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What is Your Opinion? Enjoy-a-Bowl

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  1. Stormy

    Resounding NO! All the reasons you gave Susan, I absolutely agree with. I would NOT buy the product and would discourage others from doing so.

    1. Nancy

      Absolutely not!

  2. Jane

    What a mean trick to play on a pet! They should seal his winnings in an unbreakable piece of Lucite and then cover it with $50,000 in Monopoly Money – allowing him to see the real money but not spend it!

    1. Regina

      Brilliant idea, Jane!!!!! I can’t even come up with any other comment about this product. If I saw it advertised online, I would assume it was fake, and just someone trying to lure me to download a virus onto my computer.

    2. Jude Gagner

      Too funny – made me laugh out loud!

    3. Anna Lane

      Jane: Great idea! This “vet” should not be allowed to enjoy the prize money!

    4. Graciela

      What an accurate way to sabotage one’s own professional career this vet has come up with! So funny your comment. I think it is disrespectful to our pets and ourselves to engage in such a cruel practice. If the idea is to help finicky pets eat, then feed them as much varied quality food as your budget and his/her health allows, but don’t use this horrible dish-thing.

  3. Carla Kruger

    Seems cruel. And expensive to just waste that “human” food, unless we’re supposed to eat it after the dog has eaten the unliked pet food?

  4. Hope

    I must be missing something on this “product” other than someone wants to make some money! Kind of ridiculous.

  5. Lynn

    How sad… no I would never buy the bowl nor would I feed my dogs kibble. They eat real food in a lead free bowl not plastic. the lead free is by fiesta. so do my cats eat real food out of their fiesta bowls. Pet food companies now a bowl to trick them to eat the junk… wow!

  6. Caryn

    LOL, I remember watching this and seeing the product. Thought it was stupid.
    On the other hand, the other competitor was FedWell pet foods and the owner wanting to put CRICKETS into the food.


    1. Jude Gagner

      Crickets are a good source of protein that is eaten in many countries, including the US. Ground crickets are already in some commercial human foods in the US (stated so on the packaging, I believe) and it is anticipated that they will be widely used as a viable source of protein in the future. My brother has spent time in the Vietnam, Thailand, etc., and ate them and liked them. [Not my cup of tea, but it would beat going hungry, shiver, shiver…]

      1. cupcakesandkale

        It’s also one of the most sustainable proteins that exist, as you can grow a lot of protein in a small space, using very few resources in a very short time. As our global population swells, and the amount of land becomes less available, alternate protein sources will be necessary. Crickets have 2.5x the Protein vs. Beef,10x the B12 vs Wild Salmon and more Iron than Spinach or Beef, and many might advocate that it is a more ethical protein to harvest. We have dog cookies in our store from Ento Bento and dogs LOVE them! Funny to think of for us, but many people already eat crickets and like them!

        1. Anna Lane

          Does ANYONE ever talk about HUMAN OVERPOPULATION anymore? The requirements for ONE human being on a daily basis contributes to the demands made on this planet constantly. They reproduce exponentially. Maybe we need to address this issue as a root cause!

          1. Laura

            I completely agree, however I know that we’re in the minority. I personally have only ever met one other person in real life who doesn’t want kids and thinks that humans desperately need to stop breeding. Check out the Facebook page It’s Okay To Be Childfree 2.0 so you don’t feel so alone.

  7. Debbie

    What a rip off to the dog. It sounds like a mean kids prank. Then,what do they do with the “real food” throw it out ?

  8. Andy

    What a idiotic idea for a pet food bowl! Both my German Shepherds (and I’m sure a lot of other pets out there) would chew through the plastic Enjoy-A-Bowl and get to the ‘real’ food. The product would last one feeding in our house before it would be rendered useless.

    What does the manufacturer say to do with the hidden food once it’s been exposed to the cross contamination from the dog food sitting above it, as well as the saliva?

  9. Nora

    Cruel and unusual punishment. How would you like to eat something like that every day!

  10. Hannie

    What a rotten idea…….this product makes me mad as hell. And all the bull about human food being bad for dogs. More (BS) propaganda fed to consumers by big pet food companies. Ask my Lab who is nearly 13 yo & has enjoyed my home cooking since 2007. Once I did research & realized what’s really in commercial dog food, that did it for me. Yuk!!!!!!!! Only human food for my baby. Many thanks to you, Susan, for this website to let pet parents know just what’s going on in the commercial pet food arena…..

  11. Jeri

    This product is unbelievably cruel and I cannot imagine doing this to one’s furred family member. It is, in essence, an attempt to “trick” the pet into thinking they are getting or can get something they cannot. It’s a marketing ploy. And the ignorance of the vet (who really should do some serious research and stop pushing buggy whips in the age of the automobile!) is breathtaking. It’s beyond disingenuous to pretend that all human food falls into the same category. Few pet parents now believe that and for the vet community to continue to beat that tired old drum is to play in an echo chamber. Time to wake up, doc.

  12. Lynn Felici-Gallant

    I was appalled when I first saw this product and by the founder’s rationale for it. He feeds into all inaccurate stereotypes about “human food” yet uses it to entice pets. Shameful.

  13. Carolyn

    Soooo bad!! Poor dog. I would never buy this trickery.

  14. Maureen Byrd

    There is no way I would use this bowl. I feed my Yorkies Honest Kitchen which is made with human grade food. I think this is just a very mean thing to do.

  15. Kent Petersime

    That vet has been found and paid off to lie outright like that. Not a dogbowl I or anyone I know would use for sure.

  16. Bethany Cortale

    Awful and manipulative! I can’t believe a veterinarian designed it. He should have his license revoked!

  17. Ms. B Dawson

    Good thing I read this as I was finishing a cup of lavender-chamomile tea or my blood pressure would have been a problem!

    This is a product designed by a person – and marketed to those – who have little respect for animals. Animals to this guy are stupid, unworthy of good nutrition and “just animals”. He spews the party line about nutrition taught in vet school and reinforced by propaganda offered by those with a vested interest to make food from recycled scraps thus increasing the bottom line. Lots of owners with what they believe to be finicky dogs will put their money on the counter for this pathetic piece of plastic.

    His dissertation on why human food is bad for pets is so worn there’s more holes than substance. Pick a few dangerous items and conflate them with foods that would have to be eaten in quantities beyond most pets’ limits just to scare the stuffing out of owners. He can site science to back up his claims, but will conveniently leave out facts about how much must be eaten to be a problem. Vets routinely recommend Swanson’s broth for ailing dogs. Guess what? It’s got garlic AND onion powder in it! A holistic vet told me once that you would have to force feed a fist-sized onion to a beagle-sized dog every day for weeks to trigger the anemia this guy is referring to. As soon as you withdraw the onion, the situation begins to resolve.

    I couldn’t agree with your comment more, Susan: “If the pet doesn’t want the food – perhaps there is a reason why.”

    But then, what about all the products on the market that use chemicals to mimic people food’s smell, texture and appearance? They too are taunts. Bacon is bad for Fluffy so instead give her this fake food that is manufactured from torn apart molecules, colored with chemical dyes and saturated with BHT. This bowl is a natural extension of the “fake but equal” mentality.

    One other thing that popped into my head while typing this. What a waste of food! The bait underneath will be thrown away and I’ll bet a heck of lot of people will leave it mouldering for a couple of days before that happens.

  18. Mary Lynch

    Silly gimmick, why would anyone spend the money? If appropriately chosen, human food is so bad for dogs, then why are dog kibble bags covered with photos of attractive looking, fresh human food?

  19. Vicky Crawford

    Macadamia nuts are not good for dogs but are certainly not lethal (learned the hard way) Causes profound, temporary weakness, leg paralysis, which resolves after 24-48 hours. Zero reported deaths even with deliberate administration of large quantities in veterinary testing. A simple call to Animal Poison Control could have told the author this. A very expensive lesson for me and my dog. “Dr. Owens” is obviously uninformed.

    Ridiculous idea for a product for a multitude of reasons, not including his misleading (and/or inaccurate) FAQs.

  20. Barbara Fellnermayr

    I happened to be switching channels when I saw this and was appalled. If your dog doesn’t want to eat the food being offered, change the food not the bowl. My two rescues dive into their meals with gusto everyday, they have never turned down a meal. My 13 year old is often mistaken for a 3 year old, she has that much energy. Feed real food not crapple!

  21. Jude Gagner

    I would NEVER do this to my dogs! They eat human grade food, with the base from The Honest Kitchen and we cook ground beef, turkey and chicken to supply the protein. The only time we’ve ever tricked our dogs is when we have to give them pills that they would otherwise spit out.

    The company that created this product and the companies that sell it should be ashamed of themselves. It’s outrageous.

  22. T Allen

    I am appalled. No comment.

  23. Lisa Marie

    Cruel indeed, shame on you Dr. Owen, disgraceful trickery.

  24. Linda D. Rodriguez

    That is the worst idea ever! Lying to your animals! They can eat real food. People that love their animals and they are suffering from allergies know already what is healthy. Not kibble. Look it up. Go to…Find out what is really in pet food. Check out BARF online and read about raw feeding. Do your research. I feed mine ground Turkey,carrots,green beans and a vitamin supplement. Spring water not tap. Snacks are Apple chunks no seeds or core, carrots and half a banana no peeling. Coconut oil and fish oil. Not a bunch of processed junk!

  25. Rita Stanley

    Would I buy it? Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!!

  26. Popcicle

    Seriously, this product won the contest? I didn’t watch the show. I find that terribly suspicious as if some manipulation was behind the “choice of winners” selection. If it is on television, everything on that box is a controlled media event. Just like the game show of the past ($64000 question) was proven to be crooked, the finding in the end was that those programs are “entertainment” therefore don’t have to be truthful or honest.

    I can believe that possibly a big name mogul is behind this product and therefore got the win. Those within that big circle of Oligarchy don’t let their money get outside of themselves too often.

    I would not use this for my pet unless it was a matter of life or death whereby my pet needed to tricked to consume something vital to his existence. Most animals can be given raw chicken and scrambled eggs and of course tuna fish and use the juice as a good enticement on top of other foods. And raw liver is always a nose getter for most pets.

    1. Ravyn Steele

      Those are not the only raw foods they can eat. My dog is on a completely raw diet and he is extremely healthy.

  27. Lisa P

    What a horrible way to taunt pets! Why would someone even think of doing this if they cared about their pets! Hard to imagine.

  28. k9kenai

    As a professional dog trainer and behaviorist, this bowl has so many problems in addition to this vet’s false claims about human food vs pet food. I can see it causing resource guarding due to the retention of the “human food” smell at the bottom after the “dog food” is gone at the top, feeding frustration and OCD as the dog continues to try and get to the smell at the bottom after they’ve finished their food (it’s like a puzzle game that they are never allowed to solve), etc. I feel like if I gave this bowl to my German Shepherds they would use it once or twice, get so upset/frustrated over trying to figure out how to get at the smell at the bottom, and would refuse to eat ever again from this bowl, even with “human food” at the bottom. Just overall a very inhumane and cruel feeding tool, especially behaviorally/mentally. I can’t believe this made it to market. I looked at the reviews on Amazon and nobody seems really happy with it, although there are people on his Facebook page that are defending the product. And I guess this bowl is $24.99? Seems kind of expensive for a piece of plastic.

  29. Carly Stevens

    What a dreadful article. Always feed my pets food, I wouldn’t raise kids on junk food, I wouldn’t raise animals on junk food either.

  30. Donna Chicone

    This bowl is cruel on so many levels. The creator does not understand the sentience and the intelligence of a dog. Due to that he has invented something that taunts and insults our dogs not to mention the horrendous lack of proper nutrition. I would never buy this product and I will share my opinion about it with my family and friends.

  31. Sally Roberts

    absolutely no I would not buy this !

  32. Paula

    Horrifying. If you do feed kibble and want to make it smell better to the dog add something healthy to the food — e.g., Grandma Lucy’s freeze dried liver smells wonderful (even to me) and is healthy – sprinkle that or some
    other healthy dog or people food in with the kibble. My male smells his food and all treats before eating. Even some very healthy dehydrated or freeze dried food (which I reconstitute) just doesn’t smell yummy enough. But sprinkling something healthy with a stronger aroma does the trick.

  33. Betty S

    BIG, BIG no no. Who comes up with this stuff? Creativity is dying I’ll say that. Yes, some human foods are bad for our pets BUT real food is not. I’ve fed my cats raw meat (recipes on line for how to make your own mixture) for 30 years. What is bad for pets is that kibble. In fact, that non-food is killing our pets. Simple as that! BTW, this idea is also cruel — let pets smell real food while eating garbage disguised as food. As you can tell this set me off LOL!!

  34. Lana H

    Yeah, there is no way I’d buy that product — it seems a cruel and useless product. I totally concur with the comments and so glad to be among a mutual dog loving community!!

  35. Anthony Hepton.

    Just to add to the list, NO! NO! NO!.

  36. Mary C

    Absolutely not I finally have 3 healthy dogs because I started home cooking for them. There’s absolutely no way I would buy this, in fact I think it’s cruel for a dog to smell something appealing only to end up eating kibble that could be rancid or who knows what else could be wrong with it. I posted on the FB page which was promoting this product and their response to me was “some dogs must eat kibble because of food allergies”, my response to them was “that’s absolutely NOT TRUE”.

  37. SJ

    If they’re selling this disgusting product on Amazon then it provides a wonderful opportunity to post a review and ask questions on the product page. I always read reviews and glance at the questions before buying a product. Maybe there’s a slim chance to educate these potential buyers about pet food and the cruelty of this bowl. You’re tricking the furry family member into eating poisoned food because they’re so desperate to get to proper nutrition. I’m going to buy one of the objects, destroy it, then leave a scathing review on Amazon. It’s my tiny part to stop what amounts to animal cruelty. Then I’m going to mail the thing back to the inventor. If anyone has pics of their dogs destroying the bowls and chewing them apart that would be fantastic leverage.

  38. Richard A Ketcham

    I also saw the program and totally disagree with the bowl. I have been making homemade dog food for 13 years now and my canine customers love my dinners and they are very healthy. Thanks to Dr. Dodds for helping me with my recipes.

  39. Kat

    This is disgusting and cruel.

  40. Jenny Clinton

    At First I was appalled at the idea of this like everyone else, BUT when the lightbulb switched in my brain, I thought about how we can use this to get out pets to eat healthy, real food. One of my cats will only eat dry kibble—horrible i know– but i’ve tried about 40 different kinds of wet food–canned and fresh– and he only nibbled at two or three, and then got tired of them quickly. How about putting the kibble, or whatever food your pet likes that you want them to eat less of, on the bottom so they’ll be enticed to check out the healthier food on top?

    1. Ravyn Steele

      I wonder about the scent of kibble being strong enough to get past the scent of the good food.

  41. Pat P.

    This fake product is made by cruel idiots! Kibble is NOT natural or healthy. Real food with a few exceptions (some for people, too) is a much better idea. I would think that might include high protein crickets, too. I haven’t heard any negatives for humans or animals.

  42. Susan Hayes

    Awful. Mean-spirited. Cruel. Sadistic. Can’t stand it. And I can’t believe someone would try to fool their pet like this! Unconscionable.

  43. Comora

    This is flat out cruel and useless! Don’t waste your time trying to tell pet parents how to raise and feed their dogs because you don’t have the common sense god gave to a worm.

  44. Gloria

    What a rotten thing to do to dogs! What did dogs eat before “dog food” was invented in the 20th century? They ate table scraps, that’s what! And, fortunately, I think the owners probably had enough sense to feed them good stuff, such as leftover meat, potatoes, bread and vegetables. This whole pet food industry is so greedy for profit that they will do anything to increase their sales of pet “food”. If the dog doesn’t want to eat it, he probably has more common sense than people do.

  45. Tim

    I think this is absolutely awful. Unfortunately quite a few people will buy it. 🙁

  46. Kat


    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Kat – you do realize I (Susan Thixton) am not the one saying that. The veterinarian designer of the bowl is who said that. Just want that to be understood.

  47. ian

    How can people be so dumb??? If your pet doesn’t want to eat the food you’re giving them, trust their judgement ! Don’t just cover it up with a scent or a “topper” …. or in the case of so much manufactured kibble…. an addictive chemical coating—- to get them to eat what is literally garbage. Unfortunately these techniques are the only way you can sell actual garbage as pet food at correspondingly high profit margins.

  48. Lynne Bailey


  49. Laura

    Not even gonna read the vet’s reasoning for this product because I know it’s crap. Absolutely ridiculous. This reminds me of those laser light toys for cats. While cute to humans it’s confusing for cats to not receive tactile feedback from whatever it is they’ve successfully hunted down and caught. It frustrates them, just as I imagine it would frustrate an animal to be able to smell wonderful, delicious human food, but taste rancid garbage.

  50. Mario Bailey

    This is a despicable product and the kibble that would be put into it is not fit for a dog, yes, even the “good/expensive kibble” is NOT species appropriate. I am disgusted.

  51. Batzion

    That man is a sadist and belongs in a country more in keeping with his “education” and philosophy – North Korea comes to mind.

  52. Donna

    Two points – first, he is basically saying the pet foods companies are doing a poor job of adding palatants at the end of the process to entice the pet to eat because he believes they need ‘real’ food aromas to get them interested. Second, I am always amazed when a vet says ‘human food is not good for a pet’ – really, then why do all the commercial pet foods have photos of these wonderful human foods on the package and advertising? Since 2007, homecooking for our dogs. I would not have it any other way. I trust what comes out of my kitchen.

  53. Peg

    Only if I can buy it using Monoply money

  54. Karen Miller


  55. ian

    OMG you all crack me up, thanks ! Some really funny replies here. I went to Amazon and annoyingly the seller created three separate pages for each color option instead of doing the colors on one page as they should have. Anyway, I left the following review on the “camo and orange” page, which of course will not prominently display since it is not a verified purchase review:

    Customer Review
    1.0 out of 5 starsTricking your dog into eating something they refuse to eat is not good for your dog
    September 29, 2017
    In case you have not done your research on commercial pet food, almost all of it is literally made with garbage. Yes, they put pretty pictures on the package but that is not what the actual ingredients look like. Your pet is smarter then you may think, and if they refuse to eat something you should pay attention to that and not try to trick them into eating it by adding the aroma of actual food. How healthy would you be if all you ate was what you feed your pet? Then why do you think they will be healthy on that type of diet if you would not eat it yourself?

    Your pet should eat real foods, just like you should eat real foods. If your pet is overweight, you should feed them less and exercise them more, just like yourself. It’s not rocket science people.

    I encourage you to go leave reviews on the other colors, which are here
    and here

  56. Dot

    I would NEVER buy this product, I think its cruel treatment for any dog. I do feed my dog food she enjoys and its not kibble from a bag. I’m following you Susan and use your healthy recipes for dogs. She loves her natural food, no need for this tricky bowl ! I hope that guy donates that money to something more important than a tricky food bowl, like rescue, spay and neuter , and educating people on good natural health foods.

  57. Monica

    LOVE that Ultimate Dog Tease video and watch it every couple of months! Absolutely would not buy this bowl, stupid, stupid idea and cruel too. I do believe any large size dog would have no problem tearing this apart to get to the “real” food, then what?? Also as many have said, what do you do with the real food after they finish their meal, what a waste! I will give my opinion to Amazon for sure…

  58. Dog Lover

    This “Dr. Owen” is a cruel, UNINFORMED man who should not be allowed to practice veterinary medicine! The beliefs of this outrageous, sadistic man just proves again that we have to use our own common sense and research in caring for our pets and not slavishly follow some “expert’s” advice. What an awful, insensitive man!

  59. Dog Lover

    P.S. Susan, Thank you once more for being a REAL pet advocate!

  60. Terri Christenson Janson

    Appalling to almost downright cruel!

  61. Tina

    Rubbish! If you love your dog, why can’t you feed it food that is fit for human consumption?

    Sorry, I’m not buying it. My dogs love their raw meat.

  62. Whale Sister

    A cruel tease that would encourage dogs to chew the bowls to get at the human food.

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