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Waste Candy fed Cows

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  1. Jane Democracy

    Just to add to this… For those who feed grain free potato based kibble,,, potato chip waste is being sent to pet food manufacturers as dried potato. It can contain the flavourings, so it is not just the off cuts of potato but the the potato chip waste as well. This includes premium brands too… Yuck!

    1. T Allen

      Yes, every single ingredient in pet foods, even the “premium” ones are a by-product (read waste product) of a human food industry. Pumpkin=pumpkin skins, eggs=cracked, beef= bruised, parasite ridden, tails, lower legs, etc. It’s all garbage but even I had no idea they were where including plastic in the rendering. That has serious health implications. Look up BPA and other plastic chemicals.

      1. Dawn

        How do you know this?

    2. Leanne S.

      Oh, god. And the oils potato chips are fried in is highly toxic and inflammatory. In fact, the exhausted, superheated oil is probably also incorporated directly into pet foods. Any wonder all of our pets get cancer!

      1. Sheila E

        Exactly. Sighs.

    3. Sheila E

      Yuck indeed!! Not surprised but thoroughly disappointed. This exemplifies my beef over the Skittles – forget my idealism, it’s all about the unwanted red food dye in the Skittles. I am so sick and tired of big Ag/corps. They are killing us, people and pets.

  2. Reader

    It’s funny (but not really) how the TV News story came to be. The real mystery was why were there only red Skittles on the side of the highway? Which led to the admission about transport. It happen to be the red Skittles only. With people scratching their heads … well why would cattle be eating candy? Researching just a little further, wouldn’t it have been a good teaching moment for the Media to disclose all the junk food that livestock DOES eat? But that’s our dishonest Media again, superficial and self-serving. Probably wouldn’t want to offend a Sponsor, and heaven help us all, the great, wise, all wonderful MARS CANDY company!!

    Susan wrote a long time ago about expired food stuff from large chain discount grocery stores. Where they scoop up meat in Styrofoam packaging and never bother to separate it. Carry that over a hundred times to bakery goods, and ALL the other food that comes in plastic packaging, and it’s no wonder why our pets have such “mysterious” reactions to all sorts of PF!

    When will Consumers wake up and demand transparency? And you can’t even begin to explain this kind of stuff to pet owners who just don’t want to listen!

  3. Patti Meyer

    I would love to see the company CEOs on down to the farmers – be jailed for a month & forced to eat the same crap they feed to those poor animals. They should find out just how tasty ground plastic is….

    1. Dr Amy

      sorry, that was my 10/31/16 post.

  4. carole

    It is actually cheaper to feed a home prepared diet for your dog over all. They do not eat that much. Plus you have a dog that does not need to see the vet. They will not have ear infections or mouth n teeth problems. This will last well into their teens
    It is so easy. As easy as it is to feed yourself.

  5. Johanna

    Excellent article, Susan. It’s so disgusting what they are getting away with in the food industry. For those who think they can’t afford grass-fed, I encourage you to look around online at local farms. I found a place semi-close to where I live that offers 100% grass-fed organ meats for $1/lb. I’m also in contact with a local farm that offers organic grass-fed beef post-processing at around $5/lb for a side. Look for the term “practicing organic”, which means they are following the basic standards of organic but haven’t yet become certified, and are usually cheaper as a result. A local place I now buy milk from feeds and raises their cows 100% organically, but they are just shy of the required acreage for their cows to certify. Because of this, their prices are lower. Also, if you’re allowed to in your area, consider raising a few of your own free-range layer hens. There are ways to find good prices if you’re willing to look for them, not to mention cutting out the really bad foods in your diet (soda, chips, etc.) and re-purposing the money spent on them towards organic foods. You and your pets will be so much healthier for it!

  6. Reader

    This is a really big issue. Of all the things that the PFI needs to correct, it’s the idea of feeding spoiled and diseased food stuff waste to animals! Would you not agree that it’s actually a form of “animal abuse?” With all the animal rights activists out there, even the above post that speaks of the horrors of slaughter, why would people ignore an issue that’s right in our faces? Just because a pet survives on this this diet (as opposed to starvation), it doesn’t mean they’re thriving. In fact the number of issues that Owner’s seem to be complaining about, are only increasing! Prescribing medications to treat irritated ears, skin ruptures, and upset digestive activity, is NOT the remedy! NOT at all.

    So how can we push this issue of “Animals have become the industrial food waste disposal system” FRONT and CENTER once and for all?

    Ideas please ….

  7. cb

    I really don’t want to eat something that are cooked plastic.

    1. cb

      Oops *ate

  8. Eve

    Yep enough to give you the ‘skittles’ I mean FAR OUT this is NUTS! I’ve been in the animal industry for over 20 years and THIS is just another SICK twisted indecent behaviour. I knew commercial pet food is ‘TRASH’ but feeding cattle ‘HUMAN LOLLIES-SUGAR WASTE’ it’s horrendous. OMG these poor poor animals. It angers me how these also sentient beings are being treated – I am ethically glad I am Vegan I myself will NEVER pay for someone to kill or hurt an animal for my enjoyment after all food IS enjoyment. I simply get NO pleasure in ingesting tortured souls. I am so happy to hear ‘the good food institute’ is finding ways to harvest animal-FREE meat without factory farming – billions of animals lives will be saved from enduring a horror assistance, but I just hope that the meat will be harmless for our beloved pets – cats and dogs are designed to eat meat says 40 million yrs of evolution – sure we can change their diets – but we ethically should NOT that would be no different from force feeding cattle’s ‘lollies. REMEMBERING SPECISM is unjust as we all living beings are connected to one another cow-cat-dog-deer+cow+cat+dog+deer+cow…understood!

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