We Lost Our Battle – Kirby

I am heartbroken to report that my little buddy Kirby has gone on to cross Rainbow Bridge. He’ll be helping me battle Big Pet Food and regulations from another place now.

Kirby began having seizures months ago. We battled the seizures in multiple ways – every step along the way helped lessen the severity. And then we found something that worked. He was seizure free for about 5 months using food as our treatment plan (ketogenic diet).

As life does to us sometimes, just when we think we have something figured out – everything gets dumped upside down. About a week ago Kirby’s seizures started again. One a day at first, but quickly they escalated to 5 in a day. And then he didn’t come out of the after seizure haze. He was in a semi-conscious state for the last day. And then I made the call – it was time to tell him good-bye. My very kind veterinarian – Dr. Joel Murphy – helped us say good-by to our little best friend.

I knew that Kirby had a heart murmur, and as it turns out the murmur had escalated severely. Dr. Murphy believed his heart disease could have been the cause of the end stage seizures. There was absolutely nothing we could do but to provide him with an easy passing.

We are blessed sometimes to have a very special dog or cat come into our lives. Kirby was one of those very special animals. He was my dog – and I was his person. He did not want to leave me. No matter his condition, he did not want to leave me. In his last day – even in his semi-conscious haze – he only raised up if I would leave the room. He wanted to be with me. That’s the thing about our pets – the ones we love so, so much – they often fight to stay with us because they love us so, so much too. That love made my decision that much harder, but I know Kirby understands I was doing the best thing for him.

My heart is more than broken – a piece of it is gone with Kirby. But I know that piece of my heart is being well cared for, Kirby is guarding it closely.


My thanks to the many people who supported me along the way with Kirby’s seizures and end of life.

Susan Thixton

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  1. Michelle Collie Mom says:

    So sorry, Susan. We so know how this feels. There are tears in my eyes for you and darling Kirby. Puppy hugs to you.

    • Millie says:

      My sentiments exactly. All the best to you Susan.

    • Puppy hugs <3

    • Joan says:

      Susan…….. so very sorry about Kirby. He was so very lucky to have you, and you– him. We all feel your pain, and no one understands unless they’ve been there. You took time out of your busy schedule to reply to my email in 2011 when I was struggling with the same loss. Raider was that very special boy that somehow had an indescribable connection with me. You sent me a poem that starts out “I am standing upon the seashore…” I still have it my email, and read it many, many times. It took us 2 yrs to open our hearts again, and feel we should not have waited that long. I’m sure you will open your heart sooner to some rescue just waiting for you. Thank you for all you do for the welfare of