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‘They’ are Ignoring Us

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  1. Ann

    ‘They’ have not responded to my FDA and ODA complaint that I filed on Jan 17, 2013 to inform them that my dog almost died after eating the chicken jerky treats and that I had uneaten treats from the same package that I would like tested. I did receive the automated response from the FDA acknowleging that my complaint had been properly filed and received by the FDA.
    I also filed the same complaint with Nestle Purina Canyon Creek LLC and have never gotten any response from them.
    It appears that ignoring the issue is their “business as usual” approach to dealing with it.

  2. Lynn

    WOW. Is this another example of my tax dollars in action? Of my government officials caring about what is important to me?

  3. Gitta

    I’m guessing, starting tomorrow, things will only get worse. Add a dramatic lack of funds to incompetence, ignorance and crony capitalism.

    1. Jean

      No worries there. The sequestration only reduces the amount of increase in future spending by 2% or so. No decrease in current funding so they can continue to “do business as usual”.

  4. Lindsey

    This can only be said to be disgusting. It is unconcionable that no one in the U.S. government is doing anything about the safety of our beloved pets. If the government refuses to address the concerns of our pets safety the next question is how safe is the human food supply in the U.S.? I REFUSE to buy China, Taiwan etc anything made outside of the US. Food or durable goods. I have lost faith in the FDA and our food supply. I have switched all of my ferrets to raw feedings and do my best to buy organic. This is will take all pet owners writing to their Congressman demanding change! Lindsey Tootle Dallas, Texas

  5. Judith Holley

    on tuesday I was at Target in Ithaca, NY. they have a whole isle of pet treats – chicken, pork, beef twists, bone type, chips .. you name it. most are Boots and Barkley. I checked and saw good for sale until 2016 on most of them. so why are they still being sold? because the sale date is not the same as the products that were deemed salmonella infected? I thought the place was shut down? must be not …. wow.

  6. Rosanne Anderson

    Maybe it’s time to get the media involved. Some big newspapers/tv really like to get meaty stories like this. Big, evil empire against the little, non-important people (us).

  7. dmiller

    If it were possible to get enough people to commit to not buying anything with chicken in it if Chinese chicken is allowed into the food chain and then letting everyone who currently processes, provides or otherwise makes a living from chicken ahead of time that this is what will happen, maybe all those places will speak up.

  8. Marsha

    To help everyone. Here are the bar coded as to where everything is made.

    690-692 made in China
    00 – 09 made in the US and Canada
    30 -37 made in France
    40 – 44 made in Germany
    471 made in Taiwan
    49 made in Japan
    50 made in UK.

    If the FDA won’t help us out this is a way that
    we can help ourselves!

    1. Wil

      Can you give an example on how to read bar codes.
      I have one here as 6 13423 33056 4. the 6 and the 4 are to the outside and much smaller.

  9. Helen

    Maybe tell 7 On Your Side and get it on the news so the general public will know. Then will FDA pay attention?

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