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Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act

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  1. Pamela C

    DONE. Tying the hands of Vets to deny Animals Medical Care is a regulation nightmare, an abusive use of state power. Please everyone send your support to your Congressperson, well, if they are “people”. Some of mine aren’t human.

  2. dmiller

    Needs a well publicized case where following the law actually does put the public at risk.

  3. Jessica

    I emailed all the congress people in my district to let them know my anger over the bill they passed. Hopefully something can be done to reverse this bill!!

  4. Buggs

    THANK YOU for reporting on this. I have drafted up an email and passing this article on. This is critical for our pets and animals in general! And, count on this at some point affecting human medicine as well. If they are implementing this for vets, you can bet they will at some point do similarly for people, using “controlling drug abuse” as the reason. This is simply a glimpse of what we will see down the line for humans.

  5. Cindy

    This is just crazy!

    I am already having trouble buying antihistamine for a horse that has an ongoing issue that flares up 2 or 3 times a year. You are now supposed to take the animal there and have them administer the antihistamine. In the past they just sold us a bottle and we gave it ourselves. Bottle of antihistamine = $30, driving to town with truck and trailer every day for a week a few times a year plus paying the vet to administer it and examine the animal = probably at least $100 a trip – can’t and won’t do that.

  6. Jo Singer

    Can you imagine having to bring a colicky or lame horse to an Equine hospital? I have also written about this for Petside and talked with several vets who actually didn’t even know this law existed and thanked me for informing them.

    House call vet visits for cats are incredible helpful and I would hate to see mobile vets have their hands tied with this archaic law. Thanks for posting this.

  7. Ellie

    Incredible stupidity.

  8. Larry Clive

    The absolute stupidity of politicians has never been in doubt. Hopefully, one good court case will throw this in the trash pail of both unreasonable and / or unconstitutionality as being an unreasonable restriction of proper medical care. The nature of the patient is irrelevant.
    The other issue here is, Susan, did you get the wording right ? My reading of YOUR article make the issue one of: Vets cannot “take” and “use” drugs outside of their practice location should have been stated: “for their patients”. Not for themselves ! :-))))))))

  9. Linda Pruitt

    Email sent, this is the dumbest law I have ever read about.

  10. darlene fox

    forgive me if i am stupid but i don’t understand how this law can affect the entire nation yet
    animal cruelty be it legal or a misdemeanor or a felony is up to individual states.
    likewise, the same goes for the method of euthanization of impunded animals… gas chamber, heart stick, lethal injection or otherwise is up to each individual state.
    i believe the same goes for horse slaughter and selling the meat to other countries.
    banning steel jaw traps is dealt with state by state.
    why can’t it be a national law that unless one has a breeders license, it is illegal to let their pet reproduce?

    why is it the important things that would be beneficial to animals, the nation won’t touch? they leave it up to individual states. on the other hand, the nation seems to be ready to jump on laws that are not beneficial to animals such as this one.

    if anything at all, it is beyond me how such a ridiculous law could even get passed. we need to vote the idiot politicians out but i’m afraid we will just end up with new idiot politicians in. seems like most of them are either criminals, or getting their palms greased by criminals (be it a single person or a major business).
    policticians are getting so crooked that they are starting to make even the lawyers look halfway decent.

  11. Ameila

    Thanks for this post I hope that the word is spread and there is a lot of response to this problem for Veterinarians. The work they do outside of their clinics at times can be timely and lifesaving.

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