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WAG, but don’t ask questions of manufacturer Amazon

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  1. Alekandra

    With all the Billions that Bezos has… can’t even make a decent pet food. This world is a very sad place 🙁

  2. Jill

    Just another reason why I stopped buying any pet food. Cook for your dog! I am even weaning out treats and learning how to make my own by dehydrating chicken

    1. Donna Muse

      Amen-it’s just not that hard. I bought a $10 crock pot from Walmart. It’s big enough to put in one pound of beef stew, an ice cube of bone broth (homemade), a carrot and two small sweet potatoes. Put in on high for 4 hours and it’s done. It serves my two for several days.I drain the stew and then drain the broth and let the fat rise to the top so I can scape that off and then use the broth on their food, sparingly. (Too much fat and the dog may develop pancreatitis.) I combine the stew with a lentil/quinoa recipe I make in a ricer and 1/2 boiled egg, plus the eggshell powder for calcium.. If I want to give an extra boost once in a while I will give them a bit of shredded cheese or cottage cheese on top. They don’t get this everyday. Sometimes it’s ground beef, chicken or salmon or lamb. All boiled and then drained. I use unsalted black beans, which they love, as a protein/carb often. It’s easier to cook for them than it is for humans, they are much more grateful and never complain.You will always know what’s in their food. I make chicken and beef jerky, along with marinated sweet potatoes and cookies also. It helps that I have business but I was doing this for my dogs and that is how my business started. I have not been down a dog food aisle in years. For a hard chew my Schnauzer loves raw carrots.

      I have cooked for these two for over two years-I started cooking over ten years ago when my first Schnauzer started aging and the melamine scare was beginning. It’s not just the overseas folks who make bad dog food-we do it here also. Unless it’s from your kitchen or someone you trust it should not go into their mouths-they are counting on you to do right by them.

      1. Donna Muse

        Also, I am a Prime member and it would NEVER EVER occur to me to purchase dog food from Amazon-how is that any different from any other “unknown”. They are in business to make money and the well being of you pet will never matter to them-no matter how much noise you make.

      2. Mary Meyer Johnson

        Thanks for the post, Donna! I’m going to start making my pets’ food this week. Love the crock pot suggestion.

  3. Jill

    WAIT! I just looked at the picture on amazon, 35% protein???? really??? and people want to feed this to a DOG??? what makes up the other 65%? no wonder why all our dogs are fat and dying young from cancer.

    1. Hope

      And I’m guessing that the principle component of the “35% protein” comes from non animal protein!

  4. lyn

    I called amazon and front line people never have any information. They gave me wag’s phone no.: 323-238-9548. I had to leave a message for a callback. The only web address I found is They started out as a dog walking app, apparently. If they get enough requests for info, maybe they’ll start to pay attention. Maybe not, but squeaky wheels still get greased.

  5. kb

    I’ve started down this rabbit hole of trying to get more info about Wag. Are you ready for the saga?

    I am a Prime member and sent an email asking very similar questions about food grade or feed grade, imported ingredients, is anything from China, and who is the manufacturer, etc. The response was that the customer service person didn’t have any answers for me so they were referring me to the manufacturer, Yes, Wag the dog walking app.

    Then I called Wag Walking. The person there said they don’t make pet food but have an affiliate that does, Nom Nom Now, and gave me their contact info.

    So then I called Nom Nom Now. They make fresh pet food. I talked to a very forthcoming person there. They do have an affiliation with Wag Walking to offer each other’s products/services. They do not make food for Amazon. She did tell me she has the Wag app and saw on there that they are going to have a dog food but hadn’t been able to get any other info on it. She is aware that there are so many of us seeking safe and quality food for our pets. (BTW, she told me Nom Nom Now’s food is made from human food grade ingredients. They buy from a restaurant supplier. She said once they were short on an ingredient and went to a grocery store to buy all the chicken thighs they had. They use a nutritional vet to create the recipes. The only further information I would want is the ultimate source of the nutrient mix they use.)

    So my next step is to send an email to Wag Walking to see if that gets me a better response. If not, I’ll reply back to Amazon asking for more information. I’ll share any info if I get any :p

    It should not be this difficult to get information on a food.

    Anybody here know Jeff Bezos?

  6. Regina

    This situation is so frustrating! Consumers should be able to get questions answered. Someone somewhere must have information about what is in that bag!

    With all of the low-quality stuff out there being sold, including chicken jerky from China (STILL!!!!!) how can they expect us to just take it on faith that what is in that bag is not gonna kill my dog????

    One wonders whether they are just marketing to the people who only look at price, and free delivery, and are perfectly fine ASSUMING that whatever is in the bag is fine. Sadly, there are a lot of folks out there who just don’t care.

  7. Ian

    you can email Jeff Bezos at “” and while I’ve never gotten a response from him personally, someone does read them and I do get replies

  8. Pet Owner

    Interestingly, Amazon permits to sell their treats, cookies (but not kibble or can yet). Treats are made in Australia. Supposedly nothing artificial.

  9. Mary Marseglia

    This is just one more GARBAGE dry kibble that now Amazon will rake in the MILLIONS from the BILLIONS that the PFI makes every single year – it is a LOUSY dry kibble – the ingredients are horrible and it is LOADED with starches

  10. Christine

    I think it would be a great idea to post those questions on the Amazon listing – others will read them and perhaps gain awareness of the issues at hand as a result.

  11. Hue Grant

    Perhaps someone should contact Jeff Bezos via email and ask him to respond to the great blog. His email address is and it is my understanding that he often responds to emails. He should at least be aware that his customer service is less than adequate.

  12. KD

    in your drive and research to find lying cheating and scandal,did anyone notice that the lamb for the lamb and lentil recipe was sourced 100% from austrailia? the major fault I find with the food is that its protein percentage is pretty high for the every day dog at 35%. unless your dog is a real athlete as opposed to a real to you athlete ( your dog in your purse is not an athlete in any universe) the protein level is much hire than recommended by veterinarians for most dogs outside of racing greyhounds and working farm dogs ect.

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