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Wellness Pet Food Lawsuit Continues

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  1. Manny

    Awesome work and another example as to why consumers need to abondon the pet food industry. Outside of the honest kitchen, I can’t think of any that seem trustworthy. I’m sure there’s others but it’s a short list

  2. Amy

    This is huge! Look at all the other companies who don’t disclose heavy metal levels – clearly that stuff is toxic! “They” need to get in line and get ready to get sued – kibble is killing pets!

  3. Deb

    Thank you so much for this update, and indeed for ALL you do.

  4. Mike

    Thank you for your help exposing contents in so many dog/cat foods. I may just have to start preparing my own.

  5. samiswan

    Susan, thank you AGAIN for your hard work in keeping us informed. Dealing with chronic illness, I miss a lot of vital information. I depend upon you as my solid source on this issue, because trust is in very short supply in the pet food (feed) industry.

    If I win the lottery, you are definitely getting an endowment!

  6. Eveann bonomo

    Where can you get your dog food tested?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Any vet school has labs that could test pet food.

  7. Kathy Elamon

    How can I be a part of this class action. I use to feed the Wellness white fish sweet potatoe and my Pom was diagnosed with heart issues 4 years ago.

  8. Pam

    Is there a TAPF article that precedes this one, announcing the original lawsuit? If so, when published and title? I’ve searched clear back through all of 2016 & cannot find. Thanks.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Pam – no, I don’t think I did report on the initial lawsuit. I try to monitor all of the lawsuits in pet food, but miss some. I’m lucky that pet owners alert me to many. But I did miss this original suit.

  9. Linda G Degler

    What is the BEST dry dog food you can buy? For Health & Nutrition????

  10. Michael jones

    Sorry to hear this have had nothing but good luck with Wellness. I fed my Great Danes Big Breed, always good stools, straightened up one rescue with runny stools, no stomach problems, they all loved it. All gone now lived pretty good years for the breed, 9 for one, 10 for another and 12 yrs. for the old girl. Now have a 4 yr old Labradoodle (previously my daughters) started out by her on several other so called high end Kibbles and none seemed to work as he has a sensitive stomach. I put him on Wellness Turkey and Potato adding boiled chicken and some rice, which has worked very well. Very seldom upchucks now and his stools are great. Hearing this is a bummer to me. It does sound like this is limited to the fish type. I sure hope you keep us informed about this. Since I am fairly close to NC State I plan on having this tested. Thanks for your work.

  11. Shirley

    Would this also apply to cat food from Wellness?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t know – you’d need to contact the law firm about that.

  12. Peter

    Wellness is a “super premium” pet food that has problems like any pet food made through a contracting agreement. I’ve had several problems with Wellness cat foods and now to the point where I don’t bother complaining to the Wellpet any longer, because they do not respond, and nothing is resolved. Wellpet will call you in response to a letter, but is determined to extinguish the “conversation” in that way, and never put anything in writing. The communication will drop if you are unwilling to conduct it via telephone. As with any co-packing arrangement, Wellness brands will have issues of content, and most common, “end of run” problems wherein the consumer will get cans mostly filled with water, or, even contaminants from other “runs.” Consumers need to consider the cost per pound they would be spending when compared to processed “premium” pet foods: a 5.5 ounce can @ nearly $2 really translates into more than $6 a pound… yet most consumers wouldn’t consider buying “meat”/ingredients at that cost.

    I’m pleased to see this kind of litigation, as it seems fair that consumers be aware of what we are paying for under ordinary circumstances, how little knowledge we have of the manufacturing process, and seemingly, how little power we have to control the recklessness and duplicity of many pet food manufacturers.

  13. Donna

    What are we to do ? I spend a hefty amount if money in pet food for 2 small breed dogs nine who is 8years (Sully ) one who mhn just turned 6 months old ( Docker) one 10 bvb year old cat ( Church )
    I am thinking I am buying the best. Ecauae I do read labels. I spend hefty amounts on what I think is good quality food, toys, comfort items for them to be liked to mislead .
    My children are grown gone my animals are my babies they are my reason to go for lo ont wal lm s they are my reason to smile

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