone confirm this???

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t think so – but…in all reality, we know very little about the pet food industry. They have managed to keep their doors firmly closed to the consumer from the very beginning. Anything would be possible.

      1. Bill McQuade

        It was actually in an article I read in a feed industry magazine. 40 percent of IMPORTED dog food comes from China. Attributed to Hound & Gatos pet food co spokesman

  12. Lynne Fowler

    Very well said, Susan. Knowing I fed my dog the food in late 2006 and watched her waste away and die then finding out I was feeding her the food recalled and then getting that pitiful check years later is something that is with me everyday. And since 2007, watching recall after recall and knowing it wasn’t announced until someone else’s pet was dead, brings it back over and over. I have homecooked since 2007 and will do so for the rest of my life. I will never trust another pet food company, 100% again. And knowing what I know from here and elsewhere, I know my dogs are far better off without the commercial pet foods.

  13. Flick, Dot and Buzz

    Thanks Susan,
    Pet lovers think your attitude is perfect… it’s only the industry making money selling what they describe as ‘pet food’ that could possibly see your attitude as ‘bad’.
    Thanks for all that you do!

  14. Caron Allen Taira

    Thank you for sticking up for us Susan. You said and did the right thing. These people brainwash themselves and are clueless.

  15. JackieRodgers

    Thanks Susan for taking a strong stance in the face of one obviously soooo ill informed. I have heard the FDA relabeled as the Fear and Death Administration. Maybe rightly coined since much of what they supposedly do, even in regard to human food and drugs, is so corrupt. It is hard to know in this country what is actually in our human food as well. So how much more should we think truthful information will be given to pet parents concerning the contents of pet food or treats. As pet parents, we MUST educate ourselves with up to date information as is found on this website and be our pets advocates. Our pets are totally dependent on our being informed so that they can live as vital animals and members of the family.

  16. Mare

    Bravo Susan! Thank you for all you do for us and the ones we love!

  17. dearcat

    God bless you, Susan. Keep the pressure on. Maybe someday the manufactures may realize their errors and, to their dismay, that they will radically have to change their manufacturing processes and quality of ingriedients.

  18. Janine

    Blue Buffalo killed my doberman from their chicken no grain
    dog food. It was the vitamin mixture that had too much D.

    It almost took my other dog as well but she made it after
    much time and vet intervention.

    During this time I worked for the company and couldn’t get
    customer service to respond to me for days!!
    I was let go two months after they killed my dog because they felt I could not represent their company.

    1. Dianne

      Hopefully you got a good severance package or took them to court for wrongful dismissal.

    2. Rhiannon

      So sorry about your dog. Wow, if you worked for the company and they didn’t even respond to you, then the general public has no hope for a response from them if anything goes wrong again.

  19. Rose

    You go Susan, your attitude is perfectly fine. It hurts knowing you carry all this knowledge of people’s grief on your shoulders. Your fortitude in your belief to help pet owners feed their pets for their health deserves nothing less than upmost respect. If he was trying to intimidate you or push your buttons, it did not work. You kept your cool and your class. I applaud you!

  20. Nina Wolf

    “you won’t acknowledge what I know to be true.”

  21. Yvonne McGehee

    Excellent. Sock it to ’em for all the heartbreaking damage they have done and continue to do. Thank you on behalf of all of us. Yvonne

  22. lynn

    i would call it caring and only that!!!i am taking care of a friends two little dogs that has had nothing but dog food… kidney problem… took them to the vet… well i am now feeding them what i feed my gang homecooked. know what? they are doing better each day. i have taken care of these two for 2 months . their fur is great their eyes are now clear. think dog food is good? i wish everyone could have seen the change in my two friends dogs… unbelieveable all great!sad when they go home it will be down hill as they get a dog food diet… again!my first dog born on christmas day in 1979 she passed in 2005… nothing but homemade and treats too!nothing from a dog food let this man tell me if dog food is good.i would tell him to prove it to me and ask him how long dogs live on dog food then look at the ones who eat homemade… big difference.i just don’t trust rtheir lies to pet parents.

  23. Carla Mirchandani

    Susan, you are so strong and persistent and caring.

  24. Sasha

    Thank you!

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